Another UFO completed!!!!

I can’t believe I am chatting with you 2 weeks in a row with yet ANOTHER finish to share 😀

The newlyweds are LOVING their quilt and sleeping under it on their bed… no pics yet but I am fine with that as it is being loved and slept under 💑

And while I am very excited to share my finish… I really wanna share this photo!!!

 Look what the Color Catcher’s caught 😀

And look how beautiful and unstained the finish quilt is…

None of this quilt was pre-washed as I bought the top my daughter found already made from an eBay seller…

From the above pic it is 90″ x  90″.  She then picked out the pattern I would use to stipple in black thread on the white background from one of the online stencil companies and helped me decide on a pattern for all those carpenter star blocks… the outer border has a simple “s” design we both liked in red big stitch… and the binding is something fun and snazzy she liked!  She named it Starlight Starbright during the quilt designing process 😀

This quilt was meant to be her graduation from high school quilt… yet she has yet to graduate from high school.  She has chosen a different path right now and has quit school to work and pursue other interests… so I will be holding on to this quilt until her life settles down a bit I think 🙂

This quilt was purchased about this time of year in 2016 when I look back in my blog archives for a history moment.

It was officially started on my February 24, 2016 in a hoop…

Soon after this was started I realized it was gonna be an arduous journey this way so my honey built the PVC quilting frame for me from 1″ pvc and his own ingenuity to my specifications ❤

Here is a pic I took once this quilt came out of it…

It was surely dusty from being in this frame for 2 years with only small movements to reposition it for quilting… when I took it out to bind it dust flew everywhere!!!  lol

BTW… my previously cut binding???  Well I had just this 5″ piece left!!!  WOW that was close 😀

Then to wash it I also wanted to remove all the markings… mostly pencil markings on the white fabric… I really didn’t want to scrub with a toothbrush on it with Palmolive dish soap which is my secret weapon to remove even a stubborn prewashed pencil marking… so I washed in cold water with detergent… then when that didn’t remove the pencil I washed again with detergent and 2 tablespoons of Palmolive in my front loading washing machine and left soaking once it was good and wet overnight (about 4 hours honestly )… then checked it and all the pencil appeared to be gone… I washed it on warm with no extra soap just what was in it and as you can see in the pics… it is all GREAT!!!!  No pencil marks found by my meticulous eye at all!!!!

Above you can see the pencil marks in the white that I made… pretty heavy handed I got !  Then had to remark most of that as it wasn’t very good for stitching really …

So I have learned A LOT with this quilt.. and I am happy to call it done… I have a 100% cotton pillowcase this quilt will be calling home until we get moved… then I will display it occasionally and change it’s folding pattern occasionally as recommended… until the time my daughter is ready to receive this gift of love!

While working on this I have also started drafting a future quilt pattern as the pattern comes in 70″ square size and I want it 105″ square size…

And another UFO has shown itself on my PVC frame…

The colorful whole cloth quilt I am making… look at the fun backing I added… it is a wide back… I started this some time long ago and am happy to be calling this one my current project.. maybe til summer???  Not sure how long it will take… I am only about 1/4 or 1/3 done with the quilting on it.

So that is all that is keeping me busy and out of trouble… how about you?!   What are you doing to keep your hands and mind busy this year??

Thanks for visiting with me … I hope I have left you inspired to pick up a new project or return to an older project and finish it up!  Linking all this to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday HERE… she has the flu so come cheer her up !!!  And she has a new idea to share for 2018 linkers too 😀

In closing here is a large view of the quilt itself for your enjoyment…

Have a blessed Sunday whatever you do… try to spend a bit of time doing something fun with your hands too … but most importantly ….

10 thoughts on “Another UFO completed!!!!

  1. Little Penpen

    Two huge finishes for 2018!! yay! I love your daughter's quilt. I was surprised to see the color catchers, do you think it was the backing that gave up that much color? I've never used color catchers before, but maybe I should start. I'm excited to see your whole cloth again. Yay!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    aren't color catchers wonderful!! good thing to hold on to the quilt for awhile until she settles down – kids are like that sometimes and I am holding on to a quilt for my granddaughter that is \”too grand\” for her right now LOL – she needs to be older so I know she will care for it. I think your quilt turned out wonderful!!


  3. Quilter Kathy

    I can't believe you finished another hand quilted project this year! You sure cut it close on the binding fabric…. phew! Congratulations Kathi…it's awesome!And a beautiful whole cloth quilt is in the frame!


  4. Jill

    That is amazing what color catchers caught. I am like Little Penpen and have not used them. I do well with prewashing my fabric. I like your quilting design in Starbright Starlight. It is a striking quilt worth saving for daughter as she finds her way. Congrats on two consecutive Slow Sunday Stitching posts.


  5. Ellen

    That is a wonderful gift for your daughter. Your quilting is fantastic! Thank you so much for tip for getting pencil marks out. I am having a lot of angst about marking my quilts with pencil because I don't want to wash them when I am done. I guess I have to change my mind!



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