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Happy 2016 from Florida!

Happy Friday and…

I woke so excited this morning to share my new motto!

You see earlier last year… late summer or so… I was in Tuesday Morning shopping for sheets and found this pad at the checkout and impulse purchased it! lol

It has a magnetic closure and cute paper inside it as well.. but the saying REALLY Inspired Me!  So I have decided to make this saying my Motto this year… and make sure I stop and smell the roses life has to offer along the way!

If you stop and think… Life is Beautiful… if we allow it….

~ I thought for New Years I would share a helpful tip for hand quilting ~

Linking THIS TIP to Sew and Sow Farms… Sew Simple Saturday HERE!
Do you ever finish a row and wonder what happened with the evenness of your stitching?  Some people make beautiful stitches from the get go… but me personally.. I have to AUDITION my stitches 🙂   What I mean by that is…

I look at my stitches while they are still on the needle… those on the left are uneven… so do I want to match the first one or the second one??  I decided to match the first one so I pulled the needle back and focused on the size of my space where the thread would be left once pulled through….

Also this is a big BiG timesaver.. no more unpicking your work… just AUDITION it as you go!

Now .. don’t forget my Motto… here is my closing now too!

Do you have a motto or do you do something else each January to jump start any stagnant areas in your life??  Have a blessed one friends!