A busy week all around to share with you πŸŽ‰

This week has been full speed ahead all week long living in the present full on!!!!! And it all started Monday with an EMPTY FRAME…

I finished ALL the swirly hearts and edge basting Monday and cut it off the frame removing all the pieces and parts of it …. then my honey folded up the frame and finished painting second coats and cut ins… and decorating… YAHOO 🎊!!!

Here is a close up of the view I will have over my quilt frame straight on now…

While my honey was at it he gave the rest of the walls a new look taking some things down and reorganizing what was on the walls, mantle and hearth for decor!

Underneath our repurposed clock to the living room from the porch… is a new edition to our home …. this bear with laser cut deer and trees! We love it.. it was a gift from our dear neighbors πŸ™‚ Isn’t it cool!?!?!… I hope the pic shows the 3d-ness of it!

Then there is a very cool repositioning in the living room from the kitchen area too! Our Lionel Train 🀩

My honey made axles for the wheels of the base that holds the train out of my leftover empty 28 wt Aurifil thread spools that were grey already… then he stained the base and wheels a medium grey wood stain while adding plugs to the wheels he had put in place with wall anchors! The wheels that were natural wood colored from another project leftover…. the thread spools conceal the big heavy screws in the wall to hold up this heavy old train… while he also added some L brackets behind the front of the train where most of the weight is so no chance it will fall on someone or tumble down period πŸ˜€

Finally here is a look at our living area… with Molly on the recliner… one of her fave spots! I plan to make a hand quilted coverlet for her to recline on while on top of the recliner to avoid any staining on the fabric ! HAHA!!

Finally, after watching SEVERAL vids on YouTube on wide or chunky binding I cut my binding at 3 5/8″ width for 10 strips…. this was my leftovers…. less than an inch total!

Isn’t this binding perfect with this Boho Heart quilt?!

I bought this binding from a reputable buyer on eBay.. she cut 1″ wider than my 1 yard order and that kindness gave me the straightening width I needed to cut my binding the perfect size for this quilt!

I sewed the binding on leaving a generous 1/4″ of batting and backing all around following the videos and my instincts! lol I attached it on my 319w with a walking foot to the front of the quilt using fuchsia thread on top and white in the bobbin pulling a bit to the top instead of even to keep the fuchsia thread from showing through the bottom in case my line of stitching showed anywhere…. I have started hand sewing the binding down to the back now and as of yet I have had NO ISSUES WITH THIS THOUGH πŸ™‚

double fold binding with cut off triangles saved for future needs πŸ™‚

When I sewed these binding strips into one long strip… I did add washi tape at the center-point of my needle placement to help me not have to mark the binding and yet make nice straight seams and match top left and bottom right for straight binding all along! YES !!!

I also used the washi tape in a different color to mark where to stop stitching when putting my binding on as suggested in several of the videos I watched….

So today I will be slowly working on hand stitching down the binding as I have been the last couple days…

Molly and the electric heater are sidekicks in my sewing room… and I like that ! We have had snow and very cold weather this weekend….

So I will be slow stitching with Kathy’s Slow Stitching gang this weekend staying warm in the sewing room !!!! Hopefully next week I will have the next quilt in line to be hand quilted on the frame to share with you…. AND this finish completed and washed with pics to share πŸ™‚

2 other small victories this week in the sewing room…. I got the head of a messed up zipper on the remaining tape (the orange zipper is redone)… this was my first time to figure this out! And I worked a bit on the tulip table runner parts too πŸ˜€

Until then I wish you warmth and sunshine, happiness with your slow stitches too no matter how slow or fast they are 😊

I look forward to reading comments from you if you choose to leave me nuggets of fun to read too!

11 thoughts on “A busy week all around to share with you πŸŽ‰

  1. Cathie J

    I love the wall and mantle displays in your home. It looks so cozy. Enjoy your stitching. I am looking forward to seeing the next quilt that you will be working on.


  2. SC Quilter

    Everything looks so nice around the cabin! Loving the train shelf! Oh My! You finished your hand quilting. I am so far behind on commenting on your blog. I ended up getting Covid and tried to ride it out here at the house as I thought it was just brochitis, but after 8 days and a high fever, and low oxygen levels, i went to urgent care and they tested me for covid, which was positive and they packed me up for the hospital as I was having difficulty breathing. Anyway, after six days in the hospital, antivirals, antibiotics and steroids I am on the mend back at home.
    By the time I got home, dear hubby had found out he had covid, but he was not bad at all. Just tired and a low grade fever and was able to stay home and take just the vitamins. Thank God for that.
    Thank God, we had our vaccines. Here’s to hoping we don’t get that again and can pick up on crafts/quilting where I left off. Although, exhaustion has been a side effect of this covid.
    So glad to be able to be responding again!!


  3. karenfae

    so many updates going on in your house – yes it is always best to get the quilt off the frame when painting needs to be done! one time I covered mine with plastic first and then 2 old sheets when I had to finish up a wall and wasn’t near the end of a quilt and did get splotches on the sheets so glad I had the plastic layer under it all too. have fun hand stitching your binding – did you not have the right color handy for your binding that you bought it from someone? Hope your weather warms up and the storm we get mid week won’t head to you


  4. Gretchen

    Congratulations on finishing the quilting! Hopefully the hand binding will go well. Rick is doing such a great job of painting, you guys are really making this your ‘own’ home. I look forward to the new quilt in the frame next Sunday, happy stitching!


  5. Karrin Hurd

    Congratulations on your quilt finish. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt too. The train shelf looks great. I have an old train up in my living room that used to be John’s father’s. Happy stitching!



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