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What does your artistic voice look like?

What does your handwork voice look like?  Mine is very quilty and scrappy I think!  Linking this thought provoking post to Kathy’s Quilts… Slow Sunday Stitching linky party HERE… come see what all the slow stitchers are creating today!!!
Here is a picture of the first 2 squares completed on the last row of this quilt… I did this while watching Bluprint (a Craftsy subscription service) and listening to YouTube vids and music too!
Here are a couple of my tools of the trade I use when quilting by hand…

 And here they are in action!

 Notice I am using electrical tape on my pointer finger… it helps me grip the needle instead of rubbing a callous on that finger 🙂

Here is part of one block sashing border stitched and beginning the other side…

THIS is where you will find me on this rainy Sunday in southwestern North Carolina as Tropical Storm Florence moves very slowly up this state to the north eastern area.

Here is a view of all I have completed….

 And what I need to work on today so I can roll and mark my final borders on this quilt!!!

This is melancholy for me… I have been working on this since mid-May 2018… so 4 months of quilting so far and I am nearing the end of this arduous journey… I am excited to wash it and dry it and sleep under it and photograph it with the pillow shams we are already sleeping with… but not so ready that I want to rush the finish either! lol  Melancholy is the best word I can use.

As I do near this ending… I ponder my quilting voice.. and what it looks like… as you go back over the photos I shared of my slow stitching… I use small regular stitches and big stitches… I use regular weight quilting threads and large bore threads requiring different needles too… I use them in unison to make a patchwork artwork of sorts that is then very usable when complete!  THIS is MY voice… what is YOURS???  Have you pondered this ???  I would love to hear from you all about this topic!

Please leave me a comment today September 16, 2018 through September 22, 2018 EST USA… if you answer this question you will be entered in a drawing to receive a fun SNAP BAG made to order from me to you anywhere in the world too 🙂  This is NOT an advertised giveaway but I truly want responses and I love making these little snap bags.  Here are some and pics below show how they work and different sizes available…

So fashion a response to my question above for a chance for me to make you a snap bag in your favorite colors and your desired size too up to 9″ wide 🙂 

The drawing will happen Sunday 9/23/18 at 6 am EST USA and announced on my blog… so come back here next week to see if you win 🙂  You must sign in or leave your email with your answer to the question to be entered in the drawing!!!

I made my FIRST SALE in my Etsy shop this week too… the recipient of this product should get it Monday via USPS.  I added another couple sets of drink coasters to the shop too!!!

Molly got her first haircut this week and did well considering it was her first and she is only 3 months old and quite fiesty and rambunctious…

You can see her eyes a bit better but she wasn’t having much of a trim around her face yet… she likes being brushed and didn’t mind the personal and body trims but face wasn’t happening!!! lol  So we fought the battles we chose and followed the trim up with a bath and blow dry which she tolerated very well for her 3rd bath ever!!!

As I have been getting our Etsy shop up and running my honey and my friends Debbie…
and Connie have been MEGA supportive, helpful, and most of all very honest with me in my product design and delivery… I am very thankful for all of these people in my life!!!

 And they will ALWAYS be my friends I hope… they do know me so well… and they know so much!! lol  I love that quote regards to them and their helpfulness in all facets of my life!  Thanks 😀

So go back and read the middle… fashion your response and leave me a way to contact you… if you are a NO REPLY BLOGGER and you want to be in the drawing leave your email address in your response for me 🙂  Only those that can respond get added to the drawing next Sunday !!!!  Now go and ….