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Do you sign your work?

Hello my blogging friends… I have updates on my crafting… and what my honey has been up to… for you today!  We have had our house up for sale.  Well we found a leak during an inspection and I am dealing with that as well as some family issues… please keep my family in your prayers.

Also, today I would be posting for the Paper Cabana but Francie the team leader and owner of the Paper Cabana is MIA.  I miss her and her posts… Inky Palms!

So while I have been praying for her and my family I have been a cross stitching fiend!  lol  Here is where I was on this project yesterday morning….
And this is where I am this afternoon!

And as I was cross stitching I wondered… do you sign your work or do you leave it blank?  I usually put the date I completed it with my initials.  However, this will have the birth date and name on it.

I don’t sign cards and scrapbook layouts though… never have… my mom wants me to start signing the cards I make for her… so I guess I will… what do you sign and do you use initials or your full name??

While I have been super busy with family matters and this cross stitch project my honey is making over a bathroom for a family.  Here is the floor of the shower he is working on now… don’t tell him I shared it!  lol

I just love his artwork and the tlc he takes with projects like this.  He is so talented!

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me… hope you and yours have a blessed day!


Change of pace… a little cross stitching!

Good morning all!  Well my honey is doing a side job and I am left to my own devices… you would think I would be crafting up a storm but with us trying to sell our house I just can’t make much of a mess… and my craft table is neatly filled with Christmas cards I just don’t have the motivation to finish until I can do it with my kids!  We had fun working on them together… now doing them alone is boring!  So…. I pulled out some overdue cross stitching I am working on for my bff’s grand daughter!

I will use my own font for the name and birth date… like I did in the wedding announcement for my son and his wife earlier this year….

 I like funky lettering and this project will be no different… while I was cross stitching I had a visitor!

My son that I made the cross stitch for???  he stopped by to say hi!!! (a 1 1/2 hour drive to say hi!)

Here he is with my daughter… I posted on fb that it was my tallest and shortest and I love them both!  He is 6’7″ and she is 4’10”.  My son wanted this shot too….  showing just how big his new truck is!  He loves to go mudding in it he says… he is a EMT student at present and works at the fire hall in 4 counties.

and while I was shooting pics my sweet Daisy decided to pose for me!  Notice her shock collar???  A necessary evil but she knows her boundaries and stays in the yard now… a very worthy investment in the safety of my best little puppy friend. 😉

Thanks for taking time out for me and I hope you will be inspired to try going a new path if you are stuck or at a stopping place…

Happy Crafting!