March.. in like a lamb :)

Happy March my bloggy friends… I hope you are all well and praying for Ukraine or sending them strong thoughts to get them through this situation!

I have been busy filling my Pandora music bucket to earn an hour here or there of ad free music! lol And sewing and quilting and now starting a new project too… come on let’s chat 😀

And since I was planning a Hand-ie week I decided to fancy my nails Sunday after blogging 😉 WE have had the windows open here most of the last of the week and I am in short sleeves writing this! Unheard of for me in early March! lol

Then I scribed with my water erasable pen…. cross hatching and triangles within the pinwheel leafs…

I love this quilt and think it will be a fave of ours on our bed when finished… here is our bed today….

It has a quilt I designed and made come to life using our fave color pallette… it is machine pieced but all hand quilted too 😀

Comparing the two is not comparing similar quits even.. this will give us a new vibe that we are looking forward to embracing… I plan to make new pillow covers for our bed pillows as well 🙂

I am linking this hand quilting and a bit more later on I’ll tell you about to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Gang HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is doing with their hands… it’s amazing each week!

I started Monday morning with a stack of blocks… I added sashing and got this…

I added a border and got this…

Then I layered it up with a thin cotton Hobbs bleached batting and I had enough of the green fabric used in the center of the blocks to use for backing and I quilted the center all by machine … took a basting victory lap around the quilt to hold down the outer edges and machine bound it too… attaching to the back once trimmed and curling up to the front… it get’s easier each time.. I have to be nice to me 😀

You can see some of the machine and outer border hand quilting…. that is my focus today is to work on that border intermittently due to my arthritis and working outside a hoop or frame anymore drives my arthritis nuts!!! lol

Here you can see it better I think… at least my machine quilting… it will shrink a bit washing and drying but we use this pretty heavily and I hope to have 1 per month in the future 🙂

So what to work on when I have projects calling out to me every time I enter my sewing room…. I start something new!

Before you know it I have enough fabric for all the 63 9 patch blocks I wanna make scrappy style for a special gift for my dad.. at his request too!

Of course there is more to this quilt than 9 patches but this is where the story begins with this quilt… I will only share some stuff too on this one as it gets pieced. This quilt top will be a blast to piece also once the table runner is hand quilted and I can get back to the Purple Heart quilt!

Here is a quick pic I took of our front porch… those ferns wintered in our backroom on a rod over the tub! hahaha We watered them less and less until hardly ever and then they started growing green fronds again all of a sudden mid winter! So we are getting them back outside now that the weather is warming some and the sun is out every day!

We have different bulbs showing greenery but no blooms yet… we did plant some itty bitty Shasta daisy bulb in some containers … we will see how they do!

This is our front door too… stop by anytime and visit for a while if you like… we love this cabin!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my blog today… and I want to share some trivia with you… March 4 was my 10th anniversary since I learned how to quilt from the girl who later became my best friend!!!

on Facebook yesterday 😉

Please leave me a message if you made it this far.. I love responding privately to messages left on my blog posts ~ and pray for Ukraine please!

13 thoughts on “March.. in like a lamb :)

  1. kimsharman7440

    I would’ve thought he hat you had been quilting for more than ten years, Kathi, as your quilting is s wonderful. Your new quilt for your bed is lovely. Those colours are beautiful. Love those tulip-like little flowers on the runnet


  2. kimsharman7440

    Oh dear……let me start again. =) What I meant to say is……I would’ve thought that you had been quilting much longer than ten years, Kathi, as your hand quilting is wonderful.The new quilt for your bed is lovely. The colours are beautiful. Love those tulip-like little flowers on the runner.


  3. Cathie J

    I like that new runner for Spring! I have arthritis in my hands also so I can’t work on one type of craft for two long. That’s my excuse for having so many different crafts in the works at one time and I am sticking to it. I love that pile of fabric squares. I can’t wait to see you work on this quilt for your dad. Enjoy your stitching in your cozy home.


  4. karenfae

    we had nice weather for some time here as well but now a chillier week is expected and next weekend down in the 20’s at night again – hope that won’t be heading your way – today storms are expected. Hope all your plants well grow well


  5. Gretchen

    Your tulip table runner is so cute! You were wise to machine bind both sides of the binding, this runner will probably be washed often while in use. Purple hearts looks so nice with the quilting. My ferns have overwintered nicely. It’s warm enough today that I’m going to take them outside and give them a good shake to rid them of some brown leaves. Happy stitching and happy therapy!!!


  6. kathyreeves

    One project dusted, and excellent progress on another, plus a start? Do you sleep?🤣 All beautiful things for your lovely home, which looks so welcoming. We were tricked into thinking we might have an early spring, then got 6 inches of snow and pretty cold temps, though they are staying above 0 this time. It was an unwelcome shock, especially since we acquired six new friends for our empty coop. Back to chores in the cold. 🐓


  7. Quilter Kathy

    Wonderful to see the quilt in the frame and the quilt on the bed! I remember when you were quilting that one!
    We still have lots of snow here, so no grass sightings yet 😦


  8. Ivani

    I love your new tablerunner Kathi and also your hand quilting.
    Your cabin looks cozy and a good place to live. Congrats on the 10th quiltaversary.


  9. Karrin Hurd

    I continue to pray for Ukraine. Congratulations on your 10th year of quilting! The quilt on your bed is gorgeous and beautiful table runner. Great looking nails too! You have been busy! Hope you have a great week Kathi!


  10. Jill

    How nice to have windows open again to let the fresh spring air in the house. Not an option in Michigan yet. A quilt for your dad is a good new project. Praying hard for Ukraine.



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