Happy Sunday Friends! Come on in :)

I saw the above image from one of my friends on Facebook. I saved it to share with y’all!

It has been a steadily busy week in North Carolina mountains here πŸ™‚ Although we have weedeated… our yard this week Rick mowed and weedeated… the first official mow of the season is so exciting.. taking Molly out for walks on a flat lawn… warm air circling around us… I love it here πŸ˜€ A few pics of our yard for you then on to my stitching progress !

Our front flower bed…
Our azalea…. it’s best year so far for blooming πŸ˜€
A close up of those fuchsia pink blooms and a bee too!

We have irises about to bust open in bloom too…. from the bulbs we bought in bulk last autumn. I am excited to share them hopefully next week! We have no freezes left in the forecast… so maybe they will bloom!

I am walking outside 1/2 mile most every day with my fave neighbor Theresa…. we enjoy spending time outdoors and chatting and my stability and stamina are increasing with each walk!

Now for my slow stitching progress…linking all the stitching I am sharing to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching crew HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is up to!

Here are the finished embroidered and ready when the others I am working on are done…. Napkins for my son and his wife….

I have 5 more in process of being finished and in for their final washing and pressing before sending them off in the mail to the lucky couple! This is their last initial … a cursive C …. which was their choice of monogram for these napkins!

Next up is my dad’s quilt….

I have 12 motifs done now of 48 needed before working on the outer edges … and binding!

Here is the bias binding I made for this quilt too!

I plan to spend more time on this quilt this week than the Purple Heart quilt to get er done! My dad has an infection in his knee… he had surgery this past week to clean it all out now he is on antibiotics IV at home for the next month… I want this quilt done in 1 month from now! Pray for his safe healing πŸ™‚

Next up is the Purple Heart quilt…. last week I worked hard to roll it down… now I am at this motif….

Between the 1st & 2nd pinwheel is where I am here but I have moved over to finish the top of the 2nd pinwheel for later today πŸ™‚

Our fave neighbors’ new home is almost done! They ordered the Essex Linen in “sunshine” for me to make them a set of napkins! πŸ™‚

Also to give my hands rest when quilting I am fashioning new pillow shams for our bed… I just started on the tops…. but got most of it cut out of figured…. come back next week and I will show you but I am using the leftover hst’s from the table runner I shared last week….

Look at how beautiful!
My bestie did the best job on this table runner!!!!

Things continue to stay dicey for Ukraine though so far they are prevailing to keep their country mostly…. please pray for this country and these people!

Thanks for visiting me and my blog… I appreciate your time reading what I am up to … now leave me a comment on your fave part of this post so I can focus more on what you each enjoy on future posts πŸ™‚ Don’t forget… find a hidden blessing in each of your days too!

7 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Friends! Come on in :)

  1. Deb A

    So glad you are able to get out walking and with a friend makes it even better! You are settling right into the new home and making it your own. Always fun when the yard blooms again after the winter. Your Dad’s quilt is just beautiful and I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the new shams. Enjoy your week.


  2. Gretchen

    Your azalea’s look beautiful, so bright and cheerful! For some reason I can’t grow them here at my home. Your dad’s quilt is coming along, I hope you can have it finished in a month. Praying for healing for him, I hope he’s a cooperating patient. Have a great week with lots of happy stitching!


  3. Karrin Hurd

    I’ll keep your dad in my prayers. Your yard is looking fantastic, as are your napkins and quilting! After some much needed rain last week, I need to get out in the yard and get the back mowed, some more beds need weeding, plus I got a bunch of new begonias at our meeting last week sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be planted. Hope you have a great week Kathi!


  4. kimsharman7440

    How fabulous you are out and about walking with your friend, soaking up all that spring loveliness. It looks as if spring is blooming beautifully. How cosy your dad’s quilt looks in the round quilt. Love the motifs you are quilting.


  5. karenfae

    so glad you are now able to get out for walks something I’m sure some time ago you didn’t think would ever be possible! all of your quilting looks great the plants outside too – it is fun to grow things isn’t it and planting more will be nice too.


  6. Jill

    Azaelas and irises are fav spring flowers. That’s great you can do half mile walks. Lots of stitching going on as usual. The plaid binding is perfect for your dad’s quilt. May he continue to heal.



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