Spring has sprung in NC!

We have had glorious weather this week… so far that is! lol

view from our front porch out….
Here you can see how the bulbs we planted go down the driveway and follow the plant bed too!
Daffodils in 2’s 🙂

There is another cold snap on the way though… however we are making a road trip for a bit and won’t be here for it! Luckily our fave neighbors will be looking after our cabin and will be here for it!

I see the surgeon who did my knee replacements Thursday of this last week… and when I go to rehab next week I am expecting to be released…. my bend is 142 degrees which is more than they expect and my straightening is -2 degrees which is almost completely flat and with more exercise and time 0 is where I should be there too!

The good news is where we are traveling has steps and I need to go up and especially down the steps to exercise in ways I can’t exercise in our cabin and until the surgeon releases me to… I can’t take long walks yet down our gravel road but soon I will!!!!

My honey is still making and taking special orders for quilt blocks for indoor decor! He will be focusing on exterior decor ones in the future…. email me if you are interested HERE! Here are the ones he has ready to ship … otherwise we can chat about making time, curing time, and shipping dates for your own personal all wood quilt pattern 🙂

These are all 9 3/4″ square by 1 3/4″ tall with 100% wood except for the metal sawtooth hanger securely installed with screws on the back for you for easy hanging once received!

Quilting wise….

I finished the flimsy for my daddy… it will be next on my frame!

Finished size is 58 x 73

I have a backing specially picked out for my daddy… something special between he and I when I was young and still living at home… watching the Astros play as well as lots of little league baseball games my bro played and my dad coached… so it is baseball themed fabric! I will get the batting for it this coming month so it is ready to load when I finish Purple Heart Quilt!

The Purple Heart quilt is progressing at a nice pace too!

my week started here….
NOW…. I am ready to do the floral motif on the far right in the red fabric still 🙂
Here is what the floral motif looks like done!

If you look at my photo below… the row where there are 3 pinwheels…. designates where halfway is… at the top of the frame! So I am 3 turns of the frame from being halfway!!!! Linking my hand quilting progress to Kathy’s Quilts Sunday blog post HERE… come see what all the other Handy folks are up to 😀

Please pray for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people looking for short term homes or long term relocation! They need our prayers for strength.

Thanks for visiting my blog today…. will share more about our trip next weekend! Meanwhile…

Flowers and Quilting!

Did any of you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this past week??? I am part Irish and my bestie sent me some green Colorstreet nails to put on…

Better Late than Feather ….

I love them…. and those bulbs we planted last fall are almost ALL coming up too!

Tulip… got bit by the cold weather a bit
The crocus are coming up

We also are starting to see the buttercups coming up and opening up… I wish I could get a overhead of our front yard so you could see them lining the driveway and the plant bed…. looking marvelous and so much color to see each day!

Speaking of color… I laid out the 9 patch quilt I have been working on….

This should be next on the frame…. after the Purple Heart quilt is done.. I have 2 long seams to make to finish this into a flimsy now 😀

Speaking of The Purple Heart Quilt….

I rolled it down a bit!

So I will spend today relaxing and quilting after giving my fingers a bit of a rest this week I am ready to quilt again 🙂

I am linking all this hand crafted fun to my friend Kathy at Kathy’s Quilts Slow Stitching Sunday Linky Party Come SEEEEE<<<<< what everyone is linking up 🙂

Did you celebrate Quilting Day yesterday???

I also am trying to sell a very cute handy style quilt kit… look at this y’all!

Nordic Christmas Quilt Kit INCLUDES all the fabric for the top!

I have more pics if you are interested in this it is for in the USA only as it will have to go Priority mail due to the weight of it all…. this pattern is by GE designs and Gudrun walks you though how to make each block in the instructions. Price is $80 to include shipping via Paypal Invoice.

Please keep Ukraine in your thoughts this week and make time to visit Kathy above if you can!

A busy week for us :)

This week we have been so busy! Rick has made several more barn quilts…

These are all grays and browns making them more farmhouse style but that seems to be selling so we keep making them 🙂

Molly finally got a nice groom from a local lady groomer… we were all pleased 🙂

I have been making 9 patches here and there…

So far I have 22 made and 6 ready to make next time I sit… that is 1/3 of the 9 patches I need for this pattern already! Yahoo 🙂

I finished the 3rd of 4 Bello pouches I am making for friends and family…

And hand quilting when I wasn’t cleaning or rehab exercising 🙂 I have done well with my post op right knee exercises and am only going 1 time a week starting next week! I see the doctor for post op visit week after next too 🤩

My finished table runner (aka placemats) for the bar …. FUN!

