Happy September to you!!!

I truly do hope this new month brings you all the energy you need and deserve!!!

It has been a busy week including a drive through the mountains where we stopped at an overlook and saw THIS beautiful site….

But mainly we have been home this week. Rick is cleaning out his outbuilding… and I have been slow stitching and machine quilting πŸ™‚

Rick has decided that the outbuilding that came with our home is simply not durable to last like this cabin is so we are planning the building of a new and improved out building next year when wood prices HOPEFULLY return to normal.

I am machine quilting on block 20 out of 30 blocks of the Get Well Soon quilt now!!!!! YAY!!! I am also tentatively set to have surgery on my left knee the end of this month too… but Covid numbers in Tennessee where I am having the surgery continue to rise so we shall see… it may get put off til October!

I also got to chat with my granddaughter and got this fresh pic of her and one with her dad too (my son)… my daughter in law does a GREAT job at keeping us in touch when I am missing her! She is 2 1/2 now πŸ™‚

Most every morning starts with some slow stitching on Debbie’s Boho Heart quilt though…. I just finished the cross hatching in the heart part of this row and am back to the loopy hearts in the background….. I am really enjoying this hand quilting….

Just before doing the cross hatching in the heart…
The cross hatch in the heart and beyond back to the heart loop design in the negative space.

And an overview of the frame where I am now….

Notice my phone holder is close by as are my headphones for music and Youtube viewing as I stitch

Linking all this slow stitching loveliness to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<<

I love this meme made from a song sung by Tim McGraw… take time to look out for each other y’all!

And fashioned on a phone app for my blog sign off… a new closing…. Now off to have coffee and stitch and play with Molly too!

A busy week to share with you !

This week we spent time focusing on backsplash finishing for my honey … and hand quilting for me! I did manage a bit of machine quilting but this coming week I need to kick that project up a notch! lol

Our kitchen with the wood backsplash!

My honey fashioned a wood backsplash using the other side of the wood from what was used on the ceiling and bar… we LOVE it! He covered it with many coats of polyurethane to make it tough for a kitchen too 🀩

I made Molly a new bandana….


We watched the hummingbirds fight over the sugar water in their feeder….

One finally won the buzzing diving war and got the hummingbird juice!

I put on a fresh mani this week and it is an ombre color put out by Colorstreet called Pacific Waters… I am enjoying it!

We are selling an shipping in the USA only these versatile and handy phone caddy’s… I love watching YouTube vids on my phone and this caddy makes that so easy as I hand quilt or stitch in my sewing room. Since I found them so handy we decided to make a few and see if anyone else was interested in a safe place to park your phone as you create or do other stuff!

They are $10 plus shipping πŸ™‚

Cleopatra is doing a fine job machine quilting with the walking foot… I am just not loving machine quilting… I prefer hand quilting my flimsy finishes! lol

Here is the pattern I am quilting in each of the squares….

And here is my legend of sorts… I am starting on the outside squares now.. all the center is quilted … YIPPEE!

This is my Get Well Soon quilt meant to keep me company in the hospital and at home as I heal after knee replacement surgeries… However right now due to covid they are not scheduling non emergent surgeries… so I am patiently (NOT) trying to wait!!!

But most of this week was spent hand quilting… 3 people in our lives passed this week including a sister of my honey’s and a neighbor we were close to from Topton times. It is sad but they are better off we know… However mourning still happens.

I finished the 3rd row….

And rolled down to the 4th time….

And started making headway on this 4th row as I chatted with my bestie…

I am linking all this great slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Linky HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is up to ! There is such a wide range of fun things to view to peak your crafty interests!

As we say goodbye to August this coming week please keep our troops and all those people that need evacuated in your thoughts please…. it is so sad over there right now and so scary actually to me!

I saw this cute mouse working away on this hand crank… why do they always show them using the sewing machine backwards though! OH MY! lol

I figured we needed a bit of levity and a laugh before ending this post… Have a happy week ahead and goodbye extreme heat we hope this coming week after this hurricane makes it’s way through… we are due to get rain from it MAYBE! lol

Lots of Progress to Share Everywhere!

