Are you happy where you are in your life???

I wanted to start out my post today with this Mandy Hale quote… I love it and think it may be meant for you too!

I finished the wedding wallhanging including the hanging sleeve using an AQS Youtube to help me 🙂 I will share after the lovely couple has received and opened their wall hanging… I think they will love it though ❤

I have been making my honey a new shirt… it has been a while and I made this pocket just way too big so I will be fixing that today by hand!

I have enjoyed my Singer 319w being set up safely… I put the binding on the big quilt I finished before we moved and have been slowly taking time here and there to finish it…

It is then ready to wash… no need to label as I already did.. this quilt is meant for our bed 🙂 this hand stitching will definitely be on my list to spend time with today!

All this plus more I can’t share with you yet makes today a perfect day for quilting!!!!

Hope over the Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching brigade HERE <<<< and see what others are sharing 🙂

In the meantime I am listening to “Atomic Habits” and “Decluttering at the Speed of Life” on Audible and enjoying them each immensely… then I listen to music some or watch on Youtube some other faves…

Meanwhile my honey has put the finishing touches on the bar in the kitchen…

It is perfect for us and for this cabin…. we feel sooo blessed! Happy Sunday friends ❤

10 thoughts on “Are you happy where you are in your life???

  1. Gretchen

    The bar is so pretty, perfect for your home. When is your son’s wedding? I’m looking forward to seeing the finish. Have a great week and happy stitching with your sewing machine!


  2. Jill

    Each day is a blessing. The background of this week’s saying would be pretty colors for a quilt and/or wall hanging! Putting a sleeve on a quilt the AQS way is the method I use also. The island looks great and is functional.


  3. Little Penpen

    Yes, I agree with the Happiness quote. We need to take life as it is, and enjoy it! Yay, on finishing the wedding quilt. I look forward to seeing what’s next on the quilt frame. The bar looks pretty in the kitchen. Perfect for you two! I linked up to Kathy’s slow stitching too…. I”m hand quilting again.


  4. karenfae

    I’m sure the new bar in the kitchen area will work out great, it is amazing how we can buy a pre-made cabinet and get a nice top for it and finish it off to fit our space available. Looks like you are making the smaller house fit your needs – well be nice to see more of the outside when the weather warms up


  5. Deanna

    Glad you are fitting in some stitching time. That bar looks wonderful, he’s a handy guy! Along with many projects on the go, I have started a hand quilting one…not the one I thought I would be doing, but it needs finishing too!!


  6. Claudette

    Love the bar. You are so lucky to have a hubby who is so handy. As my hubby says, “I can just look at a hammer and get hit on the thumb.” I do any “construction” stuff around the house. But, I’ll keep him. We will celebrate our 50th anniversary in March. We had big plans for a fun weekend, but looks like we’re just staying home, now. We will have had both doses of the COVID vaccine before that, but our health just isn’t worth the risk. I’ve spent the day baking. I started playing with sourdough starter a couple of weeks ago. While I’m waiting for my starter to “mature,” I’ve been baking “discard” stuff. I’ve made biscuits, bread, some cheddar/bacon popovers that were delicious for breakfast, crackers, and just finished baking some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. I have loaf of bread rising for baking later. I’m watching the football game – come on Packers, get it together! I’ll quilt on the sashing on my angels later and hopefully start on the last row of angels tonight. But to answer your question, while I’m disappointed about our anniversary plans, life is good. We are healthy and I get to quilt. What more could I want?



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