As we say goodbye to March…

I wonder what April will be like as we continue to shape our new home…

We have ideas on things to plant… we are currently waiting for rain to stop so that our hired painter can come caulk and paint.. he has washed and did a great job… but now we gotta get on with it! lol

Meanwhile I have been quilting like crazy on this fun quilt. Here was my view on Monday….

And now I have rolled that whole row of “cupcakes” I call them LOL down to the 3rd row showing…

Meanwhile, this week I pondered my marking of the medallions…

Here is what I wound up doing using what I had on hand…

Starting at the top of the above photo… I have my stencil. Because this stencil is fairly complex I decided to pull out my pounce chalk pad and swipe over the stencil. Then when I lift it I am left with the chalk impression… then I take my chalk pencil fed into a regular mechanical pencil for that size lead 0.9 mm I think…. and go over it all to keep the pounce chalk I swiped on from bouncing off as I stitch the image.

The needles you see above have a nice round hole to thread the needle with.. I find them online or at JoAnn in the sewing section (not quilting)… and they fit 12 perle cotton diameter perfectly 🙂

I am linking this progress and little tutorial to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Crew HERE <<<

I also got nominated for the “Outstanding Blogger Award” from Kathy of Sewing, Etc. who mentioned me HERE <<< regarding this award.

HERE is my reply to her as I received the award!!!

I did do a bit of machine sewing for the Boho heart project but not enough to share this week so check me next week.

Now I have a question for YOU all…. Pondering getting my favorite and only grand a tent to play in for her second birthday coming in May…

Do you have a fave in this category?? Or a better idea for a creative play item???

Thanks for stopping in 🙂 Have a wonderful week and welcome April on Thursday!!!!

9 thoughts on “As we say goodbye to March…

  1. Kim Sharman

    Oh, I think a little tent/teepee is an excellent birthday present for a wee girl. She will have hours of imaginative play in the land of make believe with it. Love the lovely quilting on the black. It is very striking.


  2. karenfae

    I think the tent is a great idea – I had gotten my grands one years ago but it was a different theme – we decided they would like a military theme and got one in green/brown camo – they were a military family at that time and living on a base in military housing and they were always playing military things with the kids in the neighborhood. They were older though than your 2 year old – I think mine were 4-6 at the time this teepee was larger though for bigger kids.
    Love the quilt


  3. Deanna

    I also use most of the same quilt marking things as you do. Love how the quilting shows up on the dark fabric. I really like your motto for this year. I chose a word “imagine” but now want to add “weird” after the happenings in my life over the last month or so.



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