Moving Tomorrow!

Monday for us will be our official day to move out of our home… go to closing… check into a motel in town… and come back here to show her the ropes at her request πŸ™‚

Our biggest concern about moving right now is Covid 19. We wear masks and disinfect ourselves intermittently with alcohol on our hands and once home in the sink with a good long wash and sometimes change clothes to feel cleaner… Now we are moving into an environment that all these precautions may be moot… so yes we are hoping to find safety in a feeling in the motel… we will see πŸ™‚ Here is a photo of their photo of what the room should look like…

I finished my hand quilting on this quilt on my frame y’all! Linking this glory to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching linky group HERE <<<<

And here is the quilt once off the frame waiting for a label and binding 🀩

Here is my last application of Color Street nail strips from this home…

And a great book … not on minimalism but just plain organizing what you have and love… I am listening to this on Audible read by the author πŸ™‚

Here is a mountainous sunset as we were loading our things in a storage unit last night… Thanks for sticking around until the end πŸ™‚

I won’t have time today or tomorrow to respond to your comments as I usually do… we will be doing last minute organizing, cleaning, and packing a bit more too. So until my next time to write to you next Sunday I bid you adieu and stay safe!

10 thoughts on “Moving Tomorrow!

  1. Cathie J

    Kathi, I wish you two all the best on your next adventure. I can’t believe how quickly the time came for you to move. I hope you can find a new home quickly. Stay safe in the motel. Best wishes.


  2. Gretchen

    I’m so happy for you the closing is tomorrow. I hope you can find the perfect new to you home soon. Sewing the binding on your quilt will be a perfect way to spend time in your new home, once you get your sewing machine sew up anyway. As always, happy stitching!


  3. Kim Sharman

    Wow. I am amazed as to how quick everything to do with selling your home and moving has been. It’s hardly time to catch your breath. =) Appalachian Delight is amazing. Well done on finishing the quilting. Looks as if it will soon be on your bed in your new home. All the very best for finding your new home. Please stay safe and well……and take care, lovely Kathi.


  4. Kathy S

    Good luck on the move to your next home. There are sure to be many beautiful things to be made there as well. Beautiful quilting!


  5. karenfae

    you do a lot more to stay safe then I do – alcohol straight on the skin is harsh – I use the hand sanitizer and wash hands when I get home – use sanitizer wipes on things in the car and things I touch that go in and out of my purse and wear a mask of course. I have never gone to the extremes you do – you should stay safe doing all of that. I hope your stay at the motel will be safe – just continue to be careful as you do and you will be ok. Good luck in finding your new house fast.


  6. kathyreeves

    With ready cash on hand, I think you are in a great position to move quickly once you find the house you want. Appalachian Delight is just beautiful, so happy you were able to finish the quilting before you took down the frame! I think hand washing is the number one way to keep the virus at bay, especially if you aren’t out and about that much. What a blessing to be able to narrow your house search via the Internet!


  7. JoAnn Beam

    Kathi and Rick. Beautiful blog always! Things are going smooth and that’s a sign your on the right path. Prayers for your forever new home πŸ™. Appalachian Delight is beautiful! Love ! JoAnn



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