Lots of Hand Work to share this week!

And Happy Father’s Day to all you dads…. I don’t generally get much email from men who are dad’s that read my blog … but I have a dad and my kids had a dad ….

This week I only have a few photos but handwork has been the name of the game this week!

Here is the close up I shared last week of my ending progress on Saturday eve…

And now look where I was on Tuesday!!!!

All the buds and the flower finished and even some progress on leaves!!!

So now last night before heading to bed I snapped this shot!

Not just 1 flower but 3 flowers and sooo many more leaves too!

Besides making progress on the colorful flowers and such… I made progress on the background too… sew much so … I may reposition it this week in my frame!!!! YAY!!!!

My other project was to fashion a wool coat I had been given into pin cushions… Here is my 1st one in the making….

I should finish and be ready to stuff the pin cushion to share with you all next week end… it will be going up for sale though πŸ˜‰ Just a fun way to use my embroidery and sewing skills and create something to offset my spending! HAHAHA

Linking this handwork to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching crew HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is up too… so much kind of needle and handwork is shared πŸ™‚

Here are some 1/2 yard cuts I got at a GREAT price from the Fat Quarter Shop after finding the top one on Etsy but didn’t buy it when I saw it then they sold out… not finding it anywhere else I asked the seller about the credentials of this fabric and went online to my computer search engine and found it at a better price at FQS! YAY!!!!

This will make me a fresh new wallet wristlet πŸ˜€

My honey hasn’t been lazy while I have been so busy either! He vacuumed ever nook and cranny of our cabin when we had a spider issue (little ones and not poisonous)… then sprayed inside and outside while I kept Molly close… she wanted to her her Daddy! lol He also finished the exterior doors on our back porch!!!!!

I LOVE how they turned out! We spend lots of time out here too ❀
Can you see this???

My honey also noticed something moving in our back / side yard … this was the best I could get the pic… but it is a doe … a very large doe at that!!! She ate from our neighbors plants … now she didn’t find much our side/ back yard so she went back to our neighbor’s cabin and then left he said… meanwhile I was napping…. bummer to missing seeing her in person.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday! I have a pre op test for my lung function on Friday… keep me in your thoughts that it goes well please! Meanwhile… you have an awesome week ahead too πŸ₯°

8 thoughts on “Lots of Hand Work to share this week!

  1. Gretchen

    I love your quilting! The details you’re adding make this quilt a treasure! The pincushion is lovely, you should be able to get a lot of pincushions out of a wool coat. The embroidery looks wonderful against the black fabric. I’ll definitely keep you in prayer for Friday morning. This is a normal test, right?, a test that needs to be done before your knee surgery? I hope you have lots of happy stitching this week!


  2. Karrin Hurd

    Lovely stitching on your pincushions. Hope your test goes well! I always love seeing your whole cloth stitching. Hope you have a great week!


  3. Jenny Benton

    Best wishes for your lung function test, these sort of things always have us feeling a little anxious, dont they, hope all goes well for you. Your hand quilting is growing nicely.


  4. Cathie J

    You have made a whole lot of quilting progress. I can’t wait to see those pincushions. I can just make out that doe. Lovely doors.



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