My progress this week in hand quilting progress otherwise includes the Purple Heart quilt progress….

I finished the far left area first and finally moved to the center portion next…

The texture of all this quilting is AMAZING!!!!

And where I plan to work today 🙂

Linking this hand quilting fun to my other hand-ie friends at Kathy’s Slow Sunday stitching linky party blog post HERE… come see!

As you spend your Sunday counting your blessings… spend time too praying for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people too ❤

March.. in like a lamb :)

Happy March my bloggy friends… I hope you are all well and praying for Ukraine or sending them strong thoughts to get them through this situation!

I have been busy filling my Pandora music bucket to earn an hour here or there of ad free music! lol And sewing and quilting and now starting a new project too… come on let’s chat 😀

And since I was planning a Hand-ie week I decided to fancy my nails Sunday after blogging 😉 WE have had the windows open here most of the last of the week and I am in short sleeves writing this! Unheard of for me in early March! lol

Then I scribed with my water erasable pen…. cross hatching and triangles within the pinwheel leafs…

I love this quilt and think it will be a fave of ours on our bed when finished… here is our bed today….

It has a quilt I designed and made come to life using our fave color pallette… it is machine pieced but all hand quilted too 😀

Comparing the two is not comparing similar quits even.. this will give us a new vibe that we are looking forward to embracing… I plan to make new pillow covers for our bed pillows as well 🙂

I am linking this hand quilting and a bit more later on I’ll tell you about to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Gang HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is doing with their hands… it’s amazing each week!

I started Monday morning with a stack of blocks… I added sashing and got this…

I added a border and got this…

Then I layered it up with a thin cotton Hobbs bleached batting and I had enough of the green fabric used in the center of the blocks to use for backing and I quilted the center all by machine … took a basting victory lap around the quilt to hold down the outer edges and machine bound it too… attaching to the back once trimmed and curling up to the front… it get’s easier each time.. I have to be nice to me 😀

You can see some of the machine and outer border hand quilting…. that is my focus today is to work on that border intermittently due to my arthritis and working outside a hoop or frame anymore drives my arthritis nuts!!! lol

Here you can see it better I think… at least my machine quilting… it will shrink a bit washing and drying but we use this pretty heavily and I hope to have 1 per month in the future 🙂

So what to work on when I have projects calling out to me every time I enter my sewing room…. I start something new!

Before you know it I have enough fabric for all the 63 9 patch blocks I wanna make scrappy style for a special gift for my dad.. at his request too!

Of course there is more to this quilt than 9 patches but this is where the story begins with this quilt… I will only share some stuff too on this one as it gets pieced. This quilt top will be a blast to piece also once the table runner is hand quilted and I can get back to the Purple Heart quilt!

Here is a quick pic I took of our front porch… those ferns wintered in our backroom on a rod over the tub! hahaha We watered them less and less until hardly ever and then they started growing green fronds again all of a sudden mid winter! So we are getting them back outside now that the weather is warming some and the sun is out every day!

We have different bulbs showing greenery but no blooms yet… we did plant some itty bitty Shasta daisy bulb in some containers … we will see how they do!

This is our front door too… stop by anytime and visit for a while if you like… we love this cabin!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my blog today… and I want to share some trivia with you… March 4 was my 10th anniversary since I learned how to quilt from the girl who later became my best friend!!!

on Facebook yesterday 😉

Please leave me a message if you made it this far.. I love responding privately to messages left on my blog posts ~ and pray for Ukraine please!

Tomorrow is the last day of February!!!

And I still haven’t slowed down y’all!

9 3/4″ square barn quilt for indoor decor – $50 plus shipping 🙂

And neither has my honey!!! He got this quilt block above done and another in process too.. He sold all the ones from last week already too!

I started physical therapy Monday and went back Friday doing my own thing in between to exercise… they are doing both legs at this new place though and I love the family atmosphere too! It is called Pro- Motion.

Between working my legs out I have been quilting on the purple heart quilt…. last week I showed you the double hearts in the corners I planned to do something special with….

I really enjoy stitching the orange peel design and figuring out the heart too.

I finished all the way across to the other heart and up so I am ready to roll today too!

