Happy Spring!!

Did you have mild weather as Spring came in yesterday???

We had a lovely rain then a sunny day with the doors open and fresh air flowing through the cabin too ❤ It was divine…. but yesterday was ALSO International Quilters Day….

Y’all… I kid you not… I quilted in different formats all day long! It was glorious!!!

I started sewing on the Boho Heart project blocks above. Then in the afternoon the mail ran… Connie and I had decided the center medallions on the quilt I am quilting needed the same weight thread as the gold everywhere else in the sashing… so I had ordered a spool of Valdani 12 wt perle cotton from Rusty Crow dot com… She has the full line of Valdani in all sizes and styles among other fun things…. and ships quick.. I ordered Wednesday and had it from western California to North Carolina with Saturday’s mail…

I am making fun progress on this quilt….

And I made this collage to help you think outside the box when using stencils.. orientation matters!

WE decided to put our medallions on point…

And that variegated light blue green teal perle cotton I got…

And a close up…

It doesn’t covey well in these photos… I will try to get better photos this week to share.. I am almost ready to roll… just 1 more medallion to stitch 🙂 This is a fun continous line stencil … so for this I marked it initially with my pounce pad swiping it as Leah Day recommends then went over it with a white chalk Pencil lead by fons and porter before stitching it as the pounce doesn’t stay put through sewing over well.

Now for International Quilters day me and my bestie FaceTimed and stitched together… she worked on a unique stitching pattern for this bow tie quilt she is hand quilting … this is her she shed space…

And her little container of goodies to aid in her stitching…

It was a fun time and rounded out the day well. I am linking all this slow stitching fun to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Gang… HERE <<<<<

How did you spend the first day of Spring AND Quilter’s Day ???

The faded amaryllis… but still beautiful!

12 thoughts on “Happy Spring!!

  1. Little Penpen

    The quilting is very pretty and the threads look great. I’d like to know where Connie got the rainbow thread spool in her photo with the bow tie quilt. I’m loving your boho quilt blocks; that will be a gorgeous quilt!! I did nothing quilty on quilt day, other than look at other people’s quilts on fb! 😆 Happy Spring!


  2. karenfae

    it was too sunny of a day for me to spend all day in the house but I did get some sewing done too -l love the quilt you are working on – so that one is Connie’s? love the black with bright colors


  3. Jill

    Sewing and quilting all day would be glorious. Spring breezes through the house would be an added touch. Light blue Valdani is a nice contrast. On National Quilt Day I rotary cut fabric for an upcoming quilt retreat. A pleasant task with the Spring sun streaming through the windows.


  4. Carla Therrien

    Lot of fun projects going at your house! Don’t you love stitching with perle cotton? I agree forward is progress!


  5. Cathie J

    It looks like you truly celebrated National Quilting day! Your projects are great. I love the stitching on the black fabric.


  6. Karrin Hurd

    Beautiful quilting. I worked all day on a blog hop project for next week, and in my spare time I practiced my free motion quilting. Also my daughter came over and sat with John so I could go get my hair done! Happy Stitching!



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