Happy END of February 2021!

Late to post today but better later in the day than never! Today is the last day of the month… ready to welcome March for sure!!!

Here is a deep statement…. it is a rainbow to me as it can mean something different to each person who reads it depending on their life/lifestyle πŸ™‚ What does this say to you.. I would LOVE for you to leave me a comment at the end of this post and share what this statement means to you… What do you behold in your current season of life???? What are you looking at????

It has been an uber busy week around here… we traded our Nissan Rogue in for this Dodge Durango!!!!

It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel too! It is the SXT version and is a v6 instead of the 4 cylinder we had and it is AWD! The AWD in these NC mountains is really what we needed too✨

Now that we have secured a dependable vehicle to drive for years to come… I got the sewing room cleaned out enough to get the sewing machine cabinet out of the living room and into the sewing room… so now I am ready to load a quilt that is patiently waiting on the frame….

I just need to find a missing brass thimble now! And load this quilt on the frame….

HERE <<< is a direct link that will open in a new tab for the tutorial for this pattern πŸ™‚

My bestie Connie pieced this quilt top and I don’t yet have a pic of the full quilt top… though I do have the quilt top! lol So I will share MORE pics next week when it is loaded on the frame …. HOPEFULLY ! LOL! We have a plan for hand quilting with a mix of big stitch and regular stitch hand quilting…. I am soooo ready to have a hand quilting project on my frame again!

Now I want to show you a collage photo of my sewing room THIS week πŸ™‚

As you can see…. I have made HUGE progress with my honey’s help… getting all the stuff into my sewing room (top pic) and filling my closet with fabric refolded. But in the bottom right pic you can see all I have directly left to organize this week. Wish me energy for this last bit of organization and ability to get my 301 up and running again…. it is still in it’s bag it moved in and the cabinet has yet to be opened!

I did finish making my honey yet another shirt… here he is ready to cut down those holly bushes across the front of our home in that shirt….

It is batik fabric and more lightweight than the black shirt with grey dots. And we are having unseasonably warm weather this weekend… He and his reciprocal saw with a fresh blade successfully knocked down 8 of the 9 holly bushes across the house front… I will try to share an update picture next week… PLUS we are due to have a new paint job on the house coming very soon too! But just getting those shrubs that were overgrown before being cut back prior to our buying this home…. are happily gone and light is flowing in like never before!!!

Another big job done this week around here….

Our master closet got re arranged … emptied and refilled in an organized fashion after adding the top shelf and a book shelf to the back of the closet! We love this now… the bookshelf holds some shoes and packing supplies for selling vintage machine parts and machines themselves…. yet we haven’t found all our packing supplies yet…. but there is room to add as you can see above πŸ™‚

In sorting all my fabrics….here are some that are currently for sale….

Boundless Fabric Fat Quarters and 2 spools of thread…
Alison Glass fat eighth bundle….
Alexander Henry & Kaufman unique fabric bundle…
Panel and yardage to make a cool STITCH wall hanging or quilt πŸ™‚

If you are interested in any of these fabrics or the instructional DVD… please email me HERE <<<< or mention it in a comment below…. but the email I linked to dings my phone and I will get your request quicker than leaving a comment on my blog πŸ™‚ Payment is via Paypal Invoice for safe and secure transactions =)

In closing, I will be focusing this afternoon on red work….

I will be hand stitching embroidery stitches on this piece…. though to be honest I am so happy with my sewing room it makes me want to just soak it up in there! lol Linking my hand stitching goal of starting on this piece today with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<< Go check out the virtual stitching she has planned with her guild for later in March… and WE can ALL join too!!!! Go read all about it in the new tab that will open when you click that link πŸ™‚ You can also see what other hand stitchers are linking up!

So as we enjoy our new ride yet to be named…. and everything is now in my sewing room !!!! I hope you each have a stellar March start too! We have an amaryllis that is thinking about blooming in the living room and hope to share that next week too!

5 thoughts on “Happy END of February 2021!

  1. karenfae

    love the quilt waiting to be on the frame, have fun quilting. Nice ride I’m sure you will enjoy it. Are you planning on digging up those shrubs so they won’t come back or making a shorter hedge with it? If digging it up I hope you can get all the roots up. Good luck on your sale


  2. kathyreeves

    That quote makes me think of when Paul said, we are aliens here on earth, our citizenship is in heaven. SO MUCH PROGRESS on your sewing room this week, I bet you get it done because you are os excited to be in there playing!


  3. Little Penpen

    Hi Kathi!! Sweet new ride! Mountain Mama might be a good name. πŸ˜‰ your honey looks like a mad scientist getting ready to go after those bushes. I’ll bet you are enjoying the extra light now that the bushes are gone! Your quote reminds me of the Bible verse about looking on things that are pure and lovely; what we focus on is important to our over all wellbeing. Philippians 4:8


  4. Gretchen

    It’s been a journey but you’re getting the organizing done! This staying at home all the time is starting to get to me. I’ve been trying to focus on how fortunate I am and be thankful/grateful for all the blessings. Happy stitching!


  5. Kim Sharman

    Your new wheels look great, Kathi. You won’t know yourself and heated seats…well I’ll be. You have made fabulous progress in your sewing room. I did laugh at the photo of your husband…..he looks like he means business with that chain saw of his.



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