So much fun and progress to share!

We got minimal snow compared to just a tad north of us that got a lot… but no power outages around here in North Carolina where we live. But we did get a NEW ROOF this week on a warmer than usual day!

We chose Shakewood shingles and mostly they are dimensional shingles πŸ™‚

What we had was 18 years old and plain flat shingles in dark green and dirty…

Previous roof….

Our next outside goal is to remove the bushes across the front of the house to open it up to the porch more πŸ™‚ I am excited about this project too!

But in the mean time… Rick has been working more on my Sewing Room and got the closet all shelved up !!!

So today I am linking several things to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE <<<… I have rewrapped a LOT of fabric… I am moving the orientation on the wooden bolts in the closet shelving to hold more and stick out less. That is a lot of Hand-ee work too!

I have started filling the shelves just outside the closet and got that box off the buffet that was overflowing with donate or sell items I pointed out last week in my post. This room is looking remarkable thanks to daily work and a handy honeyπŸ’– I have emptied 6 boxes of fabric already! They are smaller boxes but still!!! I have plenty more to organize this week though!

Between organizing… I have been hand stitching on the rooster and FINISHED it! It has a waddle to make sure it looks rooster-ish too! What do you think?

Enjoying a bit of white zinfandel wine as I stitch in the evenings…

My next goal is to make the hen and rooster into a wall hanging/table topper for a good friend who loves chickens πŸ™‚ For myself and the other redwork I have completed I am starting on this bowl and rolling pin next…

This block reminds me af making cookies with my bestie 🀩

Meanwhile… for my sew along it is Dresden week… I have gotten 2 of the 4 blocks complete because it has been a week focused on other handy work really as you can see…

I hope the recipient loves these blocks as much as I do… I am machine sewing these instead of hand stitching them for durability as this will be a bed quilt πŸ™‚ I have had fun doing the Dresden’s though … do you?

I finally got my honey’s shirt done right with fabric I purchased from my local quilt shop…

And if you look at this photo above… you can tell Rick cleaned out the gas log fireplace… removed all the soot build up and laid the logs out in a better orientation for even display of fire… I love that maintenance he did! I would have never thought of needing to do that … now I will know!

The next shirt I will make will be this fabric …

The pocket detail solid fabric is really a taupe stone color not green blue as it appears in this photo… hopefully I will have it done and get the model to show it off for next weeks post πŸ˜‰

My grand who lives in very northern Tennessee enjoyed the snow they got….

on a sled… isn’t Ellie precious!!!

The white tulips are opening and looking fabulous! As is our Molly with a bandana I made her from some scraps!

In closing… I would love to hear what you would do if you sorted your fabric.

I have plenty to keep, some to donate and some to destash in under 1 yard increments… How do you sell your fabrics??? Marketplace, facebook destash groups, ebay???? It is all quilt shop quality with even some kits I just have never made ! Your feedback is important to me friends. Have a blessed week and please… if you made it this far…leave a comment 😊 I respond to all of them too !

13 thoughts on “So much fun and progress to share!

  1. Gretchen

    Your sewing room is looking so neat, orderly and organized. I know there is more work ahead but each step makes it better! I have no suggestions for selling your fabric, I’ll let someone else give the ideas there. The new roof really perks your place up, getting rid of those bushes will do so even more! Have a wonderful week with lots of happy stitching!


  2. Cathie J

    The rain washed our snow away and then two days later we were covered by 4 more inches. Your sewing room storage and organizations is really progressing. I don’t have enough fabric to worry about needing to de-stash. It all resides on one shelf in a storage cabinet. Ellie and Molly are looking adorable. Love your redwork and Rick’s shirt. Glad you got it right this time. Enjoy your stitching!


  3. Sarah

    Your fabric shelving looks amazing! Mine is just colour coordinated into big baskets, not very neat at all! Your rooster is great too. Nice shirt your hubby is sporting and the new fabric will look lovely made up.


  4. Little Penpen

    You’ve been busy, girl! And Rick too! The roof looks great. I’m sure that’s a huge relief to get that done. Ricks shirt looks so comfy. Love the rooster stitching project. The shelves look great in the sewing room. My Annabelle enjoyed the same snow as your pretty little snow bunny in TN. Is that old telephone, by your tulips, real and hooked up? I love it!! I have a faux reproduction of one in my office room.


  5. karenfae

    If you are digging up the bushes to have an open look it would look good to have a flower bed there I bet – something pretty to look at from the porch when you are enjoying it and maybe a pretty whirligig blowing in the breeze. You are getting a bit done – I have never sold fabric although I have done a trade now and then – if I want a quilt book or something that another has I have traded for equal value and each pay their own shipping. The new roof looks great it is amazing how much it can change the look of a place.


  6. kathyreeves

    I imagine this is the week where boxes will begin disappearing in earnest! It looks like you have the storage infrastructure all worked out, so you can fill it up and move the empty boxes out! We did some the same yesterday, building another batch of shelves in the basement. It has been a very long project, but yesterday we moved lots of boxes onto those shelves, and can actually see the difference. One more shelf for this unit, which will hopefully clear the family room space. Hoping to build Number 3 in March.


  7. KJ

    Congratulations on all you are getting done. We had a custom vegetable planter made and it arrived last week, ten days ahead of schedule. New furnace with air conditioning arrives Wednesday, when it is now supposed to be rainy and cold. 😦
    New gas fireplace arrives March 3rd and we get sunroom quotes starting this week. Moving is exhausting, but making a place your own is so much fun. πŸ™‚
    It’s so nice to see that your sewing room is coming along. My fabric is all in large clear totes that are labeled. The only time I sold fabric and craft supplies was when we held a garage sale before we moved from the last house. I advertised on Craigslist that all fabric was $1 per piece and it was a very popular area of the sale. Otherwise, I donate the items to either the thrift store, or to a quilt guild for upcoming quilt shows.


  8. Karrin Hurd

    Great organization going, and I know you love seeing the difference. The shirt you made your husband is very nice. I have never sold fabric, but I donated a bunch to the local hospital who had volunteers making pillows for the women’s and children’s wing.


  9. Kim Sharman

    What a handy fellow your Rick is. And….I must say how great he looks in his new shirt! The new roof is looking spiffy. Goodness you are game putting a new roof on with all that snow swirling about up there. =) Thank goodness it was done on a clear day. Your sorting is coming along nicely. Loving those dresdens and it always makes me smile when I see your sweet little red pretties.


  10. Jill

    Amazing the difference a roof can make. Red rooster looks swell. Gosh, both you and Rick have been making good progress. It all adds up. Once I had my fabric stashed on comic boards then I found that took up to much space. So I refolded to approx 5-6 inch widths and stacked them. That worked well. Currently, my leftover fabric is stashed in the basement out of my husband’s view. When I am in the mood to part with quilting fabric, I organize it neatly & attractively in a large basket where it is raffled off for charity at a quilt retreat. Occasionally, I’ve sold some vintage fabric on etsy.



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