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For the love of hand quilting!

I really love to slow stitch… via hand quilting!  So when I saw this design I knew it needed to go on the quilt I am currently quilting!

the stencil…
close up of the design once stitched 🙂

In the blocks of this quilt for my honey ….

The piecing is far from perfect … but piecing is NOT my gift… the hand quilting is 😀

But how to mark these intricate blocks… I tried all my marking utensils (and I have a LOT) but all were VERY labor intensive… finally I found the POUNCE PAD… and baby powder 🙂

Here is my marked block.. I didn’t use the stick of chalk but I am not sure I won’t so it got included in this pic 🙂  It marks well on all the fabrics though… as does the pounce pad with baby powder added to it.

And here is how the bottom right corner looks finished….

see how the powder fades away… it doesn’t fade completely but sunlight is my fave light for this process by far!!!

Here is a close up of my quilting stitches thus far…

Overall do I wish I was doing an overall design as many suggested as these are busy blocks already???

Absolutely not… The joy of the hand quilting process makes it all worth is along with the desire my honey has of seeing these designs come to life forever in HIS quilt! lol  Truly how he feels so it is my honor to quilt these designs.

Feather count is up to 32 of the 49 feathers to do (over 65% done with that part)… here is a pic I showed last week that shows how cool the design is as I stitch a feather too 🙂  I REALLY like stitching the feathers… they are playful and fun!

Hooking this up with Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday here.

Have a blessed day and enjoy your day today!  Do something nice for you!!