Starting out 2022 with some reorganization !

My honey and I decided our bedroom needed reorganizing… it had been the hiding place for all things we were unsure of where to put… so this week we tackled… the bedroom!

Above is our bed now cadi-cornered into the bedroom… and below is an overview of the room now.

Notice my new built in desk on the left? That was going to be a table top for another purpose…. but my honey then reconfigured the legs and whah lah! I got a great and sturdy desk in our bedroom and not in eyeshot of the hallway! (I do tend to be a bit of a clutterbug at my desk and in my sewing room)…. see down the hall now?

Clean, tidy and the hall is also redecorated some 😀 Do ya like our “artwork” wall of fabric hangings…. 2 of those are quilts I helped make with my bestie too 😀

Here is a better view of the chest of drawers and our monthly calendar of everything… we are not digital on this yet! lol

All our house plants are thriving ! We are so thankful to our neighbor that gifted them to us and feel blessed to also call her and her hubby friends!

I have been hand stitching this week in between cleaning and reorganizing… have you?

In this photo below… you can see I only have the end of this row to finish and then only 1 more time to scribe swirling hearts stencil on the quilt before it is to be stitched and bound and washed and gifted!

Here is where I will spend the day Sunday finishing then rolling down the quilt when done for scribing the final patterns from the stencil…

Linking this Slow Stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<< Come see what other handy folks are up to following the link will open another tab too so you won’t lose your place here 🙂

I have also been working on bags this week!

Above is my second finished bag and below is the 3rd ready to put together now 🙂 1 more left in my list of wips (works in progress) to get made 😀

Look at this cute fussy cut center on a quilt block I saw this week on Facebook! Had to share it with you all 😀

And this meme was shared by my daughter this week…

So shine with love, winkle with kindness, and glow with hope please…. let’s get though this time in this world as friends not enemies only discussing differing views but focusing on what makes us happy ! That is my challenge to you this January!!!!

12 thoughts on “Starting out 2022 with some reorganization !

  1. Jill

    Reorganizing/decluttering this new year has been one of the things I’ve been doing also. It feels good when an area is completed. Sitting and adding stitches to the quilt is a worthwhile break in between chores. Nice progress. Another darling tote!


  2. karenfae

    it is always hard to organize a small house – I have too much stuff and would love to part with some of it – but the other person in the house doesn’t always agree!


  3. Angela Grasse

    I accept your challenge! I love focusing on the positive want to share that with everyone! Your home is beautiful. Your gorgeous quilt is almost finished, you must be so pleased with yourself!


  4. Gail

    Your bedroom looks great! Such a big job to house clean and reorganize a room but well worth the effort! We did all three bedrooms this past summer…what a job! Your heart quilt is just about done! It’s gorgeous!


  5. kathyreeves

    Happy dance coming for you in the very near future! Your rearranged bedroom looks lovely, Kathi. Plants really add to a home, don’t they?😊 I have actually been sewing a bit of something almost every day this week, which has been lovely!


  6. Cathie J

    I like how cozy your bedroom looks. I too have quilts hanging. Mine are on my landing. We also use a hanging calendar. I enjoy looking for a new one each year. Oh you are so close to finishing you beautiful heart quilt. I love the meme that your daughter found! Have a great week!


  7. Rebecca Grace

    Wow, you have been busy! I’ll admit, though — I was peeking around in those photos at the quilts you have on your bed and hanging in your hallway, and wishing I could get a full view of them. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you are quilting that heart quilt on your frame!!! Those hand quilted hearts are just the perfect complement to that pattern.



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