Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL!

Whether the country you live in shares in celebrating Valentine’s Day today or not… let’s just celebrate LOVE! Do something nice for someone today … unexpectedly πŸ’•

Here are some miniature roses we can plant in Springtime ❀

My honey spoils me and also got me not only those roses for planting in our yard but also some white tulips too!

Then as if that wasn’t more than enough.. I woke to some turtles waiting for me to enjoy!!!!

What are your Valentine traditions… these are things we try to do each year for this day since we have been together…. so 9 Valentine’s so far… and I love giving back! Today I will retry to make my honey another shirt… when I am not spending time with embroidery… :)🧡

This chicken needs a little work on it today… maybe even finish it or get to the outer ring πŸ™‚ This will join the other chicken to make a special something for a good friend! Since this and cutting out a shirt are my goals today and both hand-y jobs… I will like them with Kathy and the Crew HERE <<<< Come see all the fun Valentine show and shares there todayπŸ’ž

This week I made lots of other progress and took pics just for y’all!

I made these 6 block types… with only 1 needing a duplicate made to complete the set… so 7 blocks total this week in my BOHO HEART QAL ~ this is a really fun way to make a busy big quilt too! I like is way more than I expected to πŸ™‚

And we spent some time organizing the open boxes I had managed to micro sort in the sewing room…

Above starting in the top left hand pic…. we brought in the buffet I had in my sewing room previously and wanted it back… the tall check of drawers beside that will hold my bag making parts and pieces and lots of fabric… next to the right top is my chair for this room with wall decor in several boxes from my previous sewing room… not sure what will stay and what will go now though! The “k” thread holder needs a home once the room gets settled for sure though.

The bottom of that pic above includes new storage for my scraps.. I did share this pic with Bonnie Hunter and got a high five from her πŸ™‚ The shelves will hold books and pics and decor as well as up and coming projects in boxes or bins… a menagerie for sure… maybe even our blue metallic featherweight when we unbox it. Next is a pic of the closet… all that will be cleaned out and leaving the hanging rod… the bottom will be all shelves to hold my batting, pillows, stuffing on the left and center will be fabric on my wooden bolts… and right will be overflow of those categories. The last picture is projects waiting to be made and a big box of fabric too! My word I have a LOT of fabric!!!! Hopefully this new way of organizing will wrangle the fabric and the projects so I can quickly get back to creating!

I had hoped to pull out the quilt top I plan to start hand quilting soon but the shelving and planning the closet took more time… wood is expensive too y’all! It is covid I am sure that makes these things go up in price currently… so we are buying just what we need as we use it so as not to over spend !

In the photo above… I didn’t single out the box I point to here…. but that is give away stuff or sell.. we shall see… it is heavy though and Rick needs to move it out for me πŸ™‚

I really love this organizing of my scrap bins… they were in clear shoe box containers with lids…. these IRIS bins I found at Target and had delivered to my home as it is not near… The first set of 2 I ordered … 1 got broke so they forgave that and reshipped 2 more and they came unhurt at all! YAY πŸŽ‰

Because I want to grab a color of scraps and make quilts I had my honey nip off the stops on each of the drawers so that they stop but can easily be pulled all the way out and taken to my sewing area I am using….

This sewing room will house my 301 Singer vintage in cabinet and my 319w Singer vintage in table… I am making a rolling cutting table with shelves out of the cart I thought would house my printer. Rick was able to move some things about in our little cabin and now the printer and laptop for printing things sits neatly on his side of the bed. YAY again😊

Here is my current sewing nook…. those doors behind lead out to our screened back porch πŸ™‚

So we will see what we are able to accomplish this week… come back next week to see what’s up! Please share any organizing ideas you have in the comments… I am all ears to hear what works for you or what you think might get my 319 in that sewing room ! lol Kathi

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL!

  1. Gail

    Your BOHO heart blocks are bright and pretty! Organizing a sewing room takes time. Looking good so far. I have bins full of scraps too. They seem to fill up faster than I can use them


  2. karenfae

    looks like progress in the sewing room – yes get a little at a time as you organize and know what you really want that really works out best I think you might even find some things in the sewing room that you no longer want and can either sell or give away. I have so much in my sewing room that I no longer use and some things I wonder if I ever did use them (I know there are some rulers I have never used!)
    We do not do all that much for Valentine’s Day and never have – another commercialized holiday that makes a lot of people feel lonely because they have no partner


  3. Little Penpen

    The sewing room is coming along! You’ll have it just like you want it soon. I love the happy colors in your Boho quilt blocks! I’m enjoying following your progress. Happy Valentines Day to you and your hunny!


  4. kathyreeves

    You have really made progress this week, AGAIN! You two have been very diligent and you’ll soon be relaxing and back to your fun stuff.πŸ₯³ our Valentines Day will be spent getting air in a tire. We evidently have a bad seal, and with this extreme cold it has completely deflated. πŸ™ I’m hoping we can hand pump enough air to go to the station (1/2 mile) and use the compressor to fill it, then I will just watch it, and hope we can keep it filled enough to make the trip again tomorrow morning! Arctic adventures, I have had enough!


  5. Gretchen

    Your organizing progress is slowly coming along but you’re getting there. Definitely better to take it slow and make it how you want. Enjoy those turtles! Happy stitching!


  6. Karrin Hurd

    Great organizing on your scraps. Everything seems to be expensive these days. We haven’t had occasion to buy wood these days. My sewing room counter is a horrible mess and I still need to get to it, but I’m sewing in the kitchen anyway. Happy Valentine’s day! Love turtles!


  7. Cathie J

    Happy Valentine’s Day! We don’t usually do much for this day as it is in between our birthdays and usually way over-priced for a restaurant meal. A small bouquet of carnations form me and a box of chocolate for Hubby. Organizing takes time, but it looks like you are making progress. Enjoy your chicken stitching!



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