June is coming in hot and muggy in NC, USA!

But we did get some rain so we didn’t have to water as much! lol We also have buds on both our rose bushes… we have a mini rose bush and a yellow regular sized rose bush… I am excited each day to see if any have opened 😀

Molly did get her groom on this week too… and though she was tired afterwards … she felt much better! And looked great too! She is a Poo-Shih mixed breed and is full of personality!!!!


The whole cloth quilt has been my focus this week in the end….

I finished all where I was working and decided since it extended a tad further in that last pic above …. I would could that section too before taking full photos of the quilt in progress….

For some reason I didn’t take an after shot when I quilted the nickel sized circles I am showing in the far right photo… darn… but you get the idea… it was finished 🙂

Above is the best photo I could get overall of the quilt as I didn’t want to take it outside … it was just too bright…

Below is a better close up of the finished center part…. the top ribbon that is “cut off” is not… it is not quilted yet! lol

Above you can see the backing and the corner of the quilt…. but not how I addressed the bottom of the quilt corners exactly so I took this photo for you all…

And here are a couple photos I snapped of our living room and how my frameS fit in our small cabin living room 😉

My honey has been working on the outbuilding and the back porch this week… it is coming along…

The shelf on the wall he painted dark grey and totally blends in to the wall now.. we plan to have a outdoor-safe cabinet there in the future but for now >> it works… and the second photo shows the daisy we got this week and the fern we brought from out front to out back… we replaced the fern out front with a beautiful ivory begonia 🙂 I went shopping outdoors with my honey and Molly for the plants! It was fun 😀

Above is where my focus will be on Sunday as I spend time stitching… unless the heat relents… then I may grab my red work and finish that bowl… I think I will add a little daisy to it 😀 Thanks for all the feedback!!!

I am linking all this progress on the whole cloth to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching crew… see what handy work everyone is up to by following the bold link 😀

Thanks for stopping by and if you leave a comment so I know you stopped I would be most happy too 🥰 Be good to you this week!

7 thoughts on “June is coming in hot and muggy in NC, USA!

  1. Kim Sharman

    Your whole cloth quilting is amazing! Wow….such detailed quilting. How wonderful it is hot there and that the roses are beginning to bloom. I must say your porch looks like the perfect place to sit and have a long, cool drink, on a hot summer’s day. Your husband is doing a brilliant job with all that he is doing.


  2. Gretchen

    Your quilting is wonderful! Thanks for showing the quilt! Your quilting frame looks handy, I guess I had thought you had a Grace frame like mine. Your house looks so cozy, I love the log cabin look. Have a wonderful week!


  3. designoriginalsbykc Post author

    Thanks for visiting Gretchen… I have a PVC frame and wooden hand crafted Hinterberg frame ….I am pondering this one on the Hinterberg as I can easily move across after seeing the while quilt…. hmmm… I may for the top half we shall see or I may chug away on the smaller PVC frame… I can move it outside when the sun is out there too! which adds some fun to the frame usage. Our cabin in the woods is our favorite place we have lived yet and though my honey says we won’t move again… I bet we do because we have added soooo much value to this home already with the revisions we are making! Time will tell… meanwhile I need to finish smallerizing a cushion for the front porch rocker… straighten my quilting room… and get back to the Boho project now… so we will see how much quilting gets done on the whole cloth this week! lol Hope you can somehow make your quilt in the frame more fun to finish! Kathi


  4. karenfae

    I wouldn’t keep moving just because of adding value to the house – you are making it so you like it for you so why bother to move again if you like where you are and how you added to the house?
    I wondered why you are not using your larger frame for the wholecloth but I see you answered Gretchen on that.


  5. Cathie J

    I love how your whole cloth quilt is coming along. It is so pretty. Your living room and porch look very welcoming.



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