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Choosing Peace ~ Happy 2014!

This goes along with my motto of 2014 to be Kind 🙂  Choosing who you hang with can also choose who you have to be kind to! lol

I have pondered this since I found it on facebook and feel this is my answer… so for 2014 I am weeding out some of the stormy people in my life and filling those holes with peace!

Hope you find time to prune your life successfully in 2014 to make yourself a better person in the end… Enjoy pulling others into your peace this year!

Happy 2014

Inspiration Monday… Preparing for 2014 :)

As I prepare mentally to start a new year I have also updated my pics… updated my calendar… and updated my goals.

Last year I had a saying that spoke to me…

And I had this made… well I repurposed the frame and made this to go in it for this year!

 So now the wall headed into my bedroom or into the kitchen looks like this for the new year…

Our focus will be kindness… to each other and to ourselves!  Let us watch as I memorialize here through out the year times when Kindness mattered 🙂  I am very excited to have this word for the year… or is it a feeling???  or is it an action ???

Here is the awesome calendar by Suzie Toronto already on January and ready to go…

Isn’t her way of writing humorous and uplifting!  She is so real!  I love to read each month 🙂

And the updated family shots 🙂  Plus I upgraded my mousepad with a collage print too as I wrote about here.

Well … here’s hoping you set goals for 2014 that are attainable and make you a better person to represent this world we are blessed to live in.

Have an Inspirational Monday!