I love seeing quilts go to the homes they were meant to!!!

Last week I shared that black and batik quilt Connie has made and I had hand quilted some of. Here is Janet our friend on her porch snuggling the quilt….

And to see it on her bed in it’s new forever home…

With those kind of pictures and nice words of loving the quilt Connie made and I quilted most of…. I focused on finishing the other quilt I was making into a flimsy and I won!

I am excited to get this on the quilt frame this week too… it will be hand quilted πŸ™‚

Now head over to Kathy’s Slow Sunday stitching crew to see what everyone already has in their post to share !!!!

If you are wondering too I did work on the whole cloth but not much and no photo as I wanted to finish this flimsy….

Meanwhile my honey worked on sanding off the worn parts and re-varnishing our front porch swing….

That is about it for us! Have a wonderful week y’all!

12 thoughts on “I love seeing quilts go to the homes they were meant to!!!

  1. Kim Sharman

    Connie’s quilt is beautiful. Her smile says it all, really. LOVE your beautiful heart! It is going to look amazing after you have hand quilted it. Oh, to sit on your porch and swing on the seat….sounds rather like bliss to me.


  2. Ivani

    Janet will treasure her new quilt forever. The heart quilt is beautiful. Happy slow stitching and enjoy sitting on your porch. Happy new week.


  3. Gretchen

    I’m sure this quilt for Janet means a lot to her. It will bring a smile to her face whenever she looks at it. Is the heart quilt intended for someone or are you keeping this beauty? You did a great job enlarging the quilt to the needed size, you can’t tell it at all! Happy stitching!


  4. Cathie J

    I love the stars you added to that heart quilt. Your friend really seems to love that quilt. What a wonderful gift. That porch swing is gorgeous! Have a great week!


  5. karenfae

    I’m sure your friend enjoyed receiving her quilt it looks perfect on her bed. Love that swing on your screened in porch – for me I would add a nice big stuffed cushion to seat on and pillows – then I could fall asleep on it πŸ™‚


  6. Joann Beam Loveless

    Loved your blog! The quilt is so beautiful on the bed and wrapped around your friend! Her smile tells how much it’s loved!



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