Slow Sunday Stitching and Photo Challenge… Yippee!

I am sooo excited is is FINALLY Sunday y’all!

Time to head over to Kathy’s Quilts HERE and see what this photo challenge and slow stitching is all about!!!  Here is my camera!  An iPhone 6 I have had for over 2 years 😀

 It is part of a wristlet style wallet that is my go everywhere hold-it-all wallet that I slide out of that outer protective case when at home and snap shots like all the ones below!

Here is the goal of today’s shooting… my hoop is a 17″ plastic hoop with a ridge around the center that makes it hold the quilt in it quite nicely… in it is a wall hanging called Homespun Wall Hanging that is my travel project and aside from the quilt I am working on … is my now longest waiting to be worked on UFO in the house… It was made up for me over 3 years ago I think by my best friend… then I added borders a couple years ago and layered it up with excitement to start and finish it quick.
Then it sat waiting for it’s turn since I don’t sit in the recliner it sat next to anymore due to my arthritic knees needing replacement.  I sit in this chair and have this view instead! lol

See the hoop to the left…
It has now been made my travel project for when we make trips north of here looking for a new home… we have our home up for sale presently and every now and then we will be making trips north in search of more seasons and less hurricane weather!  So whilst I wait to find the right time to spend with that one… I am working on my oldest UFO in a PVC frame my honey made me before I got the big wood Hinterberg frame that has now been disassembled and packed for this upcoming move!

Here is the quilt I shared last week… sitting out to be enjoyed before I stuff it in a cotton pillowcase and pack it for our move….

 Now I am working on a colorful wholecloth I have had pin basted and worked on in that hoop for a time now I am putting it in the PVC frame for a faster finish as I can work on a larger area at a time and my arthritis and frame quilting gets along better ! lol

Here are the colors of thread going into this project…

 The pink sewing machine charm is actually a needle minder given to my by my good friend Debbie one year in the past… I LOVE IT!  I never knew such a device existed but it is just a heavy duty magnet on each side of the quilt that attract to each other to hold them together topped with a charm of your preference… this one reminds me of the giver too!

See how nicely it holds my needle spot for me 😀

 Above is a shot of my frame when I am stitching watching “When Calls the Heart” on Netflix… such a sweet show in this day and age of so much crazy stuff on the television channels… this one is one you can share with young viewers or enjoy by yourself… I enjoy it by myself 😀

And below is a close up of the hand quilting I imagined and completed whilst watching this series on Netflix….

Here is a shot of where I am this morning… almost ready to move the quilt in the frame!!!

I wish you could feel the texture all this quilting makes on this quilt!!!  It’s legal name is Garden Bouquet Whole Cloth Quilt… and it is quilt sized… I did change the edges you will see by next week to be scalloped.  I will have to make bias binding for this one because of that!!!  But that is a ways off still.. about 1/3 done with this one so far working out from the center that is completely finished.

And here is a series of 3 shots of close ups of my hand quilting for you to enjoy!

While featherweight 221’s have been taking a back seat to our home selling focus lately… we found one local on Craigslist and are in the midst of parting out right now as it was in poor cosmetic shape but so nice to find an older (1936) featherweight to spend time with that was working too!!!

So take some time and visit around at Kathy’s… and take some slow stitches today whether it be quilting or some other way of getting needle and fabric together… share what you are up to at Kathy’s with a pic to join in her Photo Challenge… or just leave me a comment about what YOU are up to!!

Remember most of all though to …

13 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Stitching and Photo Challenge… Yippee!

  1. Little Penpen

    Yummy yummy whole cloth!! Your phone camera does a great job. I've always wanted a nice camera one day. I admire yours and hunny's featherweight business…it must be cool to get your hands on those things!


  2. Quilter Kathy

    I do have a floor frame like yours still in the box! Now that I hear how much use you are getting out of yours, I should set mine up and see how I like it!LOVE seeing the photos of your whole cloth quilting… gorgeous! Happy Slow Sunday Stitching!


  3. Chantal

    Your whole cloth quilting is gorgeous. Needle nanny is a new thing to me. I'll have to look this up as it sounds very handy. My frame is tilted and needles can easily roll off of it. I always jab them upright in the quilt when I am done for the day. Thanks for sharing. It was a very nice post to read. ;^)


  4. CathieJ

    Oh my that whole cloth quilt is going to be beautiful. I hope you will have a better view from your quilt frame in your new place. The hooped quilt is very pretty.


  5. Jill

    Very nice progress and stitching on your whole cloth quilt. A relaxing thing to do while you wait for a buyer. Oh how I wish, I could spot a FW on CL. I suppose I should look more than a couple times a year. Lol.



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