Sew Much Accomplished this Week!!!

Did you remember??!!

We are due to have rain the next few days but at least daylight will now be earlier in the morning by moving clocks forward 1 hour this morning. My honey changed ALL the clocks in our home while I slept! lol

Yesterday… Saturday…. I finished organizing and touching everything in my sewing room! I am sew EXCITED y’all!

Everything is not perfect yet…. but everything has a place for now… and I am have been BUSY BUSY BUSY now starting to work on decor in this room!!! YAY!!!

This is a 18″ pillow form for a 16″ pillow top … so I got creative to keep using it and Rick loves it ❤

Once this pillow was made I threw it in the wash as all the fabric I used was new and it wasn’t sleep worthy on the back side yet…. Then I started prepping for loading the quilt in the frame… I had no more urgent sewing projects and could!!!!

Tuesday I officially started hand quilting on this cool quilt.. It is a MSQC pattern called Turnabout Granny Square Quilt 🙂

I like the black background the way Connie made this one… this is a fun quilt to stitch too…

Not sure if you can see the gold quilting in the black in the above pic…. Here is a better photo…

And this one may be better 🙂 Connie will bind and finish it… I am not stitching in the outermost border

A friend sent us a new bed skirt… I washed and dried it.. it is cotton and was a pain to get in place but I love it now!!!! It is straight and cupped on the corners.. not ruffled.

I put fresh nail polish strips on yesterday too!

Boy it feels good to have the house MOSTLY in order. And to have fresh nail polish on 🙂

I have been very slowly making progress on the Boho Heart Quilt top I am building….

I enjoyed fussy cutting these 🙂

So while I will be spending my day going across the quilt slow stitching… I will be linking this post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching crew… HERE <<<< Come see what others are slow stitching 🤩 and tell me are you going to sign up for her guilds virtual quilt show with classes?? I think it sounds awful fun! ❤

17 thoughts on “Sew Much Accomplished this Week!!!

  1. Kim Sharman

    Isn’t that great your sewing room is in order now. It must be a relief to have it done and now enjoy sewing to your heart’s content. Love the quilt in the frame and the bed skirt is lovely.


  2. Jill

    Sewing room is looking good. Lucky you to have two windows providing natural light for sewing. Love the valances. Everything has its place. Yes, I can see the gold stitching on black. Very nice! If I didn’t have sew many projects already, I would sign up for Kathy’s class – just don’t have the time. I wish her the best as I’m sure it’ll be a good one!


  3. Gretchen

    How wonderful you’ve got the sewing room all arranged and organized! The pillow Connie quilted is beautiful and so is her quilt. The quilting design looks great on the black, quilting is a great activity on a rainy day. I won’t be taking Kathy’s class, I already have so much to do. Also I seem to be the only person who’s not enthused with Zoom. Have a lovely week of quilting sewing, happy stitching!


  4. LindaSol

    How lovely to have a room that you can devote to sewing, it looks so nice and tidy, your quilt is lovely. Have a great Sunday.


  5. Gail

    Sew nice to have your sewing room ready for action! I have done several online classes and lectures. Never too late to learn something new,


  6. Holli Jo Corley

    Your sewing room looks SEW organized!! Don’t ya just LOVE the feeling of everything being in its place after a move?! That pillow looks so cuddly! The gold stitches on that black fabric has a fantastic WOW factor, for sure!! What a beautiful project!! And SEW fun to have it in that gorgeous frame!! I hope to one day be able to load a project on mine! 🙏🏼 Your blue ombré glittery nails look beautiful!! It’s fun to have some sparkles to cheer up these dreary rainy days!


  7. karenfae

    nice to have the room in order isn’t it and now you can concentrate on sewing and knowing where things are. Connie’s quilt looks great


  8. Cathie J

    Your sewing room looks great. You have definitely been busy this week. Your nails look good. I have been having an awful time with mine so I have been just using a clear nail hardener. I love the quilt that you are currently quilting. I like the light thread on the dark background.


  9. Karrin Hurd

    Great organization of your sewing room and great projects to be working on. For the first time in my life, I didn’t realize we were supposed to change our clocks and when I went in to get John up he asked why his iPad said it was an hour ahead! We usually hear on the news or something about the time. I knew it was coming, but didn’t realize it was today! Happy stitching!


  10. Carla Therrien

    Congrats on having your sewing room finished and a quilt on the frame! All of that takes so much time! The quilting design is perfect for that quilt!



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