Crazy Busy Week but still a bit of Slow Stitching Accomplished for Sanity Sake!

Y’all since last week … we have been busy … busy … busy! It is due to slow down a tad tomorrow so I am up late and writing this now! Do you have a song in your heart this morning????

with all this busyness.. I wake each day with a happy song in my heart to greet a new day y’all! This is my March calendar photo…. I Love This calendar!

I really enjoyed starting on this bowl and rolling pin red work this week….

And I made some block’s for the quilt I am making for my friend Debbie … I am participating in a quilt along…

The secret to this quilt block making is to be relaxed and play with the saturated colors the intended picked out and add to that to make it scrappy enough to be lively. Here is a picture of someone else’s finished flimsy quilt top…

Isn’t this a lovely finish! I wonder how the maker will quilt it!!!!

So I am having fun with this quilt for my good friend and know that she will always find something happy with this quilt when it is finished.

I made MAJOR headway in my sewing room but no pics this week… I have been doing all my sewing in there as I woke one morning and the space I cleared out … my honey had put the sewing table on a moving blanket and scooted it while I slept! lol I love him for doing things like this 😀

I did find MORE FABRIC BOLTS though and did address them and sort the fabrics Marie Kondo method… The fabric to sell is GROWING!!!!!

I found this NEW fabric on eBay last week….
added the graphite on the collar as it was just not enough for that AND you cut the necklines on the bias .. so that is tricky with stripes I think and I like the graphite…. Do You???

I do enjoy making these shirts for him now that I have the pattern down and he loves showing them off.. each one is unique too 🙂 I do all the sewing on my 319w … but there is lots of tedious ironing and avoiding burning my fingers! lol

So I will link this AND my red work to Kathy’s Slow Sunday stitching crew HERE!

Do you have a talent related to but not the same as quilting??? I am curious!

Molly found a place to rest in my sewing room….

Molly loves to be right with us and when Rick is working outside or having “his time” she hangs out with me and has a place everywhere so far but the back porch… she takes a chair for now but once spring Springs!!!!! I will be out there more stitching and such… maybe pick up the crochet quilt project I just got all together!

I am excited to share that me and my honey decided this little wall to the right of the closet door frame would be the perfect place for the “k” thread holder her made me moons ago…

My amaryllis deciding to bloom .. when will it show it’s colors!??

I am so excited to have so many different things to share this week… I hope this has inspired YOU to create… no matter what or how much you invest… use what you have though… Invest Time is Creating 🙂 ~ Happy March!!!! Finally ~

12 thoughts on “Crazy Busy Week but still a bit of Slow Stitching Accomplished for Sanity Sake!

  1. Kim Sharman

    Those blocks for your friend’s quilt is gorgeous. So many happy fabrics, so many happy patterns. The “K” thread holder is fun; you have a clever husband there. Another fabulous shirt you have made him. Enjoy stitching your redwork embroidery.


  2. Jill

    March is a good month. More daylight and sunshine. More redwork stitching is fun. Vibrant colors are striking. Molly is a sweetheart. The shirts sure do look comfy. Lucky him to have a seamstress in the house. Enjoy your slow down day!


  3. Cathie J

    Rick’s shirt looks great on him. I love the blocks you are making for that heart quilt. Some of them look quite intricate. Love the Molly photo.


  4. Holli Jo Corley

    That Boho Heart is in my endless “to-do-someday” wish list! I love the scrappiness & of course…hearts are just my “thing”!! I love Rick’s new shirt too! The feeling of getting that sewing room all together must feel like a HUGE WIN!! I’m so happy y’all are getting settled! Have a blessed day, my dear friend! xo, HJ


  5. Carla Therrien

    I haven’t sewn clothing in so many years. It is a different beast than quilting! I hope your able to get that sewing room in order soon, it’s hard to work when we aren’t settled in.


  6. karenfae

    I haven’t sewed clothing in years and wouldn’t want to use my sewing fabric to experiment on it lol. nice to make a quilt for another and I hope the person will like it after all the work you have put into it. Nice to make progress getting things put away in your house and making it right for you.


  7. Karrin Hurd

    Your husband’s shirt looks great! Great projects you have going, and it must be a relief to have your sewing table in place! I have been making a little progress in better organizing my sewing room too! Hope you have a great week!


  8. Linda

    Kathy, I love the fabric you used to make the hubs that swell shirt. Those lines are so slimming- NOT that he needs that. Thinking only of myself you understand. Most ready-made clothes have stripes going horizontal and for me, that is not flattering. Really enjoy your blog.



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