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Laundry List Linky Party right HERE allll weekend!

Welcome to the November edition of my Laundry List Linky Party!!!!

Laundry List Linky is all about showing off what you recently completed with PICS… and what you plan to work on in the next month with pics… because of the time of year you may not want certain pics in your post… then describe them well so we can enjoy your words instead of pics! lol

Link it up by Midnight TODAY ….on BLACK FRIDAY in the USA… November 28 by 12 am Midnight to get a chance to win this!

Please read the small print!  You choose the color.. pink or red… of these uber useful retractible tape measures… Both are new and have only been tested for the pic and to make sure they work well 🙂

Also, December there will be NO LINKY PARTY!  So link up now to have a chance on Friday for the tape measure of your choice or anytime all weekend for the chance to win LINKY LOOT!!!

Linky Loot is something from my stash I surprise you with if you are chosen by random number generator.  1 lucky winner will get to give me a list of their fave desires in quilting and I will do my best to send on something fun to the winner!  All my winners have loved their Loot though 🙂

So come on and join in…

Doesn’t have to be long winded if you don’t want but please show pics 🙂 

I respond to each link too!  

I will be linking MY progress on the Byrum Family Quilt over the weekend too!  So come and have a look at what everyone is up to!  PLEASE LEAVE BLOGGY LOVE TOO!  We all love comments!

Have a happy weekend!  Please feel FREE to email me with any questions you have about the link up or posting to the link up!  I am happy to help 🙂

Laundry List LINKY PARTY ~ October 2014

Welcome to this months Laundry List Linky Party!!!!

Every month… until the end of this year… I am hosting a Monthly Linky Party just for goal setting… this weekend is your time.

Write a blog post showing what you have been up too and listing what you hope to get done during the next month…

Link it here and show off what’s up for you AND you are then entered to win LINKY LOOT!  Yippee 🙂

Here was my Laundry List from last month…

I am still working on all these goals though… so this month I should see finish on all these things above…

So make a list and link it up here… add some pics of your projects too!

Happy Linking… and take time to read others that link too 🙂

It’s Laundry List LINKY TIME!!! September 2014

Hey There and Come on it!!

It is that time again!!!  Time to List… Link… And PARTY!!!

See here’s the deal… I need motivation to create things… so I figure we can motivate each other by sharing our journey’s in crafting… I quilt.. but you may crochet, sew, or paint even!  Share it … make time for it… maybe not daily like me… but sometimes… so after a month you may have some progress to share… right HERE! lol

Sooo… please include a list of some sort of things you wanna do…

and hopefully you will include some finishes you have recently completed too!  Include lots of pictures to help us visualize where you have been and where you are going….  Then link up that post and PARTY by visiting the other linkers and leave some bloggy love!!!

There is also the mysterious LINKY LOOT winner each month…

Yep.. someone will win something fun for their ongoing projects or stash from mine!  Fun huh!!! So link up by Sunday at Midnight… and Monday I will get help from my honey choosing this months Linky Loot WINNER!!!!

So here I go with my post now 🙂

I am so excited it is finally time to Party over my accomplishments this month!  Check out last months list!!!

I will be finishing the center section over this weekend I think… on the handquilting of BFQ!

Mongo excited about my progress on BFQ…

Here is BFQ on my table being handquilted… I don’t use a hoop or a thimble… all I need is needle, thread, scissors, and good light and I am good to go! lol

Regarding my blog list….
I have 3 of my 12 finishes now on the page.. so next month I am hoping to wrap that up…

I am also working on machine piecing a wall hanging for the foyer… you can see those in this shot I took…

Here you can see the BFQ in process and the stars are on my design wall there.. behind my new cabinet that is now in place! LOVE THAT!  Do you follow me ??  Did you see that post?? True trash to treasure story for sure!

And I have been rocking me some tunes while I make such excellent progress on the hand quilting and piecing I am doing..

Also this month I gifted the unused parts of my hexi flower project I bombed on to someone who will hand piece and finish them… I played taxi for my dd a LOT! lol  We even did some shopping for the homecoming dance coming up next month!  She is 16 and in 10th grade.. Hanging with mom is only done when necessary… so yes.. I enjoyed it a LOT! lol

So what is up for next month??

  Currently on BFQ I am on the middle border here…

But the quilt still has quite a bit more left to quilt once I finish this middle border…

So I have a long way to go over the next month to reach this goal.

 I have 3 stars done of 12 that need doing.. I would love to finish this to a flimsy this month but am only goal setting right now to finish the stars… 🙂

And then there is my quilt history I want to finish.. but I can’t seem to keep my hands off this book when I should be doing THAT! lol

So I am planning a future quilt as I study this book and enjoying it I am!

So now it is your turn to show off your sweet selves!!! lol

I wanna see what you have been up to and what you plan to be up to .. WITH PICS if possible 🙂

Link Up Below anytime til Sunday Midnight EDT!

Laundry List LINKY PARTY weekend ~ August 2014 ~ 2 chances to win!!

It is TIME!  Link up your month blog post for 2 CHANCES TO WIN!!!!

1 lucky Linker will be chosen at random to receive this….

cool tape measure that is retractable.. 60″ long and perfect to keep with your sewing things or when you need to measure something keep it in your purse… I do 🙂

Also… as always there is LINKY LOOT also up for grabs this month!  YIPPEE 🙂

Linky Loot is something out of my magic cabinet sent to a lucky linker who is randomly chosen and the prize is based on what they shared for upcoming goals… so talk about it here friends!  If you are needing a fat quarter or so to add to your stash this is the place to LINK!

