Happy September to you!!!

I truly do hope this new month brings you all the energy you need and deserve!!!

It has been a busy week including a drive through the mountains where we stopped at an overlook and saw THIS beautiful site….

But mainly we have been home this week. Rick is cleaning out his outbuilding… and I have been slow stitching and machine quilting ๐Ÿ™‚

Rick has decided that the outbuilding that came with our home is simply not durable to last like this cabin is so we are planning the building of a new and improved out building next year when wood prices HOPEFULLY return to normal.

I am machine quilting on block 20 out of 30 blocks of the Get Well Soon quilt now!!!!! YAY!!! I am also tentatively set to have surgery on my left knee the end of this month too… but Covid numbers in Tennessee where I am having the surgery continue to rise so we shall see… it may get put off til October!

I also got to chat with my granddaughter and got this fresh pic of her and one with her dad too (my son)… my daughter in law does a GREAT job at keeping us in touch when I am missing her! She is 2 1/2 now ๐Ÿ™‚

Most every morning starts with some slow stitching on Debbie’s Boho Heart quilt though…. I just finished the cross hatching in the heart part of this row and am back to the loopy hearts in the background….. I am really enjoying this hand quilting….

Just before doing the cross hatching in the heart…
The cross hatch in the heart and beyond back to the heart loop design in the negative space.

And an overview of the frame where I am now….

Notice my phone holder is close by as are my headphones for music and Youtube viewing as I stitch

Linking all this slow stitching loveliness to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<<

I love this meme made from a song sung by Tim McGraw… take time to look out for each other y’all!

And fashioned on a phone app for my blog sign off… a new closing…. Now off to have coffee and stitch and play with Molly too!

14 thoughts on “Happy September to you!!!

  1. Kim Sharman

    I love Tim McGraw’s song Humble and Kind! The words always touch my heart. Your Boho Heart quilting is amazing; you are such a wonderful hand quilter, Kathi. Your little granddaughter is adorable; and that dress….so sweet. Hopefully the date stays the same for your knee surgery and you don’t have to wait


  2. Gail

    Your boho heart is gorgeous! Cute grand-daughter! I hope we can all kick COVID to the curb soon so we can see our families and friends again. Hope your surgery goes ahead and goes well.


  3. SC New Quilter

    Your BoHo heart is coming along superbly and such a lovely grand-daughter. Mine is 16 and lives in California, so we have to do the video chat thing, but her mom and my son are good about it. She is the typical teenager. Would rather be out with friends. She is a music prodigy….not too many instruments she can not play, just like her dad. Me, I can not play a single one. Now, my grandmother, she played piano and organ by ear. I hear sometimes these things skip generations.
    I will be so glad when this Covid is finally over. I am praying you get your knee surgery when it is scheduled and there are no more delays. Have a wonderful week. Much quilty love my friend from SC.


  4. Little Penpen

    What a cute granddaughter! Annabelle and I FaceTime almost everyday. Sheโ€™s into games on the phone now, so we play a lot of games together, with lots of giggles. The BOhO heart is gorgeous!! I admire your focus and drive! You get a lot done.


  5. karenfae

    cute granddaughter! hope you get your knee surgery at the end of the month – I wonder for all that need procedures done how long they will put them off. The hospitals are so crowded – my sister’s mother in law had to wait 36 hours for a Cardiac Care Bed in NW Arkansas this weekend before she finally got it – elderly, heart problems and failing kidneys – at least they let them take turns staying with her as she has dementia and was very confused, someone had to be with her all the time. And she didn’t have Covid – so many do not realize that with all the covid patients that people that have always needed to be admitted to the hospitals are being put on hold in ER’s and the laying in the ambulances until they can get them into the ER


  6. Claudette

    Glad you are getting out and about. Nothing like a beautiful drive through the mountains. I ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• your heart quilt and the loopy hearts!


  7. Cathie J

    Your granddaughter is adorable. I love that scenic view. Boho heart is looking great! I hope that your surgery can go as planned, though it is better to stay out of a hospital when there is a COVID surge. Best wishes. Have a wonderful week.


  8. Ivani

    Lovely hand quilting, Boho Heart will be gorgeous.
    Hope you can have the knee surgery soon and the cases of Covid decrease near you.
    Stay safe and have a blessed week.


  9. Jenny Benton

    Your hand quilting on the heart quilt is looking good! And what a little cutey your granddaughter is. You will be wondering, will it, wont it go ahead for your surgery, guess its wait and see at this stage.


  10. Melisa

    Such a beautiful quilt you are working on Your granddaughter is a cutie pie. I hope find out news on when your surgery will be soon and all goes well. Have a wonderful week.



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