And all the Christmas was put away!

Hello my friends… have you taken your Christmas decorations down inside and out??? We even re arranged a few things as we were putting things back out after packing away Christmas items this week 🙂

looking down the hallway to the living room….

But here and my sewing room is where you will find me today!!!

I am sew excited with the progress I have managed this week getting Christmas put up and the quilt rolled down again…. Linking my hand quilting progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<

Meanwhile this week… I also finished this cute pouch for my daughter….

And started on a spring tulip themed table runner…

I have 4 blocks I am making then we will see how we will interlock them 🙂 FREE pattern I found online that fit my needs 🙂

So what are you spending your crazy weather doing? it was almost warm here this morning after days of frigid cold… but no SNOW here !!!!

Have a blessed week ahead and thanks for visiting!

7 thoughts on “And all the Christmas was put away!

  1. Gretchen

    I don’t put up many Christmas decorations so it doesn’t take long to put them away. I like the tulips for the table runner, she’ll be so pretty, happy stitching!


  2. kathyreeves

    All of Christmas is put away and the boxes are back downstairs. I am on to the deep cleaning I had intended to do last weekend when I had a flu bug instead. Being busy cleaning will be helpful this week. I am Hoping to get the sewing room thoroughly cleaned this week. I keep picking up a few things each day, so I might be there by the weekend.


  3. karenfae

    everything is put away except the Christmas quilt on the wall – I put it up well into December and want to enjoy it for another week or so and then I will put it away. You have a nice cozy living room but I wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably in a rocker chair – they look nice but not comfy to me to sit back and watch a movie or show – I need something soft lol


  4. Linda

    Kathi, thanks for reminding me to take down my last two outdoor light strings. Love your rocking chair. Hope you have a great week. God bless. Linda


  5. Cathie J

    All of the indoor and outdoor decorations are put away. All except the lights hanging on the house and in the bushes. I think we will wait to take them down when the 6 inches of snow melts. We will just stop turning the lights on. I like that pouch you made for your daughter. The fabrics that you chose for that table runner are very pretty. Enjoy all of your stitching!


  6. Jill

    Check – Christmas decorations are down and put away. I also did some downsizing. Cute and functional polka-dot pouch. The Dutch Treat blocks should come together just fine.


  7. Claudette

    Most of Christmas is packed up and waiting to be moved back out to the garage. I bought a new Harland for the fireplace mantle and also have the three new wool applique wall hangings that I made that I need to figure out how to pack away. But that will be later this month. My daughter, son-in-law, and two grandkids are coming to visit next week and we are all staying at a resort just north of town. It will be fun to just hang out with them. Not much stitching happening. I stitched a little tonight on my pumpkin blocks and hand pieced some hexagon stars earlier this last week while we were on the road to and from MS. Will probably take the stars with me this week, too. Your house looks so nice and cozy.



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