April and Springtime in North Carolina… Yummy!!

Happy April Y’all!
I have been busy and have sew much fun to share today!!!  
Springtime in April in North Carolina may be my favorite month!!!  We have been here a year now.  Winter is finally behind us and while I didn’t mind winter… it is cool and it was a very wet winter here this past year… they say that is not usual though.  But April has been STUPENDOUS!  Windows open and cozy and I have gotten lots of Hand Quilting done too ❤
Mainly… with the assistance of Gloria my Singer 301a and Cleopatra my Singer 319w I completed the flimsy for Elliana!!!  Elliana is due to arrive the end of May to my son James and his wonderful wife.  They are excited and we are too !!!

 They wanted a wilderness theme and specifically named the animals I put in this quilt… then used a pattern I found on Generations Quilting website HERE to make the chain pattern blocks and designed the rest myself using the excited couples requested colors of a smoky grey navy color, blush pink and silvery grey 🙂  This quilt completion is a goal met for Julie’s UFO & WIP List goal post.. I am linking that that HERE.

Friday I got a delivery of Aurifil for this and future quilts for me and my bestie Connie from Hawthorne Threads…

 That background is some sale fabric I ordered too… it will become a doc bag for traveling for my honey to use for his shaving gear 😀

So while I enjoyed pulling out the Garden Bouquet Queen Whole Cloth this past week… and made great progress on it…

 I decided to focus whole heartedly on Elliana’s quilt…

Can you see that view that I see every single quilting session!!!

So it got loaded & the first row marked with blue water soluble marker yesterday!!!

Here are my gathered supplies for this project for threads and marking and even the binding is done and ready to add…

 Here is a better photo of the first 3 blocks I will be focused on ….

And an important start is basting the edges so that it is hidden under the binding when done… this basting holds all 3 layers together where initially there were flat headed pins….

This trivial seeming edge basting is now something I do on every hand quilted quilt I do… it adheres the edge so that there are no puckers or pleats or waves in the edges when all hand quilting is done and it is time to add the binding… it is just a professional way to quilt I think 😉

I am linking all this hand quilting progress and helpful tips this week to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday HERE and to Wendy’s Peacock Party fun HERE … take a minute to see what each blog linky party has to share!  LOTS & LOTS OF FUN… Kathy is located in cool Canada and Wendy is enjoying the onset of autumn in New Zealand! 🙂

I also have some other things brewing in the sewing room to give me some variety because I love variety :D…  I am making new ironing surfaces and covers for the new ones and the old one.  Also I am making a bag for a customer!  I have also done a bit of the rooster EPP but no photo to share yet… Hopefully next weekend I will though!

My honey has been sick most of the week… he started outpatient physical therapy despite this and we both were sick soon after then pushed on… but he succumbed to more days of feeling under the weather until the weekend.  We are both back on top again… He even fashioned another medallion to sell to a lucky girl 🙂

So I hope you are not under the weather but enjoying April where ever you are… take time to smell the season of flowers blooming near you… or if you are like me … enjoy waiting for the blooms to burst open to share what lies inside!!!

9 thoughts on “April and Springtime in North Carolina… Yummy!!

  1. Kim

    It looks as if April is gifting you with smiles and sunshine where you are….and it looks as if you have many beautiful pretties on the go. How lovely to look through the window to your pretty view whilst you quilt Elliana's quilt. This is such a pretty quilt; filled with gorgeous detail. I hope your husband is feeling better now.


  2. Gretchen Weaver

    I really like how you use a variety of thread when you're hand quilting. I'm going to do this too sometime, not sure which quilt. Hope your husband feels better soon and you too. Hopefully since you've got whatever bug it is now, you'll be resistant the next time it comes around. Happy Stitching!


  3. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    the quilting design looks great on that baby quilt. Great tip on the basting of the edges – April is a good month if the storms aren't bad!! windows open here too for awhile until the pollen starts to get bad. Hope you are both feeling good again


  4. loraine everard

    Love original quilt designs! Thanks for the tip on basting the quilt edges, I have never thought to do that! Have you ever had a problem with needles bending or breaking? I am using clover at the moment, and have broken 2 needles, and bent every one I try. Don't remember ever having this happen before.I m using wool wadding, which is lovely, so there is not a lot of resistance. Thanks for a lovely blog, I alwys enjoy my visits.x



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