Rustic Bulls Eye Wall Hanging Progress :)

Thanks for all the well wishes and happy thoughts and prayers sent my way last week!!!  This past week has been MUCH MUCH better! 

The viral flu bug that was rampant since New years here is finally gone completely for both me and my honey…. and he is preparing for his upcoming hip replacement surgery now!!!

This week I focused on a project I had forgotten about… the Rustic Bulls Eye Wall Hanging I started a couple years back!

This little wall hanging was a project I worked on when my honey was at doctor’s appointments.. somehow between the move and all it got forgotten and finally uncovered this past Monday while I was organizing some things (okay looking for something completely different! lol) and I took the photo above!

I had stencils stored with it but decided that little burgandy border I had sewn around the exquisite center my bestie Connie made from a photo I sent her with homespuns raw edge appliqued…. just wouldn’t work so I pulled out my stencils and found this little leaves pattern that seemed to fit….

 Then I pulled out threads … the greens (while leaf like) didn’t work with this to me… but the black was a score!  Then I decided the outer border needed some stitching too… so I thought a nice argyle finish in burgandy and black would be fun there….

 The black zig zag laid down nicely but it definitely needed more and the blue wash away marker I had used to mark the line for the black stitching competed when I tried to mark the red stitching so I pulled out the pink chalk from my current work in progress and could at least make sense of how the marking should go….

 Here is the Allary brand chalk pen I use in pink and I brought a piece of white over too… in case the pink didn’t show up… but the pink worked fine!  I am hoping all this washes out easily once bound and ready to hang!

After figuring one side though I was able to find my reference points and just use the wash away marker for the remaining 3 sides of burgandy thread lines to mark.

Then my honey brought in the basket we planned to hang this inside and I laid it in progress in the basket to see how it looked….

 LOVE IT!!!!  Of course above it isn’t finished and it needs trimmed and bound!

Below you can see how the pink chalk doesn’t spritz away with water as nicely as the blue marker on the left side of the below shot does…

 And here I am with just the last side left to stitch across the bottom outer edge !!! EXCITING!!!

 Yesterday my honey figured a way to hang the big and HEAVY basket on the wall… our thought is for me to put tabs on the back side in each corner to then nail or push pin in place the wall hanging to the center of this basket on point…

 Like this!  All done and ready for black binding 🙂

 So today I will machine sew on the binding and hand stitch it in place… making sure to label it and add those hanging tabs to the back corners all around so it hangs well… I will make sure to take a nice photo for all of you to enjoy as well!  This is hanging in our bedroom and goes well with our civil war color scheme in that room 🙂

So that has been my focus along with doing things around the house and selling more things on eBay and Facebook.  Here is my updated list #1…

I hope to get the binding and hanging loops on today or tomorrow too… enjoying the light snowy day we are having and staying inside where it is warm! 😉
I am linking my slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday HERE… and to the Peacock Party at Wendy’s Quilts and More HERE.  Please make time to visit both as they are full of inspiration this week!

This week has really been focused on dealing with doctor’s visits for my honey in prep for his hip replacement the end of next month… he is ready for an end of the severe pre-operative pain and I am ready for him to get back to cooking dinner which he hasn’t been able to do as well with his him hurting so bad!

Really I just want to my partner in life not in pain though… please keep him in your thoughts!  Have a blessed week and thanks for visiting and reading this post!!!

5 thoughts on “Rustic Bulls Eye Wall Hanging Progress :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    end of next month for the surgery huh – that will give you plenty of time to have a busy bag prepped for you for hand stitching or whatever while you sit around for surgery to be done and his stay in the hospital. A colorful block you have been working on and love that basket.glad you are feeling better!


  2. Nancy J

    Constant pain is something that invades every part of your day and night. I think that with hip surgery the difference is almost instant after the initial surgery pains go. I have friends who have a totally different life now, and one can drive, fly overseas, and do everything she did years before. Thinking of you both.


  3. Jill

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better and may the flu bugs stay away. Stitching on a cheerful sunflower block was beneficial. Once I had yellow and pink chalk marks that did not spritz or soak away. Stay well dear friend.


  4. Gretchen Weaver

    The little wall quilt is beautiful! It's going to look so sweet in the basket. I'm glad you're over the flu and doing better. You need to get something ready to take along to the hospital to work on during the surgery and the days after. Have a wonderful stitching week!



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