Happy May 2019!

Well Happy May Friends!

“Make a Beautiful Garden out of Life”

My calendar this year is exquisite… a splurge I found on Amazon but a brand and style I will splurge on again next year I am sure… this month is NO EXCEPTION!  Make a Beautiful Garden out of Life is the quote this month… and how you choose to view life is a choice for sure… so Make it beautiful is awesome I think!

My sewing room this morning from the viewpoint of the doorway looking at Cleo (My Singer 319W) who is mainly working on a bag I was commissioned to make…

My sewing room from this angle is a bit disheveled as I lost a couple screws in process of fixing an error on the clasp I installed on this bag and me and my honey tore the room apart… this is it now back together enough for me to finish the bag… which is mainly on the hexi ironing board right now.. in the last steps of putting it all together… I may spend a bit of time there today but more likely tomorrow and the next day as I wait for the replacement screws in the mail from Hawaii… the person I bought the clasp from is kindly replacing the lost screws at no expense to me… Check her out at Ningbags.com or if you don’t need to buy in bulk but need bag supplies look on Etsy for smaller quantities… I have purchased from her before and she has excellent products and fast shipping too as well as excellent customer service 😀

Baby Elliana is due THIS MONTH so I best get focused on my projects for her for sure!!!

Mainly my focus this week will be making progress on the quilt I am making for her…

 The deer above is quite endearing I think… and here below is the part of that row that is done…

 As you can see from this photo…

I have just one more block and this quilt can be rolled to Elliana’s name.

Linking this slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday post where she is sharing some wonderful hand embroideries this week HERE!

Also linking to Wendy’s Peacock Party where she is focusing on finishing a project to start a new one HERE!

How should I quilt that row???  Any tips from anyone???

I plan to outline each shape and add highlights where they will look best as I do this outlining of the flowers, bird, birdhouse and name… but I am thinking about keeping with the same wide crosshatch I used on the deer background… maybe a bit wider or a bit narrower… I am unsure!  If you have ideas for this area please leave me a reply below or email me directly using the info under my sidebar 🙂

The flower is from a plant we trimmed back and harvested the first bloom of the year from… and the photo was taken this week to update my facebook profile pic. 🙂

Molly celebrates 11 months old this week… so I made this photo collage to share on Facebook this month… she is a joy at this point.. and is settling down nicely … most of the time! lol

We gave her a trim this week and she did a good job standing still while we both worked on her for almost an hour !!  Then we followed that by a thorough bath and drying session… she is less tolerant of drying her face with the dryer but okay for her body… she loves being clean though!  We are glad for that!!!  She refuses to let us clip her nails so off to a vet she will go this week for that 😀

This week I plan to get proper pics of this elephant themed bag I am making & plan to share that next week with  you.  I hope to have a good amount of the next row done on Elliana’s quilt if not be on the last row… My cuticle on my right middle finger that I rest my thimble on has been sore this weekend so I trimmed away the sore stuff and have been not so patiently waiting for it to heal as we do yard work and I work on the bag while I long to make more headway on this quilt… I am afraid baby Elliana may arrive before it is complete!

For now keep Elliana and her parents in your thoughts as her mom is quite uncomfortable now and dad is anxious for this time to be over end of the month himself.

Send me your ideas for background fill on Elliana’s name for the quilt please!  Much appreciated in advance for both requests!!!

7 thoughts on “Happy May 2019!

  1. mary

    such a fun blog inspiring and loving the quilt for elliana….happy May to you…going to a rose themed party today with a group of friends ….we all bring food to share, project to show, gift to exchange…we have been together over 25 years…can you imagine?? a special group…due to health reasons and deaths we have lost a few but gained a few…life ! love from me to you – mary


  2. Kim

    I like Karen's idea of outlining the name and then cross hatching the area. Your Molly is a sweetie, isn't she. Good she doesn't mind the hair dryer, most dogs run for their lives. Your sewing room story and tearing it upside down to find that one tiny piece you have lost is a story I write many times. You did make me smile when reading about the \”perils of your sewing room\”. Hope you get lots of Elliana's quilt stitched this week. I hope Elliana's mom has a good week. Late pregnancy can be a most uncomfortable time.


  3. Gretchen Weaver

    I also agree with the cross hatching and outlining the applique. this is going to be a lovely quilt. Hope your cuticle heals enough you can still quilt. It is so frustrating to wait to be able to quilt! Happy Stitching!



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