Welcome to the last Sunday of April 2021

It has been a busy week around here…

While I stitched last Sunday my honey adjusted the light in the tobacco basket on our screened back porch…

I think it needed raising….now for the weather to straighten out so I can go out there after dinner in the evenings and enjoy it! lol

Monday afternoon I got a call that my new glasses were ready to pick up…

I really love the shop I bought them through…. they accepted my vision insurance… and the glasses came in quicker than expected 🙂 YAY!

Here is a darling pic I received this week from Heather, James’s wife where sweet Ellie is playing in the tent she received a couple weeks ago… for her upcoming birthday in May!!!

And my focus this week was to start and finish this top row!

I have worked hard all week on this among necessary household tasks and errands…. I am now on the far right side of the bottom part of the granny squares…

So today my goal is to finish the far right 4th granny square bottom and roll the quilt down so I can get the stitching finished on the top of the squares where I have marked the cross hatching there.

Why working so hard on this??? Well we are planning to see Connie this coming week… she can finish a bit of the big stitching in gold in the border then our friend who this is going to will have her binding and my stitching and her stitching too all mixed together and made with love!

Linking this loving quilt hand stitching to Kathy’s Quilts this week HERE <<<< come see all the handy crafts people are sharing today by clicking that link!!!!

I look forward to share what I work on this week… I will leave it a surprise so you will be back next week because you won’t believe what project I am cracking back open!!!

my new fave shirt…

So as we bid farewell to April.. may May bring lots of blooms and warmth to your area of the world…

To my friends in Australia and New Zealand may Anzac Day give you renewed vigor to never forget. And stay warm as I guess winter is approaching you guys….

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the last Sunday of April 2021

  1. Kim Sharman

    Yes, winter is approaching this little neck of the woods. Glad spring is there for you to enjoy, though from what I hear wintry, cold days seem to keep coming back. Love those fabulous patterned new glasses of yours. Won’t it be a lovely thing to sit in your screened porch and watch the outside world. You have a lot of lovely trees there. Happy quilting of that lovely Granny Squares quilt. Have a fabulous week.


  2. karenfae

    you are coming along great on the quilt. It will be so nice when the weather warms up on the porch a bit to spend time outside enjoying spring like temperatures before it gets really hot. Glad you will be able to see your friend soon – nice being vaccinated isn’t it! Nice glasses – they can be so pricey these days it is nice to have insurance for them.


  3. Ivani

    Glad you will be able to meet your friend. The quilting is progressing and it is a beauty.Your husband did a great work , the light in the tabaco basket is so creative. Happy new week.


  4. Little Penpen

    Beautiful stitching on Connie’s quilt. I love how you girls work together. I just adore your tobacco basket light on your back porch. You could even weave some twinkle lights through the basket for a fun effect, without using the overhead light every time. I think the cute tent is a big hit for Ellie. What a sweet pic!! Cute new glasses for you! I’m holding my breath for the colorful wholecloth to pop back out????? Have a great week!


  5. Cathie J

    Oh you are so close to finishing that pretty quilt. Can’t wait to see what project is up next. Looks like that tent is a hit! Enjoy your new glasses and have a wonderful week!



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