Happy Autumn Y’all!

This week since the 22nd has been cool and crisp here in North Carolina USA! In fact a few nights we have had to close up the house and turn on the heat!!!! WOWEE 40’s here they are!!!

Although warm weather will return intermittently I am anxiously awaiting sharing some wonderful autumn pics in the near future as the leaves change before falling in the Appalachian mountains we live in 😀

We have been doing some autumn cleaning and decor changing around….

The neighbor who gifted us all these beautiful plants has offered us more when we can house them! We need some macramé hangers though… are they still a thing???

Here’s an autumn quilt I made a couple years back and is a mix of machine and hand quilting …. The turkeys represent me and my honey!

My honey finished this beautiful star pattern I call a log cabin star but it is the lemoyne star with a neat background pattern framed and hangs by a wire because it is 21″ square! My best friend bought it! YAY

He completed this Bear Paw / Claw pattern and it is for sale locally or on eBay HERE …. it is 9″ square or 12 3/4″ diagonal measurement and has a picture hanging hook on the back for easy hanging in your home.

Then he decided to try a 3 dimensional block and made a card trick block 12 1/2″ square! I really like it… someone is due to buy it today!

His next focus is to make a 3 dimensional bear claw block after liking how the card trick came out… Bear Claw block seems to be his most popular atm.

When I haven’t been helping him with wood quilt blocks …. I finally finished quilting the Get Well Soon quilt and am planning to try attaching the binding using THIS tutorial I found from Julie Cefalu online.

The binding is a grey patterned binding that will finish this quilt nicely… that binding fabric is from my bestie’s stash some time ago… so I am happy to have her love into it too since I will be in the hospital alone during my stay due to Covid restrictions. So far my date for surgery for knee replacement #1 (left) is set for October 27. I am excited and nervous at the same time but the excitement definitely wins out as I am tired of being limited and in pain 24/7!

I have made lots of progress on hand quilting too….

And I have rolled the frame to finish the rest of what I had marked but couldn’t reach 🙂

I am linking all this fun and creative hand quilting to Kathy’s Slow Stitching crew at Kathy Quilts HERE <<< It is a fun spot to link up your progress each Sunday and see what others are up to!

Now … I need your help. I want to make this pattern into a bed runner for our neighbor that gifted us the plants next up on my to do list… once I tackle that machine binding… and hand quilt it….

Anyone used a Doug Leko design before?? It is a free pattern to see how you like his designs I guess… so I have downloaded it and plan to peruse it today. AFTER I tackle that binding….

So they have a queen bed… I am figuring 24″ x 80″ for a bed runner??? What do you all think? I have never made one before! lol I will be using my stash and have the beige background aplenty already I had set aside for another project that has gone by the wayside for the background and I will pull natural tones for the cross bars of the design. I just need feedback on the size I guess for a nice cozy finish… they picked the design from several ideas I shared with them.

I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons… Spring in the south of the world and Autumn in the north… Thanks for visiting and please let me know if you have dimensions for a queen bed runner!

10 thoughts on “Happy Autumn Y’all!

  1. Gretchen

    I LOVE the wooden quilt blocks your husband made, they’re beautiful! I suggest you make a practice placemat with the pattern. You’ll know better what you’re doing and won’t use the special fabrics. I think macamre (however you spell it!) is coming back, I’m seeing renewed interest in hobbies from the 70’s. Have a lovely week!


  2. karenfae

    I used to love the macrame hangers and used to make them back in the 70’s but haven’t used them or seen them in years. Good luck on the bed runner – I have seen them but kind of wonder why make them – lol what are they good for? this coming of course from someone who mainly makes bed quilts so they can be used – someone will be able to help you. Glad your surgery is still scheduled maybe by the end of October Rick will be able to be in the hospital to sit and wait with you. Love his wooden quilt squares


  3. Cathie J

    I love those wooden quilt blocks. If he makes another Card Trick or Lemoyne star I will be buying it! The finished quilt is so pretty. It will keep you company when you can’t have a loved one with you. I can understand the excited nervousness. Just keep busy (it seems that you always are) and the surgery day will come and go quickly and you will be on the mend.


  4. Karrin Hurd

    We are still in the 90’s. I am looking forward to cooler weather. I love those wooden quilt blocks. My daughter gave me a small macrame hanger yesterday, she got it at Home Goods. Don’t know if you have those where you live though. Hope you have a great week!


  5. Jayne Honnold

    What a fun and informative post! You sure do keep busy!! 🙂 Your hubby’s woodworking is gorgeous! And I love that you quilt on a frame. Mine has been in storage for too long! Happy quilting!!


  6. kathyreeves

    Your hubby’s wood projects are wonderful, no surprise they sell so quickly! I made a bed runner several years ago. The blocks were 12 inches finished with 2 inch borders, and it fit my queen bed nicely. Here’s the link that has a photo…https://livinginrapidcity.wordpress.com/2018/01/08/christmas-quilting/


  7. Jill

    It is time to fall decorate. I like the buffet/side table that your decorations are on. Wood quilt blocks are NICE! Certainly they will sell. Wish I could advise on queen-size quilt runner, however, I have no experience on that kind of thing nor with the pattern maker. You’ll figure something out!



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