This week I have some pretty work in the flower garden to share, hand quilting, machine quilting and something new I made to coordinate with my wallet I shared last week πŸ™‚ First…. a cardinal at the top of our sign to our road !!!!

That was a fun catch…my honey did the photography and I did the altering so you could get close enough to see the cardinal! lol

Yellow rose bush
Begonia bloom up close!

I started this week with a block or two done on my “Get Well Soon” quilt. Now I have 8 done! YAY πŸ˜€

Most of my week was spent doing house work and hand quilting though!

Above I finished the second row of quilting ! I was so excited to roll!

But making an all over pattern appear all over with hand quilting is a bit tricky too… a little finagling is necessary here and there to keep the quilting even.

Here you can see a close up of how the swirly heart patterns come together on the 3rd pass across the quilt… and taking a step back….

Here is my next ready for Slow Sunday Stitching πŸ˜€ I will be joining Kathy and her crew HERE to link up this slow stitching progress… Come over and see what everyone is up to!

Have a wonderful week ahead… I hope to get a surgery date this week to start the knee replacement process… we shall see πŸ™‚

Happy Sunday Friends!

A friend shared part of this quote and it inspired me… hope it does you too!

This is sooo profound I think… if you visit please come back and reread this before commenting and include what touches you most in this quote… if it does πŸ™‚

I have had a steadily busy week…

Several weeks back I shared fabric for a wallet to replace my old one to customize it for me ….

The pattern… this is my 3rd make of this wallet!
the fussy cut front back and flaps
My personalized label in cork! πŸ™‚
My crown jewel Cleopatra with the finished wallet we accomplished!
All together now… How fun this was too πŸ˜€

After getting that wallet all together intermittently I was hand quilting … YES!

I am loving hand quilting Debbie’s quilt too…

Above is a close up of AFTER I rolled the quilt yesterday! YIPPEE 😍

Here’s the quilt after rolling… I just couldn’t reach the entire stencil to quilt the heart motif design…

Then I also got the Get Well Soon quilt pin basted …

and STARTED QUILTING it too!!!

I hope you can see my quilting design on the block in the pic above… I am using a light grey thread 28 wt for the top and bobbin…. I use garden gloves with rubbery nubs on the palm side to keep wrinkles or puckers from forming and I am using a walking foot adjusted according to Jacquie Gering’s WALK book recommendations… I don’t have that book YET! But I did watch both her Craftsy classes and loved them πŸ™‚

What crafty personality do you enjoy watching? Or do you prefer to get book enhancement???

I am also looking for new Youtubers to watch.. any 2 cents there???

Please come over to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<< and see what everyone is hand stitching… I will be sharing all my hand quilting progress there too with this post πŸ™‚

So much accomplished this week!

So grab a cuppa something fun and enjoy your visit today! Happy Sunday πŸ™‚

Last week me and my 319 w Cleopatra started sewing a shadow box pattern quilt top. I can never leave things as they are written though… this is Donna Jordan’s pattern on YouTube HERE with my improvisation added top and bottom…

First I made the blocks pressing as she suggests… THIS HELPS!

I cut my blocks to 8 1/2″ instead of using the layer cake size….

Soon I had it webbed…. Happy with this layout I sewed each row!

Once the center was together I sewed all those leftover 1 1/2″ strips together and fashioned a line of coins top and bottom to make the flimsy complete!..

Get Better Soon flimsy πŸ™‚

Having this into a flimsy ( and batting is ordered) backing is set aside and I will make up the binding (navy) soon. I am pleased with what a quick make and forgiving if you are new to quilting… don’t pass this up using Donna’s tutorial I linked to above.

NOW my problem is I need it quilted quick so I wanna machine quilt it but I am not a great machine quilter… so I need BASIC stuff to quilt on this… what are YOUR thoughts??? I would Love feedback on this and if you have a photo enhanced with your idea emailed to me HERE bonus points!!!! lol

In the midst of putting that quilt top together…. I made the valance on the window in the entryway of our cabin πŸ™‚ It was fun but curtain making isn’t my strong suite… Rick straightened the freshly pressed curtain on the rod and it looks great now but it was a hot mess initially and 256″ long!!!

