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New Years Eve 2015… A Stitching Post :)

Ya’ll.. I am so excited that after the Christmas celebrating was over I got a UFO out of the needs to be a flimsy pile!

I now have it layered up, pin basted, and am quilting it!! Yippee 🙂  THAT is how I plan Celebrate the New Year coming in… by hand quilting LOL!

Here this flimsy (finished quilt top) is as I envisioned it and ready to quilt…

The pinwheel blocks and the pumpkin embroidered block were made by a girl on facebook and sold as a set… I snapped them up as I immediately envisioned them set like I have set them… with a fun outer border of fall leaves all around… you see here in Florida where we live there is very little seasonal change… things go dormant in the winter and liven and bloom in the spring … but I am used to Tennessee where I was born and raised… each season has a different feel… so I wanted to create something to represent the season I miss the most and will enjoy every year in my foyer hanging on the wall from September through November !!

The alternate blocks above are shot cotton by Kaffe Fasset called Pumpkin… it have a weft of medium grey threads and a wane of orange threads… making this lovely color 🙂

You can see it a bit better as I start the quilting on the 29th…

 Here is a picture I took on the 30th…

 And a nice close up too!

The pinwheel blocks are getting stitched in the ditch and all around the outer edges… while the alternate blocks are getting different designs … but mainly this cool celtic like swirl design I found at Stencils International website!  I marked each alternate block after layering and pin basting with pencil/graphite.  I am currently using YLI black 40/3 thread for all the center quilting.  I am using a Hobbs batting that is 80% cotton and 20% wool and I am loving the poofiness I can see in the pinwheels once quilted.. should wash up fab too! 🙂

Linking this project up to NTT (Needle & Thread Thursday with Kelly HERE!

But this project isn’t really NEEDED until September to hang… so I may take a break after the first of the year once my daughter and I get her quilt top she received for Christmas, marked for hand quilting …

This Carpenters Wheel variation quilt top is a flimsy with all seams intact I found on eBay and my dd immediately fell in love with it… the seller makes quilt tops to sell on eBay as a business… and she did a fine job of constructing it… it is always a gamble to quilt what someone else pieced… but I think this will work!  the seams are even already ironed right 🙂  Yippee!

I hope my daughter is able to come up with a fun name for this quilt as we mark it together… she wanted to wait until her friend Tanisha went back home so we could enjoy our time marking and I could get the stencils necessary for some of the marking she desires to be quilted here… but basically I will quilt white in the black and grey wheels.. blood red Valdani big stitching around all the stars both big and small… and black in the white areas with stars and moons in a random pattern… it will be heavily hand quilted and full of love… this is her high school graduation quilt… I just hope to give it to her at the beginning of her Senior year of high school instead of the end! 🙂

So you see the Fall Wall Hanging is now kind of like my wholecloth quilt… a continued work in progress with no defined finish time… but I am sure enjoying it!!!!

I have 2 unfinished quilt tops that I hope to finish in 2016… I rarely keep a UFO hanging out… I started piecing a large living room quilt with a fun pattern… it remains in our spare bedroom partially pieced and partially cut out… I prefer to cut as I go on that project … Also I have the Spools and Tools wallhanging that STiLL needs to be finished!  Oh my!!!

I do also have a vintage quilt top that needs repair (have vintage fabric for repairs needed)… so maybe I can pull that out too… so I guess 3 UFO’s is what I enter 2016 with!  Wowee!!!! Am I a quilter now?? lol… I have heard other quilters say you aren’t a quilter til you have a few UFO’s … well I don’t like to have unfinished business of any sort … so hopefully I will get that taken care of before the end of 2016!

But before I jump into 2016 .. 2015 has been such a miraculous year overall in my quilty life… I won’t do a round up of all my projects because I would rather spend that time quilting! ha 🙂  But I will tell you it has been a very productive year … you need only to scroll through my previous posts to see all I have accomplished!

I have great friends in life and online that I quilt along with so being home a lot hasn’t bothered me… culture is rich in our home and I plan to continue along that line… meeting new people and learning new things!!!

