Welcome Y’all! It’s Summer here πŸ€©

Summer Solstice happened this week in the USA!!!!

Now some parts of the US are under weather advisories for how hot they are… rain and tornadoes are affecting some of the middle and we are just moving into summer at our home. Lower humidity but plenty of heat.

I got my Pulmonary Function Test done and the result preliminarily was much better than my last one 4 years ago!!! YAY πŸ™‚ So North Carolina is good for my lungs!

I got the first pin cushion I made stuffed and finished another one…

So in learning to make these pin cushions… I think the top one was a bit big … yet the bottom one was a bit small… so I have make another “shell” to embroider and thinking it will be “JUSt right” for selling! YAY 😊

As for the whole cloth quilt…

Making my way across Right to Left….
All the colors are in place…
All that remains before I move to the border….

I am sew excited for this progress on the whole cloth you all! It is just amazing to me that I finished this much this week! I have a picture of the whole quilt… next week I will share that with highlight on what I have actually finished…. hopefully I will get time that is…. Linking all this fun hand stitching progress to Kathy’s Quilting HERE <<< where she is celebrating Summertime in Canada there πŸ˜€ Come SEE!!!!

I got the most rad pair of shoes this week as previously owned but besides a bit of lace repair needed… the shoes fit awesome! They are running shoes by Brooks!

These are for my birthday coming up next weekend…. My daughter Brandi and her man Timmy are planning to visit next weekend to celebrate too! I am sooo excited 🎈πŸ₯°

So I hope to see y’all all back here next weekend as America celebrates it’s Independence!!!!πŸ§¨βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

11 thoughts on “Welcome Y’all! It’s Summer here πŸ€©

  1. Cathie J

    I have been amazed at how quickly you are quilting that whole cloth. It is beautiful! Your pincushions are great! Enjoy your visit with your daughter!


  2. Gretchen

    I love your new shoes, they’ll be lovely to break in after the knee surgery. So glad you got a good report from the test.

    Your whole cloth quilt is absolutely beautiful! Adding the colored thread just make this quilt your own design. Everyone has their own preference for size in pincushions. I personally like the small size best. Happy stitching!


  3. karenfae

    I hope you will be putting those shoes to good use this fall after your knees heal up – well of course one knee at a time of course. I bet the longer since it has been that you smoked the better the lung function will be – it has been awhile now hasn’t it?


  4. Karrin Hurd

    Lovely pincushions and gorgeous quilting! So glad your pulmonary functions are better! Happy Birthday and sounds like a great time with your family!


  5. Kim Sharman

    So……will we see you running everywhere now?? =) Cute pincushions and your whole cloth quilting is amazing.


  6. Little Penpen

    Happy to read your pulmonary function tests were good! We just returned from Bryson City from a quick visit with family. I had forgotten how clear the air feels there. I could actually enjoy the porch at 81 degrees. It’s too humid in eastern NC for that. Your pin cushions look great!



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