And a Happy New Year is 2022!

This year I have decided to go back to a goal word for the year and if you noticed my new topper on my blog…. you know my word is Focus on the Present… this will be my closing each week here too!

So I woke yesterday (01/01/22) and focused on the “present” of my Hand Quilting….

I finished the crazy cross hatching in the heart on this row… then moved out and finished the swirly hearts of the neutral background!

Once it was dry I rolled it down and look!!!! All the top of the last 1/4 of the quilting to do is now visible completely!!!!

Sew Exciting…. Sharing this magnificent progress at Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching where I am proud to show off a whole row of slow stitching 🙂

I have worked on pouch 1 of 4 some this past week. when I wasn’t quilting…. and made another dishtowel with holder for our favorite neighbors…. but otherwise…. slow stitching here 😀

I did receive a slowly stitched item from a very dear friend….

Cathie stitched this and fashioned it into an ornament for me and my honey to enjoy year after year… Her kindness and talent will NOT be wasted around us though 😀

Rick had been working pretty steady on our side porch…

Until he reached a good stopping point….

At this point in the porch it will widen out and a shorter set of stairs will descend onto the side yard. So he put all his energy into this project….

The above photo was taken in pitch black darkness with the flash on my phone camera! lol

That is a picture of a storage closet on our screened back porch to hold my honey’s tools when not in use for safety and their protection too! And honestly we like a neat porch and tools everywhere is not relaxing… they talk to you! lol

He still has to paint all the hardware on the closet black but that shouldn’t take too long 🙂

I played around with the remaining “Wrap it up” nail strips….

And came up with this variation to keep my nails protected a few days into the new year when I will put on all fresh strips….

Actress and Comedian Betty White passed on this week in our history… in memory of her and how much I loved her I watched this movie and LOVED IT!

It also has Jennifer Love Hewitt in it and I love her and a good romance going on too! lol

So today… I will use my hands to pack up all the Christmas until Thanksgiving rolls around again… we took our snowman down day after Christmas… but the inside decor will be down today… and work on pouches and hand quilt… and focus on the here and now….. How about you? Do you do anything special to mark the end of a year or beginning of another?

I chose focus as my word this year from this saying but then for my life realized the here and now is what I need to focus on….

So until next Sunday….

12 thoughts on “And a Happy New Year is 2022!

  1. Gretchen

    Focus on the Present is a good goal for all of us. I know I’m prone to hurry through housekeeping then wondering where I put some of the things I put away! Your heart quilt is looking so lovely. I’ve always liked the movie the Lost Valentine, I remember when it was on TV many years ago. Happy stitching in 2022!


  2. Cathie J

    I like the idea of focusing on the present. I love the progress you’ve made on your quilt. How wonderful to be able to see the top edge. Rick is doing a great job on updating the porch. Happy New Year!


  3. karenfae

    it is nice to focus not on the past but the future – I need to not focus on the news every day! Great progress on all of your quilts and the porch – we use our porch so much for at least 6-8 months of the year that we need them nice don’t we. Today I must start to put some of the Xmas stuff away and get the house cleaned and neat – it all looks pretty but it is time to clear it out – it will take me a couple days unless I work steady at it which I know I won’t!


  4. Sandi

    I really enjoyed you post today! Your quilt is amazing. Your porch is looking great and a screened in porch is wonderful. Your word for the year is really good. I have not chosen one yet. I’ve been thinking on what speaks to me. Have a good week. Hugs,


  5. Karrin Hurd

    Love your new word, Focus, I need to concentrate on that too. I need to focus on a lot of things around here. Hope you have a great week Kathi!


  6. kathyreeves

    Happy 2022 to you Kathi! Focus on the Present is a great phrase for the year. I need to savor “now” more! Your quilt is look8ng great, how exciting to make that final? turn, and the porch is looking quite fab.


  7. Mia is mine

    Your quilt is so very colorful and lovely! I really like it! How sweet of Cathi to give you such a lovely gift! There’s nothing like handmade gifts to warm our hearts. Your husband has magic hands! Those projects are amazing! Beautiful nails – and you did them yourself! Nice! Happy New Year!


  8. Claudette

    Happy 2022! Love your word for the year. I could probably use that. You have been busy. I haven stitched much the last couple of weeks. My house is the gathering spot for all the holiday stuff. I fed 20+ family members on Dec 24, 25, and 27. I cooked all the afternoon/evening meals except the tamales for Christmas Day. My brother got those. I also smoked 2 pork butts on the 26th to eat on the 27th. I loved every minute of it. I briefly thought about taking down, but decided I wanted to enjoy it a little longer. It may be up until later in January as we have a couple of trips planned. I took the time today to prep some appliqué blocks. I’ve been in the mood to appliqué for a couple of weeks, but was too busy to do anything about it. I’m not counting it as “starting a new project” because I had all the pieces already cut out and organized, so I took the time today to pin/glue all the stems. Now I can stitch them down on our travels. There are only 6 blocks with pretty big pieces. Should be fun. Wishing you and yours a good 2022. Heaven knows we’re due!


  9. Jill

    Focus is a great word! I need to focus more as it is so easy to get sidetracked. Rick does a great job focusing on improving your house. Having tools put away reminds me of quilting/sewing tools put away when not in use make for a more inviting space. Hard to do though. May you & your family have a blessed 2022!



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