Rick also painted the interior side of our exterior doors the tan of the exterior doors and shutters … looks amazing! Then he put a new top on our side table in the living room that becomes a heavily used occasional table too during projects….. lovely ❀

I have made good progress on slow stitching this quilt too…

Debbie’s quit is such a fun sew too! I love sewing in every direction like this though πŸ˜€ I used my underhand and sometimes only get 1 or 2 stitches in as a time but that is that many I don’t have to do πŸ˜‰

At the center point of this row!

And here is a full shot of my little sewing frame and area…

Linking all this fun slow stitching to Kathy’s Gang of slow stitchers of all kinds… come see what everyone is linking up today!!!! HERE <<<<<

Finally I have a personal challenge for you besides helping me with the quilting design on my feel better soon quilt…..

Listen to THIS video by Clutterbug Cas…. I took her challenge and have agreed to spend 15 minutes a day organizing better my sewing room and home in general after that.

I did this Saturday but I will start officially today on spending 15 minutes… that room is a comfort to me but needs LOTS of organizing before we have friends or fam come stay in it again. So this is my motivation…. let’s see what else I can think of as the weeks progress! lol

Have a wonderful week and please leave a comment if you visited or click the link above to contact me directly πŸ™‚

August time Already???!!!

Hello August and Welcome Sunday Stitchers too!

I have been mega busy this week… as has my honey! This week I loaded my big frame….

Above there you can see how we have decorated too.. my honey is an excellent dΓ©cor manager! lol

He put my Raggedy Ann and the Andy I sourced for her from the same time frame…. on the the mantle over the fireplace 😍
Here you can see more of our living space….
And my cutting table returned to being a buffet πŸ™‚ It holds games and still my sewing things… I need to reorganize my sewing room now!

I not only got a good start on Debbie’s quilt in the frame…

I was blessed to receive these needles from my good bloggy friend Gretchen

I ordered the Aurifil 12 wt for quilting from Hawthorne Supply Co.

The size 7 needles take a minute to get used to because they are big but for large diameter thread you need a good round needle opening and a round shaft… both of these things I have with the DMC needles πŸ™‚ Thanks Gretchen!

Above is what I will use to mark the heart of this quilt… if you missed the finished quilt top last week here it is….

Measures 86 x 93 at the moment but it will shrink between now and when it is quilted and washed πŸ˜‰

I haven’t touched the wholecloth quilt this week but I promised you a photo so I took one..

The PVC frame is sitting in my sewing room at this moment. I am trying to gauge on a normal quilting week how much I may get done on my Hinterberg frame … hoping 1 roll a week or so πŸ™‚ All this hand quilting I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<<<

Most of this week I have been playing around with a shadow quilt design and construct… it will me a machine quilted lap quilt… I am using a free pattern and YouTube video by Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics called Shadow Box you can find HERE <<<<

Here is my version in my head…
My supplies for this project quilt….

Above are 4 rows of 5 so I can do a quick test on separating colors and intensities of colors in this group… don’t want all the blues or oranges together πŸ™‚ I love these fabrics though… This quilt fabric lot was gifted to me by my daughter and her fiance…. for my birthday… I will enjoy this quilt when I get it built!

I didn’t show you the finished swing Rick redid…

I love this photo … you can see our colorful begonia and fern that are soooo happy here on the front porch.

And look how many blooms are on the daisy… Rick waters the ferns every night and the other plants every other night… but we have found our daisy loves hot weather and lots of watering πŸ˜€

Time to finish these blocks to I can put this center part together!!!! Have a wonderful Sunday whatever you do and wherever you are… you decide how your day goes!

I love seeing quilts go to the homes they were meant to!!!

Last week I shared that black and batik quilt Connie has made and I had hand quilted some of. Here is Janet our friend on her porch snuggling the quilt….

And to see it on her bed in it’s new forever home…

With those kind of pictures and nice words of loving the quilt Connie made and I quilted most of…. I focused on finishing the other quilt I was making into a flimsy and I won!

I am excited to get this on the quilt frame this week too… it will be hand quilted πŸ™‚

Now head over to Kathy’s Slow Sunday stitching crew to see what everyone already has in their post to share !!!!

If you are wondering too I did work on the whole cloth but not much and no photo as I wanted to finish this flimsy….