So today I plan to enjoy a cup of coffee and roll down the quilt a bit and mark a cross hatch design on the background… then if you look 2 pictures up you will see interlocking hearts… I will mark them and outline them and the cross hatch will not run there just to the design…. come back next week to see because the sides outside this red fabric area are all stitched… Linking this fabulous progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching <<< come see what others are linking up near the end of the month!

So this Purple Heart quilt figuring and a table runner I have worked on too long are my focuses… and rehab of course. BTW walking with no cane this week has been amazing!

I did spend my first time back in the sewing room this week early in the week to reorient my self with all the projects waiting on me as I ironed some shirts for my honey… and I ended the week putting this block… there are 4 under there total… together! Now to fashion them into a spring table runner for our bar in the kitchen that still has Winterlude on it….

I plan on putting on these gorgeous nails today too… I took off the old polish I shared last week and will apply these now 🙂

How about you… what are you each up to ??? Do you know anyone in Ukraine at the moment or that region??? Let’s keep Ukraine and this situation in our prayers this week!

Be kind and make a new friend! I went grocery shopping myself for the first time in 2 years … mask on and careful not to get to close but with 2 surgeries now behind me and vaxxed up I was excited to see a grocery store on the inside for a change 😀 lol! It is the little things in life!

Rolled the Quilt and Start Physical Therapy soon :)

Happy Sunday my Hand-ie friends!

What is your Hand-ie Super Power???? Mine is Hand quilting and I made progress this week! I finished all the wavy lines in this wide border you see…

Rolled the frame and started marking my next ideas…

And I got all the wavy lines and the purple hearts and support stitching for that DONE!

I even put on fresh nail strips which is an all fingers on deck sort of job! YAY 🙂

This pretty fuchsia is called “Showtime” by Color Street 🙂

I am linking all this lovely hand-ie progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<< I plan to spend my day stitching the pretty pattern to the left of my hand in big stitch dark purple and that heart will get a special embroidery treatment though all the layers too! Come back next Sunday to see how I stitch those purple hearts in the Purple Heart Quilt I am making for our bed!

Valentine’s Day was busy and unfortunately I also had a mini seizure when talking to the nurse at my doctor’s office so once I finally got in touch with someone at my neurologists office… off to the pharmacy for my 3rd medication to treat this problem I will take twice daily… Good news is I am having no side effects to all these meds and there are still meds to reach for if I need them down the road and we just started this one. Also… my honey got me these…

Hyacinth in bloom are sooo fragrant!

The fragrance of these were so amazing I almost forgot I had had a 10 second long “laughing seizure”… I am never aware of a seizure or have an “aura” they are coming or came… I only sense peoples’ reaction to the seizure afterwards… and the nurse I was chatting with when I had it was concerned but my honey was nearby to console us both!

Rick and Molly our pooch… to my rescue!

Rick has been back to making quilt blocks….

The center one sold to a lady who ordered the one on the left but fell in love with the center one when offered all 3 as options for a birthday present for her daughter coming in March. Well Monday is a USPS holiday as it is Presidents’ Day so we will mail it out Tuesday… if you are interested in either of the other 2 they both measure 9 5/8″ square by 1 3/4″ deep and are signed by my honey with his initials and the year… $50 includes shipping in the USA 48 to you my bloggy friends! Otherwise on eBay they are plus the shipping and safe travels in our custom bought boxes 😀

My hyacinth will be planted in autumn here in our yard somewhere special… it has a baby in the pot too… so we should have 2 nice bulbs to plant in 2 separate locations!

Here was the hyacinth at last nights watering 😀

I love the gift of a potted flowering plant or green plant that is low maintenance 🙂

Here are my nice straight legs…. there was still some swelling on the right leg in this pic…

I start Physical Therapy at a new place tomorrow morning and hope to work the last of the swelling off on the bike and other pt maneuvers… but I have resorted to wearing a TED hose compression stocking over my clean and dry bandage once we washed it good and put on the extra one I was sent home with 🙂

So all is now well and let’s hope it stays that way… Wednesday I see the Physician’s Assistant in Chattanooga … we will see if she is happy when the dressing is removed and all is seen… I have been doing physical therapy on my own and have better bend and stretch than I expected… but so not nearly as good as I would have had if I had had p.t. all along since my immediate post op time over a week ago! I use a walker early in the morning now… a cane or nothing at home… and a cane when out and about 🙂 This is much more focus forward than my first knee replacement and for that I am glad!

