Such a Productive Week Y’all!

I have been like I had roller skates on this week I have been constantly busy…

I made this darling bag with tassel to go along with the Christmas gift we are giving her… more released later but isn’t it precious for a 2 1/2 year old girl!!! I used a FREE pattern by Blue Calla patterns called “Sweet Pea Saddle Bag” from her website following THIS video tutorial series πŸ™‚

I wrote on the inner slip pocket… a message to sweet Ellie πŸ™‚

Rick put the charm on that tiny zipper head πŸ˜‰

I rolled that quilt yesterday morning! Now I just have a fairly quick path across hand quilting πŸ™‚ …

The blue star above represents halfway so next start up after surgery will be downhill then I am hoping!!!

I found this ufo when I was cleaning my sewing room up …. it is hand quilted and not quite finished here…

Well the neighbor I have the machine quilted bed runner … she and her hubby LOVED it … so I asked her if she needed a cushion or table topper out of this hand quilted piece if I finished it…. She sent me the below photo.

No cushion for the bed but she would love to have one that could be a wall hanging in their new cabin being built…

So today with Kathy and the gang of slow stitchers HERE <<<< I will be sewing down the binding by hand … I have already started it πŸ™‚ … and hand quilting some too! Click the link and see what everyone is up !

I started cutting and sewing units for this table runner….

It’s a Julie Cefalu pattern and she is so easy to follow!

These cute oven mitts got sent off to my friend in Florida for testing…

They are waiting in her mailbox last night delivered late in the day!!!!

My honey has taken on a new project… while I recover he will rehab our side deck!!!

You can see he has already removed some of the railing and stair treads when I was able to get this starting photo….

Here he is harvesting and turning to the back side as much deck lumber as possible!

Here is the harvested deck lumber waiting for a good pressure washing if mother nature doesn’t clean them enough ! lol

My left knee replacement surgery is due to be Wednesday and I won’t know what time til Tuesday afternoon. Molly is being boarded during my hospital time and Rick is able to be in the hospital with me the entire time. I am blessed.

I plan to type a message next Sunday but may not link to Kathy’s as I won’t have much to share I doubt… we shall see but rehab will be my focus and rest! Thanks for stopping by today!

Surgery date confirmed….

Hope you are having a happy Sunday … I am… I am hand sewing and machine sewing like crazy now that I know I will be having left knee surgery on October 27 sometime. Unsure of my time but we have scheduled to board Molly and they said Rick can come in!!! I am giddy about that for sure!

My honey’s latest make…

Can also hang this way too….

I sewed my honey a shirt that turned out too small in the chest so I made another and it was perfect so I will press those shirts today and have them ready for the week ahead.

We picked up some lumber and screws… my honey is gonna focus on redoing our side porch….while I recover from my knee surgery #1….

Molly looks so cute holding down the wood! lol

I finished the left side of the heart after marking and stitching on and off all week….

And I marked all the crosshatch on the heart with my pounce pad chalk… refilled it for heavier marks too πŸ™‚

And I realized when I finish this row and the top of this row that I can’t reach yet I will be halfway!!!!

I finished making the bedrunner and will have the binding on probably later today….

I really like how it turned out based on what she seemed to like!

Here is the label I made for them…

Thinking this hand quilting and hand made full post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE <<< Come see what everyone is linking up today!

Come meet my Get Well Soon Quilt!!!

This quilt has been in my mind since I found out my honey couldn’t be with me after my surgery… have a quilt with me as a comfort object… My daughter bought me most of the fabric as a Birthday Gift .. It is FINALLY done!!!

This quilt is machine pieced… designed from pics I saw and my own imagination… follow my blog if you like to design on the fly.. I had some 10″ squares left over but very little else! YAY πŸ™‚

I machine quilted the binding too! Quite a positive experience I tried it on curves on a project… didn’t work as nicely!!! lol

3 of the 4 corners turned out perfect πŸ˜€

I added my label with my KC initials and the year added πŸ™‚ I heat set the additions with my new iron (I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new iron btw!!!)