All 4 of my children are settled and happy… and I have 2 beautiful grandchildren to be grateful for also this year!

Jesus and my honey Rick are my rock and foundation.. that is a solidified glorious thing too!  Although my honey’s health remains unsteady our love is never wavering and for that I am grateful!!!

As for me???  I have all I could want in life!  How about you??

I wish we did have world peace as well.. sounds like a Miss America thing.. but it is true… we need more peace in this world and I hope 2016 brings us a little rest from distress around the world.

As for my new motto???  My son made me this cool canvas art…

And the center is what my inspiration was to him.. simply…

So look forward to lots of quilty and family posts… and an occasional vintage machine post in the coming year… I will also be playing along on a Block of the Month (BOM) with my friend Wendy…. check out the fabrics she plans to use right HERE!  
Also my friend Kathy M. and I are starting piecing a Friendship Journey quilt… very interesting project that I am MEGA excited about.  Meanwhile I will stitch the Fall Wall Hanging and my daughters cool Carpenter’s Wheel quilt (it is 90″ x 90″ so will take some time!!)… 
Signing out from Florida’s east coast for now!  And for the last time I ask you to take time to…
Cheers to having a …. today and every day!
I have sure enjoyed and NEEDED this years motto… do you set a goal or a motto for each year???  Would love to hear about it!!!!

Progress Report ~ Kimber’s Memory Quilt almost done!!!

I have been working steadily since my last post…

Above is progress on the border and a bag I found to hold this precious quilt when done… my goal was to have it easily portable as the recipient is a busy lady!  She is improptu and I wanted this quilt ready to see the world with her 🙂

Above you can see the label a bit…

Here is the label over half quilted now.. just the left and bottom borders left to stitch here…

Here is a corner… they were my favorites to stitch 🙂

And the last border to stitch was right here….

Finally the quilting was CoMPLETE!!!!
I could stitch on the binding… and in less that an hour I had stitched on all that binding from beginning to end… 
This just leaves…
Also this weekend I found I was a bit distracted as my son James turned 25 and here is his daughter and my granddaughter Kaydence..
The next quilt I will focus on is to replace her first quilt lost to a fire…
Also I got my desk calendar for 2016 🙂

 It starts mid 2015 so I am starting to use it now…

Not sure if these are currently even available anymore but you can look for other Suzy Toronto designs.. I found this one on eBay searching “Toronto planner”… she also has calendars and cups.. but this is what I use to keep life somewhat traceable 🙂
Hope you are finding progress in your own life … as I continue to bind and look forward to gifting this beautiful memory quilt… I send a little sweet thought to each of you for a pleasant rest of your week!

Thinking ahead :)

November conjures up so much each year.. First of all

It is the month I am THANKFUL!!

I am thankful to have found an under finger thimble (more on that later in this post)
I also started using a metal thimble by Clover on my middle top finger this year and my hands enjoy the break for sure! lol
I am thankful that YLI thread is so easy to use and make small stitches with 🙂
And I love the $10 I spent on a big jar of Bag Balm for my fingers and hands!  It is delicious feeling and non greasy at all!!!!
Finally I am grateful for the background which is my Current Project…

Current Project…

My current project is Kimber’s Memory Quilt… I am so close to binding I can taste it! lol  I am stitching with every spare moment right now and using that underhand thimble on my pointer or middle finger … I rotate depending on comfort for stitching!

I am currently 1/2 done with the border and just have the binding to attach and stitch down after that!!!

Here is my secret to being able to get more stitches in 🙂

You can go to the website on the card and order one if you are interested… I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for my underfinger… took some getting used to like anything else new and different… but my fingers aren’t hamburger meat looking either and that makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! lol

To 2016 🙂

Just ordered my planner for next year!

I am planning my “motto” for my blog for the year…
But I am not saying goodbye to 2015 so quickly…

I have graph papered ideas galore right now… and a quilt half made in the sewing room … on the design wall waiting to be finished… I have lots more fun in store 🙂

Are you happy with all you are accomplishing in 2015???

So until my next post… are you ready for 2016???