Here is hoping you have a wonderful week ahead and focus on this moment of this day to keep it all even flowing!

Happy Valentine’s Eve Y’all!

January flew by in a flash… and now crazy weather and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… so I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Eve today!

My knee replacement surgery Wednesday went excellent… I had to be there at 5 am… meaning getting up at 1:30 am… needless to say neither of us got much sleep and Molly stayed with our wonderful neighbors instead of being boarded so we had no worries 😀

With surgery officially starting around 7:30 am with a spinal block and nite nite medication only I was out awake and texting my honey by 10:30! I had jumped through the hoops of physical therapy department, gotten the approval of my surgeon to leave instead of staying over night and picked up my post op medications from the pharmacy all by 2 pm or so! YIPEE!!!

Now I have 2 straight legs with centered kneecaps and am working on rehab at home at the moment as we work out a snafu with insurance… I did go to the physical therapy appointment to get me started but must talk to the doctor’s office and insurance company before I go again. This was NOT a problem last knee replacement last October so unsure why the form wasn’t submitted properly this time… so Monday will be a phone day. I also need to talk to the surgeon’s office about some other stuff… so keep me in your thoughts… hoping Thursday I will by bike riding and rehabbing with Teri my fave PTA! lol

Meanwhile I have been quilting all my stressors away! I am making great progress on the Purple Heart quilt on the frame!

I finished all of the purple heart border on the bottom and rolled the frame…. the purple heart border is big stitches in a dark purple 12 wt Aurifil thread using a #7 DMC between needle that has a nice big eye and strong shaft too…. I went above and below that in the ditch with a vanilla 28wt Aurifil for stability using a #9 DMC between needle.

Now I am working on the wide floral border that all the pinwheels in the quilt center were fashioned from… there was a 20″ or so very long strip of this fabric left over and I thought it was appropriate to quilt it gently so as to see for all the future what print made the beautiful flowers that are pinwheels my best friend pieced… I only pieced the borders 🙂

So I pondered the stencils I had in my stash and thought the wavy lines would work well…

The batting I am using requires quilting every 4″… I am using Hobbs Tuscany 80/20 Cotton / wool mix… I love it and NO SCRIM! So after scribing several intervals and mixtures of this stencil I went with 1 1/2″ apart at the same level across…. the bottom corners I have a different plan for 🙂 So what do you think????

I also managed to get a shot of the backing on this quilt from underneath my frame! lol

I am linking this hand quilting with a roll thrown in to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching gang…. Come HERE and see what others are sharing of their own slow stitching 🙂 It will open a new page so you don’t lose your place here!

While I was prepping for surgery my honey finished building a new cabinet that fits over the toilet in our guest bath or “front bathroom” as we call it.

We filled the top with extra toilet paper…. the bottom with health / wellness and nail polish strip supplies too!

Here is how it looks when you walk into this bathroom now.. it is so compact as he built it into the wall so half in the wall and half out… we will do something larger but similar in our master bath a bit later on…

With the price of wood we were happy to only spend $30 on this project and repurposing other wood to make it a finish! YAY!

Here is my good friend and neighbor Theresa… she and her hubby Jack had just bought a new puppy they named Copper after tragically losing their previous red poodle to heart failure….

Here’s a candid shot of Jack loving on Molly as they babysat while I was in the hospital…. it warmed our hearts to see this photo sweet Theresa took to calm our minds as we prepped for my surgical day ahead!

Molly LOVE LOVE LOVEs Jack… He will love on her and sweet talk her and let her lick him all over the face and ears… none of the rest of us give her free reign in that arena! lol

Now Molly is learning to be friends and play puppy style with Copper! They are making fast friends too! YAY!!!

A get well soon card from a dear bloggy friend Gretchen arrived Thursday…. it immediately made it’s way to the top of my frame so I can adore it while I stitch….

A rose gifted to me by Jack and Theresa that lifts my spirits daily 🙂

And as my final photo…. the frame and my progress…. I am enjoying this one but still am clueless on any of the crimson floral fabric surrounding the pinwheels… during the next roll maybe I will figure something out or maybe YOU will have an idea!

I am listening!!!!

