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Let the quilting begin!

I received a very special package yesterday!  The quilt top got here!  Yay… she just mailed it Monday afternoon from TN so I thought it would be here Thursday… but God had other ideas 🙂

She also mailed me suggested quilting lines and binding already sewn and ironed… so all I need to do now it quilt, then quilt, and quilt some more!

First steps first I put the back together with a center seam pressed open with 1/2″ seam allowance.  I matched the prints as much as I could 🙂

Then lay that right side down and top with your batting.

Then add the quilt top… I personally have found the wrinkles in the batting relax if you give them a few minutes of rest time.  So I did and they did too!  Yay

Finally I had my quilt sandwich 🙂

But I must be totally honest… the reason it took me a day to begin the actual quilting on this piece is the extreme artistry Connie put into the quilt top.  I have been in awe of it!

Check out the running stitch around the white dolphin part and the fin on it’s side… and the applique stitches are so small I had to look for them to even see them!

And the little dolphin is so cute… I love the embroidery she added on the noses too!  And the eyes are so expressive being ovals instead of the round I would have made them!

And the overall design that is now pinned together and ready for me to start quilting together is this!

Have a blessed day and if you have a minute send prayers of comfort to this quilt as I want it to provide comfort and safety during my daughter’s surgery 🙂