And just like that.. it is December 2018 y’all!

Wow!  A year has gone by and so much has happened for us.. how about you… can you reflect on all this year has brought for you??  I just have to say a happy …

A friend on facebook posted this yesterday… I asked permission and happily am using it today as my lead photo to welcome in this final month of 2018!
Also, I updated my profile info here on blogger.   Please let me know if it doesn’t read well since I reworked it… thanks!
I want to link out first off to Kathy Quilts and Slow Stitching Sunday post HERE.  Without her I would forget to document my slow stitching and other progress here I think! lol
Today she is sharing a link to a facebook group that NEXT YEAR will feature a Christmas themed sew along from Gail Pan in Australia… check out that direct page HERE if this photo catches your eye as some embroidery you would enjoy doing… I really really like it.
Kathy has been stitching along with Gail on a different stitch along this year and will finish it first… or so she thinks… bu this looks soooo cute!
I will have to see if I can fit it in my time… how December goes for me… you see I am hyper focused on my hand quilting progress …
See my new pink and white coffee cup I keep nearby in the photo above!!!
And check out my view in the early morning hours on cold late fall days…
I love this fireplace!!!!
So really though… Here are some close ups of my progress since my last post on Stars Among Us quilt that is in progress…

 I love finishing a row and rolling the frame…

 Some how I didn’t save a photo of the border stitching but you can see above and below it got marked and done… and more of the center got marked below this morning 😀

It is my favorite time of the day when the house is quiet and I can put on headphones and learn something new or listen to music and stitch… or just ponder 😀  How about you… what do you do as you slow stitch your favorite things???
As you see above the phone cradle my honey made me is getting LOTS of use!  I love it 🙂
We got in and sold this Singer White 221k this week… it was a true beauty!!!  The new owner will get it Monday..

While looking for some things in a file cabinet we have … I found lots of varied manuals for vintage machines so we have been selling them on facebook.  Here is one that hasn’t sold yet but is very nice condition and will probably find a home soon 🙂

I got these cool cork engraved labels last week… but didn’t get a photo of them… so here they are… just 1″ square … they are for bags and misc that I have high hopes of making in the coming days! lol
I found a black with gold decal Singer vintage machine I really really wanted for bag making and heavy thick work I have planned… to complement the piecing excellence I enjoy with Gloria my Singer 301.  My honey and my bestie got in cohoots and ordered me off eBay a 1950’s Singer 319w.  I am still NOT SO PATIENTLY waiting for it to arrive though so I will share photos with you of it…

 Above is their lead photo… but it is dim so we requested a better lighted photo and got the one below…

The man who advertised this machine is a sewing machine mechanic in his retirement years like my honey is… and he sells different older machines so hopefully it is packed very well… a snow storm that hit the north slowed down it journey to North Carolina… so I am waiting… PATIENTLY!!!!  hahaha
This sewing machine will take the place of my 401 Zena.  Zena will be going to my daughter when she gets a place to keep and use a sewing machine… so I am using her for one last task…

 Helping me quilt this panel… shown above (it is vintage Daisy Kingdom.. maybe 1980’s sometime??)

And below is a photo of some of my planned quilting…

 Here is some of the wool batting getting sewn under the snow couple on Zena…

And do you see the wall I get to view as I sew here??!!  I am pondering while Zena is out taking time to rearrange the sewing room on this side a bit to give me light and window space by my sewing machine… we have such lovely window views here!  We shall see 🙂
I am also waiting on this lovely vintage stripe I purchased a half yard of… it will be a candy cane binding on this when it is done… 

 One thing I finally bought myself this week … now no more trying to make my Gingher or other vintage pinkers work…

 Is a pair of pinking shears!  They are Fiskars… come with a lifetime warranty and a teal handle I just LOVE ❤  Once all settled from our shopping I found a scrap piece of fabric and cut 1 layer, then 2 layers, then 6 layers!!!  I am mega happy with these … I hope they stay this sharp because they cut 6 layers of cotton fabric EASY!!!

Now here I am feeling like Minnie Mouse in this photo…

But slowing it down for today to share with you all and see what y’all are up to as well!  I love Sundays when we have no hard set plans 🙂  How about you??!!

Finally, I wanted to share with you… if you have a crafty friend or family member and you just don’t know what to get them this year… think about looking into a Bluprint 3 month subscription.  It is about $30… is available all over the world as a gift to learn via video in your own home about a large array of items… my friend Karen is an affiliate… check out her blog HERE for more info on this great gift idea (at the end of this linked post) … I gave one to one of my best friends this season and she is LOVING it !!!!

Have a blessed day and pray with me my new to me sewing machine makes it here MONDAY!!!  Meanwhile I will be chugging away Living a Life I Love… How about you… now go visit Kathy and check out Gail Pan’s facebook group and 2019 plan 😀  Hope to see your post there!

6 thoughts on “And just like that.. it is December 2018 y’all!

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    Stars looks so nice. I have my sewing machine cabinet turned so I can look out the south window in my sewing room. It actually sits at an angle. I figure I can have my machine anyway I want it! I look forward to seeing what you do with the cork things. Have a great week and I do hope your new machine arrives tomorrow. Happy stitching!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    when quilting at the frame I have my Ipad on a wall holder and I watch Netflix shows – mostly tv series that I have already watched at one time or another so I don't really pay real close attention to them – you are making great progress on your quilting and love the new old sewing machine! I had a pair of pinking shears – Fiskers someplace but they disappeared many years ago but I never used them anyhow and haven't missed them. Thanks for the shout out.


  3. Little Penpen

    Are you going to participate in the Gail Pan sew along? I just bought a years subscription to Kathy Schmitz designs. I got my first one yesterday and I so happy! Looks like you've been busy… congrats! on the new machine and for selling one. That white one is so pretty.


  4. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    I have a white featherweight that I gave to my daughter but she doesn't use it so we will bringing her home when we visit at Christmas. It belonged to my husband's grandmother. Love that panel, but then I love vintage. Your fire looks cozy and how nice to quilt with a fire going.



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