Now just waiting for the green light to pack my go bag πŸ™‚ Excited and nervous but mostly ready to feel less pain!

Rick has been busy fulfilling orders for others… but he made time to make a special block for his sister… they are the last 2 living in their family …

Needless to say she loves it and was speechless with the gift from her brother πŸ˜€ Weepy eyes of happiness to them!

I bought a new blouse and love it! I tried it on then washed it as it was second hand from Marketplace … my first shipping transaction!!

Now to get it pressed and ready to wear πŸ˜€ I got some better fitting pants and another long sleeve sweater I will share when I wear them together πŸ˜€

Then fresh nail mail came too! One just happens to coordinate with my new blouse while the other is complimentary to it!! YAY!!!

I have been so busy with the Boho Heart quilt… I finished the cross hatch last Sunday….

Then to the right of the crosshatch got finished yesterday and tah dah!!!!

Here is a view after I rolled !!!

Above you can see where I preparing for each type of marking … blue water soluble markers from Leonis that I find on Amazon… And chalk pounce that I mark the cross hatch areas with because it is a busy pattern…. I love each method differently too! This color of pounce is light pink… but they have white and light blue as well…. I do not use the iron away pounce powder though only the pounce chalk powder!!!!

Linking This Slow stitching Sunday update to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<

Next up to hand quilt is starting the piecing stage yesterday….

Yes!!! The bed runner is in process!!!! In fact….

I have all the pieces cut and am sewing on the opposing corners flippy corners saving the bonus hst from each of these flippy corners… for a special job!

Traded my big circle rotating mat for this smaller one! YES!!!!

Where I will be today …. Paradise!!!!

Hello and Welcome October!!

It has been a crazy busy week around here… I finished the machine quilting on my Get Well Soon quilt and even did machine binding back to front with a straight stitch and it turned out awesome… unfortunately no final pics to show.. it is waiting for the hospital trip but I will try to get a photo this week to share next week with y’all! πŸ™‚

Each morning when I make time to enjoy a cup of coffee and hand quilt I have found that the results are exceptional!

I finished the left side of the heart ….

I managed to get the crosshatch for the heart pounced onto the heart… I will go over it with my chalk marking pen once I start doing the cross hatch… So this progress I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching gang HERE <<< Come on over there and see what everyone is up to… it is ALWAYS eventful on Sunday’s link up! This week Kathy also shows some of her fave tools for hand quilting!! 🀩

I bought a layer cake of gorgeous fabric and some backing fabric I may use for the background of the front too once I see it in person… it is a tone on tone and I ended up with a great deal on the Moda layer cake and backing for the bed runner I have planned from the same seller on Ebay!!!!

Above is my basic layout and block count for this bed runner… but I hope it turns out in mid to dark tones in the cross colors and lighter in the background to make the cross colors really pop! You can see in my graph papered layout that the top will measure 22.5 x 85.5″ but it will shrink with washing and be 20″ x 82″ or so once ready to gift… I am excited about this fun project….

The layer cake I bought this week!

My honey continues to be busy making and selling these wood indoor Barn quilts….

The links for the top two on eBay are HERE and HERE respectively and yes the second one is 3d bear paw!

Those links will open up directly to ebay on a new screen so you won’t lose your place on my blog either! lol

By special request of a very good bloggy friend … My honey made and mailed this one this week… it is called Card Trick and is a challenge but he was up for it!!!

If you have a special request for a quilt block up to 11 1/2″ square indoor decor type quilt blocks please feel free to email me or mention your interest in your comment and we can chat there off the post πŸ™‚ His work is professional and amazing *I am NOT partial about this either* He is a long time woodworker and it shows in his products and he loves a great challenge… And <<<< He got a couple new to us saws this week too… they look GREAT and work GREAT so the older tools he had for making these quilt blocks and future of outdoor quilt blocks will be much easier and safer for him 😊

Our butterfly bush shared two more fresh blooms to feed the last of the bees and hummingbirds before autumn is here for real…
3 new blooms on our little rose bush πŸ™‚ Will it weather it’s first winter in the ground??? Time will tell!

