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Will you vote for me???

There is an online quilt show over at Amy’s Creative Side website… it is called…

 Entry has closed and now voting is open but just through May 30th…

Follow this link to find my quilt… it is #51 in the throws category 🙂

And while you are here… look at the finished quilt top and backing waiting to go together today!

 So I went out to take a pic of the aloe but it looks much the same… I think it is gestating before the blooms get enough power to stand up for the hummingbirds that will come feed from it… plus the nights are still a little cool so no hummingbirds around yet to enjoy the nectar… but I did find some inspiring blooms to share with you!

Have a blessed day and thanks for taking time to vote for my quilt 🙂

Quilting News!

Okay so I have entered Brandi’s “Daddy & Me” quilt in a blogger quilt show for a possibility to win a prize!  It is more bragging rights than the prize that has me excited though… you know me you know I don’t brag much but I think that quilt with all OUR work in it really ROCKS!  Read more about this quilt on my post here….

So check out this blog to read all about the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  Get inspired for your first quilt or your 100th quilt… but you are very likely to find inspiration.

My quilt is registered under throws here… 🙂  

I hope you check it out and register your quilt to… leave me a message if you do so I can go check yours out! lol

Looking forward to June and our quilt along… I am currently making blocks so I will be ready to teach you how to make a double pinwheel block easy peasy like this!

So tell me… what do you wanna learn?

How to quilt??? How to piece??? How to make a quilt sandwich effectively… what is your roadblock to quilting or having too many UFO’s???

I quilt one at a time for now… I am doing okay with precise piecing but just can’t wait to be quilting on this quilt… I am not a huge fan of pin basting but I like it better than basting with thread! lol

My fave new find is a 2 pack of 45 mm Olfa cutting blades for my rotary trimmer at Walmart via site to store here for $9.00 plus tax… pick it up at your local walmart in a few days 🙂  And for that $9.00 remember you get 2 blades … Yipee!  No more dull cutting blades!

Hope you have a blessed day!