So, now that you understand how cool it is to write a blog post with goals you have met and goals you wanna meet… then LINK that post up below… then Party until Monday when a winners are announced 🙂

So here are my goals from last month….

BFQ was first on the list… and I am currently hand quilting the very center section!  Yippee 🙂

And here is my progress on the table topper…

Yep.. 2 done out of 7… right! hahaha 🙂  I messed up on the 3rd one and decided this was getting less fun that it should be… so these will now adorn my kitchen as pot holders… not sure if that will happen this month or when Connie comes to visit… I have the right batting, I have the backing, and the binding… so it is possible that I will get inspired to quilt them one day 🙂  Right now my focus is on BFQ though.  So I did not add this into my goals for next month…

I also did most EXCELLENT at decreasing my internet time and increasing my music time.. I am keeping this goal on there another month though as I feel I could do less internet still and be more productive with house things and sewing time 🙂

Backing up the list a bit you will see I checked off the template… since I made that goal my friend Wendy in Australia decided she wanted to make some too.. so I ordered our templates and have hers to send to her 🙂  So I have put off the second part of that goal until November.. so Wendy and I can do this fun little candle mats together 🙂

Now onto current goals made starting today!!!!

As you can see my focus is hand quilting BFQ… it has a need to finish date of Thanksgiving… so I am quilting on it mostly over the month but knew I would want a little variety too… so let’s really work on the blog in earnest this month, and have more music than internet time AND… start a new wall hanging and continue perfecting my piecing..

Most of these fabrics are the ones chosen … but some are representative of another fabric being in it’s place… will show you that as I start piecing it… Wendy has faith in me… so I think I can do this 🙂

The pattern is called “Wish Upon a Star” and was published in a mag a few years back… after an exhaustive search of cool small quilts or quilts that could be down sized to wall hanging size and finding nothing I could achieve that I liked.. Wendy showed me this and I was in LOVE!!!!

So in love I asked my honey to make templates for the pattern… and he did!  Yippee 🙂

So there is my goals post and what I am Whooping about too!  So I will be linking this post to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict today 🙂

Come on over and play with me and link up your goals this weekend… I have lots of linky loot to choose from AND don’t forget the cool tape measure you could win.. all by just linking a blog post 🙂

My Laundry List Linky Party Debut ~ July 2014

What a month this has been for me 😉  I am excited to see what YOU link up too!  And remember there is a fun gift for a LUCKY LINKER too!  This month I am trying something different and will contact the lucky linker at auction end.  The gift will go with their goals!!!  Yippee 🙂  So link it all up guys and gals!  I am reading them 🙂

This Linky Party is all about GOAL SETTING!  You see I have seen my fun improve with goal setting!  I want even more fun so I am having this linky party to allow us to encourage each other!!  So come on… Let us all List, Link and Party!!!!!

Here is my list from last month 🙂

 I had 8 goals for the month… but as I recall I also had included a few things I didn’t think would happen but Connie was coming so I planned a LOT! lol

Let us see now what all those checkmarks are for…

 I finished and mailed Project RJq to it’s happy recipient!  You can read about that finish here

She was ecstatic and posted a pic with in on facebook for all to see 🙂 

And there is more to praise God over… she will not need chemo right now!  Her surgery was enough… PRAISE GOD for miracles for sure!!!

Next up was to finish Oh My Stars….  not only did it get finished but it is hanging in it’s home now too!  You can read about that finish here

No work has happened on my table topper really this month… I have 1 star flower finished that I showed last month…

but no more finished star flowers yet…

I did some reading on Quiltmaking by Hand by Jinny Beyer… I even added a fun checkmark to that post to denote that I just got in my reading goal a week before it was to be done! lol  See that on this post!

Organizing my stash is what I got did with Connie during her visit!   Yippee 🙂  It now looks fabulous and is very easy to navigate and see all that I do have… as my stash is still pretty small!  But I love everything in my stash… that is a huge bonus I think!

This cabinet my honey built… it stands about 7 feet tall and holds all “our” stuff… mainly mine… but he has some real estate here too! lol

Under my desk was the other place that needed organizing and tidying… so here you can see a pic of that!

Since we weren’t sure of final names for everything I didn’t officially label it all with my label maker… we used little coordinating sticky notes I had on hand… and they are still there!  But we are not ready for permanent labeling quite yet….

My honey is putting doors with storage on the front of it!  So excited for this to get finished… but it is a BIG project.  He has covered cabinet in beadboard as well as the doors he built!  And we are using wooden thread spools for handles!  Can’t wait to show you when it is finished 🙂

One thing I have not done… and it got the big circle up there on the list… is to get my blog more organized and have all these finishes I have done easy to find for me or anyone interested… so that will come more into focus for me this coming month I think.

And finally…. I have revealed some of the Byrum Family Quilt here 🙂

Now to make my upcoming goals!  And just let me say… this part is much easier after you have a list… notice my first items are what didn’t get a check mark from last month…

Linking these goals met and made to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict… as I am whooping with happiness over my progress this month!  Check her blog out while you are there.. she is full of inspiration!  And has a big giveaway planned or today too!

So here we go… I have a busy month ahead even though I only have 6 items listed… school starts back for my dd.. & she is having a birthday party this weekend… she turns 16!!! and is my youngest 🙂

Now it is YOUR turn!  Link up a post to inspire yourself to move forward in all areas of your life… or just stick to the crafty creative side.  Link it up THIS WEEKEND and take time to read where others are at… maybe you have been there and can offer assistance in a blog reply 🙂

List, Link, & Party!!!!