Rolled the Quilt and Start Physical Therapy soon :)

Happy Sunday my Hand-ie friends!

What is your Hand-ie Super Power???? Mine is Hand quilting and I made progress this week! I finished all the wavy lines in this wide border you see…

Rolled the frame and started marking my next ideas…

And I got all the wavy lines and the purple hearts and support stitching for that DONE!

I even put on fresh nail strips which is an all fingers on deck sort of job! YAY πŸ™‚

This pretty fuchsia is called “Showtime” by Color Street πŸ™‚

I am linking all this lovely hand-ie progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<< I plan to spend my day stitching the pretty pattern to the left of my hand in big stitch dark purple and that heart will get a special embroidery treatment though all the layers too! Come back next Sunday to see how I stitch those purple hearts in the Purple Heart Quilt I am making for our bed!

Valentine’s Day was busy and unfortunately I also had a mini seizure when talking to the nurse at my doctor’s office so once I finally got in touch with someone at my neurologists office… off to the pharmacy for my 3rd medication to treat this problem I will take twice daily… Good news is I am having no side effects to all these meds and there are still meds to reach for if I need them down the road and we just started this one. Also… my honey got me these…

Hyacinth in bloom are sooo fragrant!

The fragrance of these were so amazing I almost forgot I had had a 10 second long “laughing seizure”… I am never aware of a seizure or have an “aura” they are coming or came… I only sense peoples’ reaction to the seizure afterwards… and the nurse I was chatting with when I had it was concerned but my honey was nearby to console us both!

Rick and Molly our pooch… to my rescue!

Rick has been back to making quilt blocks….

The center one sold to a lady who ordered the one on the left but fell in love with the center one when offered all 3 as options for a birthday present for her daughter coming in March. Well Monday is a USPS holiday as it is Presidents’ Day so we will mail it out Tuesday… if you are interested in either of the other 2 they both measure 9 5/8″ square by 1 3/4″ deep and are signed by my honey with his initials and the year… $50 includes shipping in the USA 48 to you my bloggy friends! Otherwise on eBay they are plus the shipping and safe travels in our custom bought boxes πŸ˜€

My hyacinth will be planted in autumn here in our yard somewhere special… it has a baby in the pot too… so we should have 2 nice bulbs to plant in 2 separate locations!

Here was the hyacinth at last nights watering πŸ˜€

I love the gift of a potted flowering plant or green plant that is low maintenance πŸ™‚

Here are my nice straight legs…. there was still some swelling on the right leg in this pic…

I start Physical Therapy at a new place tomorrow morning and hope to work the last of the swelling off on the bike and other pt maneuvers… but I have resorted to wearing a TED hose compression stocking over my clean and dry bandage once we washed it good and put on the extra one I was sent home with πŸ™‚

So all is now well and let’s hope it stays that way… Wednesday I see the Physician’s Assistant in Chattanooga … we will see if she is happy when the dressing is removed and all is seen… I have been doing physical therapy on my own and have better bend and stretch than I expected… but so not nearly as good as I would have had if I had had p.t. all along since my immediate post op time over a week ago! I use a walker early in the morning now… a cane or nothing at home… and a cane when out and about πŸ™‚ This is much more focus forward than my first knee replacement and for that I am glad!

Here is hoping you have a wonderful week ahead and focus on this moment of this day to keep it all even flowing!

10 thoughts on “Rolled the Quilt and Start Physical Therapy soon :)

  1. Cathie J

    I am so happy to hear of your progress with you knee. Yay! Sorry about the mini seizure. Hopefull y the medication will work. Your quilt is looking great. I loved the idea of the heart at the corner of the border even before you mentioned a special finish. The flowers in that border will be pretty. Enjoy your stitching and the pretty flowers.


  2. Jill

    Such a pretty quilt to be hand stitching. It must be a joy to work on. Nice job on your nails. Certainly, you’ll meet another nice therapist. You and others around you are on top of your seizures and meds. Awesome support system. Happy quilting this week!


  3. kathyreeves

    You have really moved forward on your own with this knee, and I know you will reap the benefits of easier movement as spring and summer approach. Is hiking in your future now? You live in such a gorgeous area to enjoy that. Praying this medicine does the trick for you, glad to hear you have no side effects, that is a definite plus!


  4. karenfae

    sorry you had another seizure and more med changes – hope it works I assume they have never figured out why you are having the seizures? Scary as you can’t drive without knowing when it would happen or if they will continue. glad you are getting into PT finally – insurance companies can be so hard to work with at times. I’m sure you will be glad to be getting around so much better now after these knee surgeries and recovery is done.


  5. Gretchen

    I am so glad the insurance snafu is cleared up and you can head off to therapy tomorrow! You will be walking perfectly by April! I wish you didn’t have the seizures but I’m thankful you are able to take medication to control them. I’m also glad Rick is so willing to chauffeur you. Happy quilting!


  6. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Hand quilting is definitely your super power, and that’s a beautiful quilt you’re working on right now! I’m glad your recuperation from knee surgery is going well, but so sorry to hear about the seizure issues. I hope the new medication really helps!


  7. Karrin Hurd

    So happy your recovery is going well, but sorry to hear about the seizures being a problem again. Will keep you in my prayers. Hand quilting is definitely your super power. Happy stitching!


  8. Linda

    So glad you are recouping well. Your honey has a real gift. Those hearts on your quilt are beautiful. I’ve started my first quilt as you go quilt and I’m dreaming of the day I can sew like you!! God bless you and keep up your PT.



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