Enjoying a cool February so far!

Welcome to my blog where we are getting a light coating of snow at the moment… we will see how much we end up with… it is calling for 1 to 3 inches and we have 1″ so far 🙂

I focused on prepping for the QAL for the Boho Heart Pattern I am planning to make… as some 4 patches for that QAL are my new blog header. The rest of this weeks makings are here….

I made varying numbers of 5 different blocks… I am having so much fun working with these bright fun colors too ❤

I also photographed the mess my sewing room was in….

I have now opened and macro sorted each box in that room… today I hope to work more in that room 🙂 For now my sewing machine stays in the living room but I hope to get it out in the near future!!! But Y’all! I HAVE A LOT OF FABRIC!!!! lololol

I did order some fabric for new napkins that coordinate with our graphite base color in the kitchen/living room ….

Here I tested my Aurifil grey 28 wt thread to see how it would look then on the right is the design I decided on… the goal is that once washed the edges will fray as in the first photo before I cut them to size… 10″ x 18″ gives 4 folds and it will look like this…

This is the best representation of all the color of this graphite fabric and thread together too 🙂 I have done all the machine sewing on Cleopatra my 319w Singer 🙂

But my favorite job this week was finishing Appalachian Delight quilt and washing and drying… and sleeping under it!!!!

Here is my collage photo… but let me share a few extras with you…

I hand quilted a yin yang on the top center of the wide border….

I signed this quilt when I started it in 2020 thinking it would be done then… but the Pandemic came along and time got lost…

I am linking this fun finish we really love sleeping under with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Crew HERE <<<< Shei s celebrating National Embroidery Month in Canada… is this a world wide celebration??? In the US February is known as Black History Month.

My goal to commemorate Black History Month is to listen to the unabridged audiobook Roots… I have been challenged by my son and his bride to be to re read this book and they enjoyed listening but it is 30 hours of listening… so I best get the next quilt on the frame as that is my best time to listen as I mindlessly quilt on a project… what is next on the frame you ask??? Why it is a quilt top Connie left with me .. more on that later !

Next week I will join Kathy’s embroidery celebration too though… other handiwork I did with my hands was to put on a Valentine commemoration on my nails…..

I really enjoy Color Street nail strips and how fun and easy and low maintenance they are!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful and productive week wherever you are in this world… we are seeing a decrease in some cases of Corona here in the US… hope you are too in your area of the world!

10 thoughts on “Enjoying a cool February so far!

  1. Gretchen

    I bet it feels so good to sleep under your quilt, she looks beautiful! Roots is a great book to listen to while quilting, you should get a lot accomplished if your fingers can hold up. Keep calm and keep sorting, the sewing room will eventually get there. Have a great week and happy stitching!


  2. kathyreeves

    A macro sort is a great step in getting you settled on your sewing room. You’ll get there! Your quilt have that cabin vibe, and looks fantastic on the bed with those lovely pillow sham/cases!


  3. Cathie J

    Oh my you’ve been busy. I hope you get to sort your sewing room this week. We are expecting 3-6 inches of snow today. Baking and stitching are planned. I am looking forward to seeing how you quilt the top Connie left with you.


  4. karenfae

    I love the book Roots – for BHM the book The Color Purple is good too. I have read both several times and saw the mini series/movie also. I got the book Roots when it came out and read it and then the girls and Mike read it too – we would tend to pass books along as we finished them back when they girls were home as we were all avid readers.
    The quilt looks good on the bed. Great job – your sewing room well get done one day. No snow here but we are to get plenty cold by the end of the week.


  5. Little Penpen

    Great job on everything, Kathi!! The quilt looks so good on your bed and I love the happy colors in the new quilt you are making! I hope you get your sewing room just like you want it soon. Enjoy your snow!


  6. Claudette

    There’s nothing better than sleeping under a quilt you made. It’s so beautiful. Good luck in the sewing room! Mine is a total disaster. As I mentioned last week, I’m making more masks, so there is fabric everywhere, including my living room table, which has become my cutting station. I made 38 masks this last week and they are off to the family in WI. Still need to make them for my sons’ families and some for my husband and me, and my SIL (who got me started on the 3-D masks) and my brother. Today is going to be a baking day. I got into Sourdough at the beginning of the year and having fun with it. I made my first “real” sourdough loaf last week and it was so yummy. I’ll be starting another one later today. It’s a 3-day process. In the meantime, I’ve been baking all kinds of stuff with the “discard.” This morning was cinnamon rolls. OMG!!! They are awesome. I also have a “discard” loaf started. Will probably make more “crackers.” I found such and easy recipe. Discard starter, melted butter, salt, and some seasonings (last week was Italian seasoning, then sprinkled with Romano cheese, and another batch with Everything Bagel seasoning). I used up the last of my discard with another batch sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Not sure what I’ll use today. I’ll be quilting on my angel quilt during the Super Bowl. I should finish Angel #10 today – only 2 left after that!!! This afternoon, I’ll be back in the kitchen making Queso Dip and Wings to munch on during the game. Hope you have a good week. Stay warm!


  7. Karrin Hurd

    Great projects. Part of my sewing room looks the same way. I still have to sort out what I want to keep and give away. Your quilt and pillowcases are gorgeous! Have a great week!


  8. Jill

    The bright colored patches are quite attractive. So simple yet very appealing. Your sewing room isn’t so bad. A snowy day is good for macro sorting. Great Lakes region has bitter cold. Congrats on Appalachian Delight finish! It looks great on the bed especially with coordinating pillow shams. Have a blessed week!


  9. Kim Sharman

    Appalachian Delight is beautiful and how glorious it looks resting on that pretty iron bed. Now you will have the most blissful of dreams sleeping under this pretty. Love all those beautifully colours in your patches for your Boho Hearts. This is going to be a stunning quilt filled with bright and happy colour. Just the thing to cheer one’s snowy days. Good luck with the taming of the tiger of your sewing room. =) Have a beautiful week, sewing and listening to the audio of Roots.



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