Happy Mother’s Day 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms and thanks for all you do DAILY!!

Because my son recently got married I virtually saw all my kids recently… so if I don’t hear from them today specifically… I won’t be sad … I am a blessed mama of 4 beautiful grown kids who each have their own ideas about life 😀 THIS pic I asked for and got during that event! THIS makes me happy!

This week has been a great week for focus on different things since we have been home! Low carb eating and stitching and adding curb appeal to our front yard! Busy , Busy , Busy!

Since May 1 I have not had a piece of bread, processed foods with hidden bread, potatoes, starchy veggies, muffins.. I did have a high fiber tortilla a couple times in the first few days of this new way of eating we are trying out…. I am hoping to take some weight off before I see the knee specialist end of the month…. if I can I think they will agree to do my knee repairs soon. Last night I made eggplant lasagna from THIS YouTube video … it was delicious with my honey’s spaghetti sauce as the meat sauce 🙂

This was my first time having eggplant too and I LOVED it!

We are still stumbling along collecting new groceries and herbs and other properties to eat to keep us satisfied with healthy choices. Do you eat keto or low carb? Do you have any tips for us as we admit to and appreciate this way of eating??!! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below… I will be answering each personally & privately!

This week I have been enjoying Moon River glittery grey color on my nails….

I took these beauty shots of our home on Monday…

Then my honey decided it was time to add some pizzazz to the front of our home. So he is installing shrubs … cleaning out the plant beds that held overgrown shrubs he painstakingly removed and discarded….

I love the 3 ferns we found big and fluffy to add to the railings…. and 2/3 of the plants are now in the ground!

We plan to pick up some more mulch to add to our variety of shrubs, lilies, hostas, and a yellow rose I wanted for the yard and for mother’s day… it may not do much this year but next year I can have yellow roses anytime! I do miss fresh flowers in the house from our Topton days! lol

While my honey has been working outside I have been keeping things up inside and have been busy busy busy!

Above you can see I have really focused on the Colorful Whole Cloth Quilt I pulled out of the forgotten projects… I have it set up on my PVC frame my honey made me… as it was all pin basted and it is easiest to quilt it now with it 1/3 quilted or more from the center out.

I also picked up hand stitching a new project… it is a secret project at this point though so I will just give you a sneak peek…

Linking all this hand stitching fun to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching group of bloggers HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is stitching all over the world!

As I have been stitching and coming up with keto recipes and learning low carb healthy eating ideas on YouTube … I have also been listening to books on Audible and finding fun songs… HERE is a link to a funny Bruno Mars song called the Lazy Song… makes you wanna dance to the beat.

All of the links in this post should open a new window so you don’t lose your place 🙂

Keep my epileptic seizures in your thoughts… my last one was a couple weeks ago (just a small one but one just the same) followed by increased medication to stop them and I haven’t had one noticed since then… I hope to be back to life as usual soon again….

Thanks for visiting!

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day 2021

  1. Jill

    Very nice Mothers Day family photo! Cozy cabin blends in perfectly with the woodsy setting. Many adjust well to low/no carb diets. Unfortunately since I’m not one of them, I can’t offer suggestions. Thankfully, seizure meds have come along way and yours seem well monitored. Your UFO is a nice project and looks relaxing to quilt with your neat and tidy stitches.


  2. Kim Sharman

    Happy Mothers Day to you, lovely Kathi. Such a lovely photo of your ‘kids’. A lot of people I know are on the Keto diet, and the weight is dropping off them. Alas, I like my carbs too much. The front of your home looks fabulous. Your husband has been working hard. Isn’t that Judith Baker Montano book a lovely one; I have it too. Enjoy your day stitching, lovely lady.


  3. Cathie J

    Happy Mother’s Day! What a great photo of your children. I love those hanging baskets on your porch. It is fun to see fresh landscaping emerge. Your Hubby is working hard. Your quilting looks great as does your embroidery.


  4. Little Penpen

    I love the photo of your kids! How special and Happy Mother’s Day! Your cabin is really transforming and I love it!! You and Rick have a good eye for making things pretty. I hope you get your yellow rose bush today. I’m happy to see the wholecloth in all it’s beautiful glory! The eggplant lasagna looks delicious; I love eggplant. Stay well and have a great day!!


  5. karenfae

    I had hopes of trying to get hubby to do a low carb diet but I have not had success – he refuses to cooperate and eats what he pleases and if I make a low carb meal and he wants bread he will get bread or whatever he wants – I give up he has to make the choices himself – he wouldn’t get eggplant lasagna no matter how yummy it might be as he refuses to eat most vegetables. – good luck in the diet change and hope you can get that knee surgery scheduled. Love the front of the house it is looking good. I have two of last years ferns growing but they are little right now – I’m tempted to buy new ones


  6. Karrin Hurd

    Happy Mother’s Day! Great picture of your kids. As usual your projects are lovely! Hope your epilepsy is better controlled soon, and good luck on the weight loss!


  7. Gretchen

    So sorry you had a small seizure, I was hoping they wouldn’t return. I’m glad the increase in medication has taken care of the problem. Every time I see someone quilting a whole cloth quilt I think of the one I have in my to be quilted closet. I just need to put it in the frame and quilt it but I have several other tops hanging in there too. For now I’ll concentrate on finishing the quilt I have in the frame. Love you ferns! Happy stitching!



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