Whether you have a Valentine or not… do an act of kindness Monday just because and pass it forward! Thanks for visiting… please leave a comment and if you have a problem leaving a comment on this WordPress post. I have heard from 1 or 2 that they can’t easily leave me a comment… I need to know how bad this problem really is though… Thanks for helping me out ! Email me directly HERE if you have problems leaving a comment traditionally & keep your focus on the present 🙂

Lots to Share for February 2022!

I have had a very productive and fun week this week!!! Grab a cuppa something good and read on!

Mainly I focused on binding completion then washing and drying that finish. Catch up on house chores then wrangling my honey to help load the frame up…. actually he volunteered!

Usually I do the loading solo but with my bum right knee (surgery is this coming Wednesday!!! YIPPEE 🙂 I was happy to have his help!

So this quilt top was a joint effort from my bestie and me…. She pieced the center via stack and whack style pinwheels… I think they look so much like flowers wide open though so I call them flowers! lol And I added the borders outside the burgundy to make it queen sized to fit our bed! The center is 62 x 84… The wide border is the print she made the flowers/pinwheels from 😀

Isn’t this quilt top just AMAZING!!!!??? I love how she pieced the center… it is not anything I could have had the patience to do… I still have the book she made it from too! I will probably look for a home for it in the near future!

I forgot to take a pic of the backing but it is a neutral large print wideback that is soft and cuddly… this will be on our bed when completed and loved forever! I have chosen a few stencils from my stash and with my honey’s approval and 2 cents added as well…

I have started the quilting already too!!! 😀

So this stack and whack quilt will officially be named the “Purple Heart Quilt”. My honey decided that and I love it 🙂 Above you can see the deep purple Aurifil 12 wt thread I am big stitching the purple hearts in…. above and below I am using 28wt Aurifil in beige to support the decorative purple hearts that finish this amazing top.

As for the finished Boho Heart with Friendship Stars Quilt I completed… it shall be mailed out after my surgery I think as we don’t have a good enough sturdy box for shipping it safely just yet. It will be traveling to my good friend in Florida 😀 I am sew excited for her to receive it and share a pic of it on her bed!

The completed quilt after a wash and dry!

Before washing/drying with quilt measured 82 x 91…. afterward it measures above 78 x 86!!! That was quite a difference but there ARE lots of seams! I used great quality fabrics and a wideback backing that was fun to use with friendship text in all sorts of fonts… but that is a lot of shrinking! Now for some fun close ups for you to enjoy on this hand quilted beauty…

Close up of the swirly hearts design and the chunky binding I am soooo glad I did!
Close up of the wavy crosshatching of the heart part ❤
The hand written label. This is my fave fabric marker that once heat set… will remain vibrant forever more 🙂
All 4 corners turned out perfect on this quilt too!

I really love the last shot (Debbie is an amazing friend to me) and the label (I lightly used a Frixion pen to write straight lines… then practiced what I was going to write on a piece of paper first!) and the whole quilt shot (WOW… I really did all this myself in under 1 year from start to finish!!!!)

I sure hope you enjoyed all this hand quilting show and share goodness today! Linking it all to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching…. please take time to go see what others are sharing and showing 😀 Just follow the bold letters to automatically open a new tab and see!

As I now prepare for my second knee replacement (the left one was replaced the end of October 2021)… I am excited to have the same surgeon and hope anesthesia will go the same too! I have a new mask to wear for the occasion that our great neighbors shared with me… They will be watching Molly for us while we are 2 hours away in the hospital for my surgery overnight.

Please send up healing thoughts and prayers for this upcoming surgery if you would…. next week my post may be short and sweet or long winded as I may be high on pain meds! lol We shall see 😀

Thanks for stopping by & remember to focus on the present…. that is the only place you can change the future or deal effectively with things from the past!

A busy week all around to share with you 🎉

This week has been full speed ahead all week long living in the present full on!!!!! And it all started Monday with an EMPTY FRAME…

I finished ALL the swirly hearts and edge basting Monday and cut it off the frame removing all the pieces and parts of it …. then my honey folded up the frame and finished painting second coats and cut ins… and decorating… YAHOO 🎊!!!

Here is a close up of the view I will have over my quilt frame straight on now…

While my honey was at it he gave the rest of the walls a new look taking some things down and reorganizing what was on the walls, mantle and hearth for decor!

Underneath our repurposed clock to the living room from the porch… is a new edition to our home …. this bear with laser cut deer and trees! We love it.. it was a gift from our dear neighbors 🙂 Isn’t it cool!?!?!… I hope the pic shows the 3d-ness of it!