Thanks for visiting my blog today … hope you have enjoyed your visit and my wide range of sharing with you all! Please comment … I do try to reply to each one personally too!

Happy Autumn Y’all!

This week since the 22nd has been cool and crisp here in North Carolina USA! In fact a few nights we have had to close up the house and turn on the heat!!!! WOWEE 40’s here they are!!!

Although warm weather will return intermittently I am anxiously awaiting sharing some wonderful autumn pics in the near future as the leaves change before falling in the Appalachian mountains we live in πŸ˜€

We have been doing some autumn cleaning and decor changing around….

The neighbor who gifted us all these beautiful plants has offered us more when we can house them! We need some macramΓ© hangers though… are they still a thing???

Here’s an autumn quilt I made a couple years back and is a mix of machine and hand quilting …. The turkeys represent me and my honey!

My honey finished this beautiful star pattern I call a log cabin star but it is the lemoyne star with a neat background pattern framed and hangs by a wire because it is 21″ square! My best friend bought it! YAY

He completed this Bear Paw / Claw pattern and it is for sale locally or on eBay HERE …. it is 9″ square or 12 3/4″ diagonal measurement and has a picture hanging hook on the back for easy hanging in your home.

Then he decided to try a 3 dimensional block and made a card trick block 12 1/2″ square! I really like it… someone is due to buy it today!

His next focus is to make a 3 dimensional bear claw block after liking how the card trick came out… Bear Claw block seems to be his most popular atm.

When I haven’t been helping him with wood quilt blocks …. I finally finished quilting the Get Well Soon quilt and am planning to try attaching the binding using THIS tutorial I found from Julie Cefalu online.

The binding is a grey patterned binding that will finish this quilt nicely… that binding fabric is from my bestie’s stash some time ago… so I am happy to have her love into it too since I will be in the hospital alone during my stay due to Covid restrictions. So far my date for surgery for knee replacement #1 (left) is set for October 27. I am excited and nervous at the same time but the excitement definitely wins out as I am tired of being limited and in pain 24/7!

I have made lots of progress on hand quilting too….

And I have rolled the frame to finish the rest of what I had marked but couldn’t reach πŸ™‚

I am linking all this fun and creative hand quilting to Kathy’s Slow Stitching crew at Kathy Quilts HERE <<< It is a fun spot to link up your progress each Sunday and see what others are up to!

Now … I need your help. I want to make this pattern into a bed runner for our neighbor that gifted us the plants next up on my to do list… once I tackle that machine binding… and hand quilt it….

Anyone used a Doug Leko design before?? It is a free pattern to see how you like his designs I guess… so I have downloaded it and plan to peruse it today. AFTER I tackle that binding….

So they have a queen bed… I am figuring 24″ x 80″ for a bed runner??? What do you all think? I have never made one before! lol I will be using my stash and have the beige background aplenty already I had set aside for another project that has gone by the wayside for the background and I will pull natural tones for the cross bars of the design. I just need feedback on the size I guess for a nice cozy finish… they picked the design from several ideas I shared with them.

I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons… Spring in the south of the world and Autumn in the north… Thanks for visiting and please let me know if you have dimensions for a queen bed runner!

Feeling Oh So Much Better Y’all!

Last Saturday I slept most of the afternoon and just felt yucky all day Sunday… no fever or sniffles… just yucky… at my besties urging I left a note here that I was under the weather and not posting… thanks to soooo many of you that posted well wishes too 😊

House plants gifted to us from a neighbor

We have great neighbors in this community we live in…no one is too close in proximity but we are close as friends… One neighbor even gifted us 4 house plants from her “stash” … here are 3! And some autumn silk flowers my honey picked out for our bud vase πŸ˜€

My honey has been busy installing ceiling fans on our back porch…

The back porch is our main place to hang out so last week and this week we have been organizing and added blinds for the afternoon sun that blares in… and 2 matching ceiling fans… we got 1 on marketplace (same place we found the 2 sun shades) and 1 on eBay… both together though cost less that 1 at Home Depot!!! YAY πŸ™‚ We love them and they adjust with a chain or can turn them both on/ off with a switch just inside the door going into the cabin!

