Whole Cloth Love !!!

Since taking the whole cloth out of the frame to view progress… I have had barely a day go by that I haven’t worked on it this week … lol!


Here it is back into the pvc frame… I could put it in my big Hinterberg frame but this is easier to manage and move about too! I had to reimagine that flower as all the blue lines over the years had disappeared but otherwise I just needed to darken some up for stitching.

In just a few days I had all these lines added in and completed down to the extended diamonds where I add the circle buttons in colors.

Then I started adding color….

And this is where I am TODAY!!!

I changed my nail polish this week too… Back to my honey’s fave… Glamsterdam by ColorStreet….

But in even more exciting news… I finally hog tied myself to finish that cushion for our front porch rockers!

And to see them both on there together….

Y’all! I am sew happy this is a done checkmark in my book… ready for company or us or neighbors who like to drop by! YAY!!!!

Linking all this handwork *yes there is plenty of hand work in those cushions too* to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching crew HERE <<<< Come see what all everyone is linking up!

Look how beautiful our begonia is blooming and looking …. I am enjoying this plant way more than expected!!!!

And here is our cabin from the gravel road out front…

And easier to make it out once we pulled in the driveway and caught this shot…

I love our little cabin in the woods…. and I love our screened in porch too! That is where we spend lots of time. Rick has been working on the double doors that lead out to the back porch as the cabin is almost 20 years old and it is time for maintenance that hasn’t been done as the house settled so he took the doors off cleaned them meticulously and rehung them (they never even used a shim to set them prior) properly! Then he painted the outside of the doors our trim color….

This week he will work on the screen doors and get them back on with black hardware and also hang them more properly too…. once painted the same tan color as the exterior doors are πŸ™‚

See the ramp above he built me so I can access this beautiful back porch and nature so easy now with my knee issues! I love it ❀

Speaking of my knee issues… we both continue to lose weight and are remaining keto and low carb happy. You can see some of that weight loss in my new profile picture I added to this blog today πŸ™‚

I will leave you all with this…. as someone needs to hear this as I did in the past and try to remember today too….

9 thoughts on “Whole Cloth Love !!!

  1. Kim Sharman

    Your whole cloth quilting is looking beautiful, Kathi. Wow…all that amazing quilting! Those rockers with your new cushions fashioned by you look comfy. I can imagine sitting there with a cup of tea in hand just looking out to the front yard and resting. My goodness what a difference all the hard work your husband has done on your cabin makes. Your little cabin is beginning to sparkle, isn’t it.


  2. Little Penpen

    The cabin is looking so cozy and pretty!! You guys definitely have an eye for detail and sprucing up. Your wholecloth is coming along nicely; what an heirloom it will be. That color on your nails is very pretty. Glad Keto is working for you; you must feel so much better. Good job! I linked up with Kathy’s blog today, too. Make sure you visit to see what I’ve been doing. πŸ™ƒ


  3. Gretchen

    Yeah for weight loss!!! That has to be helping your knees even without surgery yet. I’m stopping in if I ever get to your neck of the woods. We’ll sip coffee on your beautiful porch and I definitely want to see your whole cloth quilt in real life. Have a wonderful week with lots of peaceful quilting!


  4. kathyreeves

    The cabin has shaped up beautifully, Kathi. You and Rick have done a fantastic job taking those excellent bones to a whole new level! That screened porch must be amazing I. The early mornings and evenings…and no mosquitos. πŸ™‚ Your weight loss is showing in your face, and ai bet your knee is loving it, even without the surgery.


  5. Jill

    Very nice whole quilt progress. Coincidence, I had a nice wood quiling frame (by Grace) and then discovered the PVC frame suited me just fine. Cabin in the woods is quite inviting. I took a clase on making box cusions. Not the funnest thing to sew. Your weight loss is visible. Good job!


  6. AnnieO

    Wonderful things you’re sharing today. Love your cabin, what a treasure to have that. Thanks for the reminder to Rest. I always try to remember, “NO”– is a complete sentence.


  7. Linda Walker

    Hi Kathy, Everything about your blog today has soothed my very being. God truly blessed me when I found you my friend. Your little cabin home touches my soul. I also enjoy the tips & pointers you share. I’m convinced you’ve probably forgotten more things than I will ever know about sewing. You amaze me. Thanks for this blog I pray you have a blessed day, today & always.



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