Happy Valentine’s Eve Y’all!

January flew by in a flash… and now crazy weather and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… so I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Eve today!

My knee replacement surgery Wednesday went excellent… I had to be there at 5 am… meaning getting up at 1:30 am… needless to say neither of us got much sleep and Molly stayed with our wonderful neighbors instead of being boarded so we had no worries πŸ˜€

With surgery officially starting around 7:30 am with a spinal block and nite nite medication only I was out awake and texting my honey by 10:30! I had jumped through the hoops of physical therapy department, gotten the approval of my surgeon to leave instead of staying over night and picked up my post op medications from the pharmacy all by 2 pm or so! YIPEE!!!

Now I have 2 straight legs with centered kneecaps and am working on rehab at home at the moment as we work out a snafu with insurance… I did go to the physical therapy appointment to get me started but must talk to the doctor’s office and insurance company before I go again. This was NOT a problem last knee replacement last October so unsure why the form wasn’t submitted properly this time… so Monday will be a phone day. I also need to talk to the surgeon’s office about some other stuff… so keep me in your thoughts… hoping Thursday I will by bike riding and rehabbing with Teri my fave PTA! lol

Meanwhile I have been quilting all my stressors away! I am making great progress on the Purple Heart quilt on the frame!

I finished all of the purple heart border on the bottom and rolled the frame…. the purple heart border is big stitches in a dark purple 12 wt Aurifil thread using a #7 DMC between needle that has a nice big eye and strong shaft too…. I went above and below that in the ditch with a vanilla 28wt Aurifil for stability using a #9 DMC between needle.

Now I am working on the wide floral border that all the pinwheels in the quilt center were fashioned from… there was a 20″ or so very long strip of this fabric left over and I thought it was appropriate to quilt it gently so as to see for all the future what print made the beautiful flowers that are pinwheels my best friend pieced… I only pieced the borders πŸ™‚

So I pondered the stencils I had in my stash and thought the wavy lines would work well…

The batting I am using requires quilting every 4″… I am using Hobbs Tuscany 80/20 Cotton / wool mix… I love it and NO SCRIM! So after scribing several intervals and mixtures of this stencil I went with 1 1/2″ apart at the same level across…. the bottom corners I have a different plan for πŸ™‚ So what do you think????

I also managed to get a shot of the backing on this quilt from underneath my frame! lol

I am linking this hand quilting with a roll thrown in to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching gang…. Come HERE and see what others are sharing of their own slow stitching πŸ™‚ It will open a new page so you don’t lose your place here!

While I was prepping for surgery my honey finished building a new cabinet that fits over the toilet in our guest bath or “front bathroom” as we call it.

We filled the top with extra toilet paper…. the bottom with health / wellness and nail polish strip supplies too!

Here is how it looks when you walk into this bathroom now.. it is so compact as he built it into the wall so half in the wall and half out… we will do something larger but similar in our master bath a bit later on…

With the price of wood we were happy to only spend $30 on this project and repurposing other wood to make it a finish! YAY!

Here is my good friend and neighbor Theresa… she and her hubby Jack had just bought a new puppy they named Copper after tragically losing their previous red poodle to heart failure….

Here’s a candid shot of Jack loving on Molly as they babysat while I was in the hospital…. it warmed our hearts to see this photo sweet Theresa took to calm our minds as we prepped for my surgical day ahead!

Molly LOVE LOVE LOVEs Jack… He will love on her and sweet talk her and let her lick him all over the face and ears… none of the rest of us give her free reign in that arena! lol

Now Molly is learning to be friends and play puppy style with Copper! They are making fast friends too! YAY!!!

A get well soon card from a dear bloggy friend Gretchen arrived Thursday…. it immediately made it’s way to the top of my frame so I can adore it while I stitch….

A rose gifted to me by Jack and Theresa that lifts my spirits daily πŸ™‚

And as my final photo…. the frame and my progress…. I am enjoying this one but still am clueless on any of the crimson floral fabric surrounding the pinwheels… during the next roll maybe I will figure something out or maybe YOU will have an idea!

I am listening!!!!

Whether you have a Valentine or not… do an act of kindness Monday just because and pass it forward! Thanks for visiting… please leave a comment and if you have a problem leaving a comment on this WordPress post. I have heard from 1 or 2 that they can’t easily leave me a comment… I need to know how bad this problem really is though… Thanks for helping me out ! Email me directly HERE if you have problems leaving a comment traditionally & keep your focus on the present πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Eve Y’all!

  1. Cathie J

    So sorry that you are having insurance issues with PT. They probably think it is continuing PT from the first knee instead of something new. I love those wavy lines that you are quilting on that border. It is a nice way to showcase the fabric. Molly looked quite content in her baby sitting house. I have never seen a red poodle before. It is adorable. A new friend for Molly. I like that cabinet that Rick made. Very pretty and useful. He is so handy. Enjoy your stitching and wishing you a speedy recovery.


  2. Little+Penpen

    So happy the knee surgery is behind you! And you are home and quilting! You are super woman!! Love the red poodle and love that your friends love your dog so much!! The bathroom cabinet is awesome. I like how he recessed it into the wall. I have clicked the box that saves my name, email and website, which makes commenting here a breeze. Otherwise, I think I’d have to enter a lot of info each time.


  3. karenfae

    you will be glad now to have that surgery behind you and be walking well by Summer. I hope the PT insurance problem gets fixed fast as you sure do need that. Good thing you already know what exercises you need to do but need access to the machines as well. The quilting is looking well but I would be confused with what to put on the prints as it is hard to see your markings when you are drawing on it. Neat cabinet to be part way inside the wall and such a good idea. Happy Valentines Day


  4. Deanna

    Commenting was easy! Good luck with your recovery. Isn’t modern medicine wonderful. I love all the quilting you are doing. May i suggest cross hatching in the burgundy but maybe 1 1/2 inches apart. Keep us posted on how the quilting is coming along!


  5. Jill

    That’s wonderful news that surgery is over and to think that you can get back to quilting so soon. Insurance issues are frustrating. Usually, it’s a missed billing code or something else crazy. I like the simple curvy quilting design chosen for the quilt. A busy print does not need a fancy design. Bag Balm has helped my winter chapped hands immensely. Good neighbors are priceless.


  6. Gail

    Glad to hear your surgery went well. I hope your physiotherapy gets you up and moving soon. Your dog was well cared for when you were at the hospital! Enjoy your stitching today and in the days ahead.


  7. Gretchen

    I’m glad you’re doing so well, I’m amazed how fast people recover from knee surgery these days! You’ve made good stencil designs for the newest quilt in the frame. I’m glad you are able to sit and hand quilt. Rick is so talented! Happy stitching!


  8. Karrin Hurd

    So glad your surgery went so well and you are recuperating so splendidly. Hope the insurance snafus get straightened out quickly. That cabinet in the bathroom looks like something John would do. He made most of the furniture in our house, and built a nautical cabinet in our bathroom with a porthole in it. (We have a nautical house). Hope you have a great week Kathi!



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