Meanwhile my honey worked on sanding off the worn parts and re-varnishing our front porch swing….

That is about it for us! Have a wonderful week y’all!

Coming up soon to my honey’s birthday!!!

But until July 20th… let me share what has been going on here this week πŸ™‚

I am happy first and foremost to share that black and batik quilt I hand quilted after my bestie Connie built the quilt top??? Well it is done and found it’s way to it’s forever home and is now being loved…. with our good friend Janet πŸ™‚

We saw a doe the other day as we were heading out to run errands…

And a young buck the next time we were out too πŸ™‚

Rick tuned up both my sewing machines…

But my main week has been focused on making a quilt top… I am over halfway done now!!!!

Leaving my progress on hand quilting low….

I also did a bit of stitching on the rolling pin enough to call it done and started on the chain stitch surrounding the bowl and pin.

Linking this hand stitching to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<

My honey has finished the cedar tongue and groove on the ceiling….

and we love it!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! Thanks for reading and looking πŸ™‚

After recovering… we’ve made LOTS of progress this week πŸ˜Š

Preparing for and having company to visit in to back to back rounds was excellent and tiring! lol I slept extra Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday I was back on track and got my sewing room mojo back!

It is an organized disaster really! lol
I can’t wait to fashion my version of this quilt… and I love having my sewing room back open for business!

So I straightened and organized BETTER and reorganized again….

Then I started working on Debbie’s Boho Heart Quilt…

Me and Cleopatra… my 319w by Singer in the mid 1950’s… I love her ❀

Here is the left side of the heart….

When I wasn’t pacing myself with layout and making the final blocks needed for a complete layout I was working on my redwork!

And when I wasn’t doing that I moved the quilt in the pvc frame too!

It was heavy to move it around… this is my first corner to complete too… so I decided how to do those partial expanded diamonds and larger expanded diamonds too! Whew!!!

Linking all this hand work to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE<<<<< Come see what’s going on with all the hand stitchers πŸ˜€

I can’t find all the “after” photos of my sewing room I took but I moved the noodle poles to under the buffet cutting table… they now are out of my way but convenient when I make a quilt that needs basted πŸ™‚ The closet looks MUCH better and the 319 is running strong as I build more blocks for the quilt for my good friend ❀

Meanwhile… my honey is adding wood inside our cabin!

It is a LOT of work to finish it and cut it exact etc… but so is quilt making and bag making right????

He plans to carry it down the hallway ceiling too πŸ™‚ More next week!

Happy Independence Day America!!!

And may this year ahead strike down the dissention in the ranks of our fellow Americans and bring peace to us all!!!

It is also my birthday I am happy to report!!! I got a visit earlier this week from my son and his new bride…

They made us an overnight pit stop on their way to a vacation destination πŸ™‚ They also gifted me with a Hawthorne Supply gift card πŸ˜€ YIPPEE!!!!

Then yesterday my daughter and her fiance showed up for a weekend of celebration!!!!

Here are me and my darling daughter and her fiancΓ© I will catch in a photo before they leave πŸ™‚

In the mean time…. I finished that little area on my hand quilting…

Then I rotated the quilt in the frame…

And I made a bit of progress with this new area to stitch on….

Once I finish quilting this side I plan to mark all that is quilted already on that master plan of this quilt I printed off but it is a heavy quilt! So I am not taking it out just to see I am 2/3 or more done with the quilting on this mammoth undertaking over 6 years in the finishing!!!

I also worked on the red work bowl with rolling pin that haven’t shared recently… no picture on that till next week though… Linking all this hand quilting progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<<

I just got these from my bestie…

Wool pennies in varied sizes!!!! All I have is plain black wool to make my pincushion creations with so with these I can add some zing… Thanks my Bestie ❀

She also sent some other goodies in the box with these pennies….

I am sew blessed to have her in my corner All The Time πŸ™‚ Her birthday is just the day before mine too! Usually we celebrate together but this year with my fam coming we are celebrating together in the autumn …

Brandi and Molly = LOVEπŸ₯°
My sewing room turned guest room for the week πŸ™‚

I hope you have a blessed weekend and if you are in America… Happy birthday!!!! πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸ§¨πŸŽˆπŸ€© And Happy Birthday to me!!!