We also found a big clock on marketplace with accurate time, temp and humidity on it that matches our cabin exterior colors….

The lantern is a bug zapper for nighttime outdoor times πŸ™‚

We are pulling out our limited fall decor items….

Fall decor on the mantle!
And a pumpkin welcome to make guests to our cabin feel at home πŸ˜‰

Look at our cabin!!!! Those ferns and that begonia are looking sooo nice and the hosta by the front entry have really been hardy this year… we have a neighbor who doesn’t believe in leashing his dog so the pet comes and pees on our plants for fun! It is very frustrating and we have told him so… Now lately we haven’t seen his dog… so maybe he has leashed it… time will tell… and autumn will let all these hardy plants slowly wither so I am glad I snapped this shot as we were leaving for errands one day this week πŸ˜€

I have this to hang still for autumn decor…. not sure where to put it though but I adore it!!!

I am down to only 8 blocks… top and bottom borders… and binding on this “Get Well Soon Quilt” … slow and steady finishes the job though… I just do not adore machine quilting like I do hand quilting! lol

I have gotten lots done on the hand quilting front… I finished what I shared 2 weeks ago…

End of the right side of this row of the quilting….

And marked the left side and quilted it about 2/3 of the way up… which is as far as I can reach! lol

Then I marked the cross hatch of the heart with my pounce pad and Allary chalk cartridge pen…. And got it quilted yesterday πŸ˜€ YIPPEE!

Next up is marking and quilting 2/3 up on the right side of the hart and I can roll and get the top 1/3 all the way across. Can I get that done for next week’s show??? I hope so!!!

This is my focus today πŸ™‚ Linking this hand quilting fun to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers…. HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is doing by hand… there is crochet, knitting and of course some hand quilting and embroidery too!

My knee replacement surgery #1 is scheduled for end of October due to Covid… it had been scheduled for end of September but rates are just too high for the ortho surgeon to do in patient surgeries like mine will be.

I continue to lose weight and am at 50 pounds gone so far !!!! You can see my saggy neck in this photo I tried to capture a happy photo of me and Molly…

You can see my CPAP mask strap indention on my face too LOL… didn’t realize that until now! I made Molly a fresh bandana but she will need one soon for autumn too ❀ I love spring and autumn… esp in these mountains!

a better pic of me πŸ™‚

I got a new iron this week too… Amazon had it a bit less that Walmart but last I looked Walmart is now less expensive and in stock at the big stores…

So far I like it better than my previous black and decker that all the rubber on it for easy ironing came off! Also it started spitting water … this one is made in Germany so I am hoping it holds up better… it has a ceramic soleplate too!

Now check out my honey’s latest adventure… wood barn quilts! This one is 12″ square and we will be selling them in various colors but I loved this combo of the friendship star! It has a hanging claw on the back or it could stand up like we did for this photo!

Hope you each have a great week now and thanks for visiting… please leave a comment so I know you were here πŸ˜€

Happy September to you!!!

I truly do hope this new month brings you all the energy you need and deserve!!!

It has been a busy week including a drive through the mountains where we stopped at an overlook and saw THIS beautiful site….

But mainly we have been home this week. Rick is cleaning out his outbuilding… and I have been slow stitching and machine quilting πŸ™‚

Rick has decided that the outbuilding that came with our home is simply not durable to last like this cabin is so we are planning the building of a new and improved out building next year when wood prices HOPEFULLY return to normal.

I am machine quilting on block 20 out of 30 blocks of the Get Well Soon quilt now!!!!! YAY!!! I am also tentatively set to have surgery on my left knee the end of this month too… but Covid numbers in Tennessee where I am having the surgery continue to rise so we shall see… it may get put off til October!

I also got to chat with my granddaughter and got this fresh pic of her and one with her dad too (my son)… my daughter in law does a GREAT job at keeping us in touch when I am missing her! She is 2 1/2 now πŸ™‚

Most every morning starts with some slow stitching on Debbie’s Boho Heart quilt though…. I just finished the cross hatching in the heart part of this row and am back to the loopy hearts in the background….. I am really enjoying this hand quilting….