Then there is a very cool repositioning in the living room from the kitchen area too! Our Lionel Train 🤩

My honey made axles for the wheels of the base that holds the train out of my leftover empty 28 wt Aurifil thread spools that were grey already… then he stained the base and wheels a medium grey wood stain while adding plugs to the wheels he had put in place with wall anchors! The wheels that were natural wood colored from another project leftover…. the thread spools conceal the big heavy screws in the wall to hold up this heavy old train… while he also added some L brackets behind the front of the train where most of the weight is so no chance it will fall on someone or tumble down period 😀

Finally here is a look at our living area… with Molly on the recliner… one of her fave spots! I plan to make a hand quilted coverlet for her to recline on while on top of the recliner to avoid any staining on the fabric ! HAHA!!

Finally, after watching SEVERAL vids on YouTube on wide or chunky binding I cut my binding at 3 5/8″ width for 10 strips…. this was my leftovers…. less than an inch total!

Isn’t this binding perfect with this Boho Heart quilt?!

I bought this binding from a reputable buyer on eBay.. she cut 1″ wider than my 1 yard order and that kindness gave me the straightening width I needed to cut my binding the perfect size for this quilt!

I sewed the binding on leaving a generous 1/4″ of batting and backing all around following the videos and my instincts! lol I attached it on my 319w with a walking foot to the front of the quilt using fuchsia thread on top and white in the bobbin pulling a bit to the top instead of even to keep the fuchsia thread from showing through the bottom in case my line of stitching showed anywhere…. I have started hand sewing the binding down to the back now and as of yet I have had NO ISSUES WITH THIS THOUGH 🙂

double fold binding with cut off triangles saved for future needs 🙂

When I sewed these binding strips into one long strip… I did add washi tape at the center-point of my needle placement to help me not have to mark the binding and yet make nice straight seams and match top left and bottom right for straight binding all along! YES !!!

I also used the washi tape in a different color to mark where to stop stitching when putting my binding on as suggested in several of the videos I watched….

So today I will be slowly working on hand stitching down the binding as I have been the last couple days…

Molly and the electric heater are sidekicks in my sewing room… and I like that ! We have had snow and very cold weather this weekend….

So I will be slow stitching with Kathy’s Slow Stitching gang this weekend staying warm in the sewing room !!!! Hopefully next week I will have the next quilt in line to be hand quilted on the frame to share with you…. AND this finish completed and washed with pics to share 🙂

2 other small victories this week in the sewing room…. I got the head of a messed up zipper on the remaining tape (the orange zipper is redone)… this was my first time to figure this out! And I worked a bit on the tulip table runner parts too 😀

Until then I wish you warmth and sunshine, happiness with your slow stitches too no matter how slow or fast they are 😊

I look forward to reading comments from you if you choose to leave me nuggets of fun to read too!

Almost done Quilting!

I have been so focused this week on Boho heart! My honey, meanwhile, has been focused on painting the inside of our cabin in the woods!

See where he still has to cut in? That was the white of the walls !!!

Now they are a pale warm grey color! We love it 🙂 It will be an arduous process to get it all painted though… So far he has 1 coat on the living area and the hall… however we wanted flat paint and this paint came with a soft sheen that messes with the true finish so the second coat will come from a different manufacturer…. Sherwin Williams 😀

We had a very nice snow that lasted a couple days this past week then was gone 🙂

You could see above in the paint reveal photo that I rolled the quilt on the frame…. I am finishing the last pass now!!!!

Here is my progress… I finished the row I was on Sunday and rolled…. Monday I marked and started stitching what I realized I could finish all in 1 pass….

Now I just have this little bit to stitch between today and tomorrow it should get done!

My bloggy friend Kathy is asking… what brings you joy…

Come on over where I will be showing off this blog post and my progress to what brings you joy!!!! Slow stitching and any stitching does it for me…. how about you???? Follow THIS LINK and see what other slow stitchers are chatting about brings them joy!

Found from a friend on facebook!

Have a cherry on top kind of day my bloggy friends 🙂 As for me… off to have coffee and stitch the finish on this quilt for my friend…. Binding you ask????

This … it has ALL the colors in the heart 🙂

Meanwhile … I will find JOY in the PRESENT as I continue to FOCUS on IT!