Just before doing the cross hatching in the heart…
The cross hatch in the heart and beyond back to the heart loop design in the negative space.

And an overview of the frame where I am now….

Notice my phone holder is close by as are my headphones for music and Youtube viewing as I stitch

Linking all this slow stitching loveliness to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<<

I love this meme made from a song sung by Tim McGraw… take time to look out for each other y’all!

And fashioned on a phone app for my blog sign off… a new closing…. Now off to have coffee and stitch and play with Molly too!

A busy week to share with you !

This week we spent time focusing on backsplash finishing for my honey … and hand quilting for me! I did manage a bit of machine quilting but this coming week I need to kick that project up a notch! lol

Our kitchen with the wood backsplash!

My honey fashioned a wood backsplash using the other side of the wood from what was used on the ceiling and bar… we LOVE it! He covered it with many coats of polyurethane to make it tough for a kitchen too 🀩

I made Molly a new bandana….


We watched the hummingbirds fight over the sugar water in their feeder….

One finally won the buzzing diving war and got the hummingbird juice!

I put on a fresh mani this week and it is an ombre color put out by Colorstreet called Pacific Waters… I am enjoying it!

We are selling an shipping in the USA only these versatile and handy phone caddy’s… I love watching YouTube vids on my phone and this caddy makes that so easy as I hand quilt or stitch in my sewing room. Since I found them so handy we decided to make a few and see if anyone else was interested in a safe place to park your phone as you create or do other stuff!

They are $10 plus shipping πŸ™‚

Cleopatra is doing a fine job machine quilting with the walking foot… I am just not loving machine quilting… I prefer hand quilting my flimsy finishes! lol

Here is the pattern I am quilting in each of the squares….

And here is my legend of sorts… I am starting on the outside squares now.. all the center is quilted … YIPPEE!

This is my Get Well Soon quilt meant to keep me company in the hospital and at home as I heal after knee replacement surgeries… However right now due to covid they are not scheduling non emergent surgeries… so I am patiently (NOT) trying to wait!!!

But most of this week was spent hand quilting… 3 people in our lives passed this week including a sister of my honey’s and a neighbor we were close to from Topton times. It is sad but they are better off we know… However mourning still happens.

I finished the 3rd row….

And rolled down to the 4th time….

And started making headway on this 4th row as I chatted with my bestie…

I am linking all this great slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Linky HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is up to ! There is such a wide range of fun things to view to peak your crafty interests!

As we say goodbye to August this coming week please keep our troops and all those people that need evacuated in your thoughts please…. it is so sad over there right now and so scary actually to me!

I saw this cute mouse working away on this hand crank… why do they always show them using the sewing machine backwards though! OH MY! lol

I figured we needed a bit of levity and a laugh before ending this post… Have a happy week ahead and goodbye extreme heat we hope this coming week after this hurricane makes it’s way through… we are due to get rain from it MAYBE! lol

Lots of Progress to Share Everywhere!

This week I have some pretty work in the flower garden to share, hand quilting, machine quilting and something new I made to coordinate with my wallet I shared last week πŸ™‚ First…. a cardinal at the top of our sign to our road !!!!

That was a fun catch…my honey did the photography and I did the altering so you could get close enough to see the cardinal! lol

Yellow rose bush
Begonia bloom up close!

I started this week with a block or two done on my “Get Well Soon” quilt. Now I have 8 done! YAY πŸ˜€

Most of my week was spent doing house work and hand quilting though!

Above I finished the second row of quilting ! I was so excited to roll!

But making an all over pattern appear all over with hand quilting is a bit tricky too… a little finagling is necessary here and there to keep the quilting even.

Here you can see a close up of how the swirly heart patterns come together on the 3rd pass across the quilt… and taking a step back….

Here is my next ready for Slow Sunday Stitching πŸ˜€ I will be joining Kathy and her crew HERE to link up this slow stitching progress… Come over and see what everyone is up to!

Have a wonderful week ahead… I hope to get a surgery date this week to start the knee replacement process… we shall see πŸ™‚