Leaf Table Topper DONE :)

Last year about this time I bought some Bosal Leaf shapes from MSQC to make a Fold N Stitch Leaf Topper…

But there were NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to make the topper with the precut pieces… so I had to buy a pattern by Poorhouse Quilt Designs…

This blog post will tell you what you REALLY need to know to make this and YES … you need their pattern to make it I think!  Although the directions make it harder than it has to be AND the directions tell you this is a beginner project… I am an intermediate level quilter and found it quite a challenge at some places… thus this blog post!

First I read ALL the directions several times through…. then I decided on my dark and light greens and my 8 different colors… I used some prints and some batiks… but mostly small prints…

 This was also my first go at machine applique and using any type of adhesive product… I had been told by friends that Steam a Seam Lite 2 was the best for a project you wanted to stay light … so I tried it.. I did have another brand of product but this was handy and I was dying to try it 🙂  I was NOT disappointed just so you know!

Here is everything now cut and ready …

 The pattern tells you to lay the Bosal foam shape on top of your pinned together pieces and using a regular foot or recommended zipper foot adjusted for narrow fit to then stitch your leaf shapes.  Well that didn’t work well for me… so I traced the leaf shape and followed the line … with the pieces pinned so they didn’t shift… MUCH EASIER!!!!

 Once turned … using their directions leaving a slit… I laid out my version of patchwork …

 Soon I had 4 laid out.. paper is still attached to the patchwork areas though…

 After I got all 8 done… and there was some creative exchanging done as well! lol  I took off the paper and specifically fitted each leaf…

 I ironed my Steam a Seam 2 per the manufacturers directs and never found it a mess as all to deal with.

Then I followed the suggestion of how to sew down the fabric edges but I chose to use a zig zag narrowly done on all my leaves..

I used dark green Aurifil 28/2 for a bit of leafy fun shape to my leaf applique process…

Here you can see some leaves front and back 🙂

Finally it was time to sew all the leaves together… I saw this trick on a video I looked up on YouTube… and instead of cutting out the big leaf shape I cut out the smaller section and marked my leaves.. you can see here my cardstock copy from the pattern…
Above are 4 sewn together… and more challenging… is the whole circle of them!!!

 The secret behind this shot is to make sure you don’t sew your last join together until you iron it with steam and adjust it… then sew it by that measurement not the template as you have sewn the rest together by!  I had to resew the last join 3 times before I got a flat lying table topper y’all!!

Sooo… now that I have given you some tips… anyone want to buy my pattern for $7 includes shipping in the USA?  Comment below and I will email you back to get verification of your paypal email address before invoicing if you are interested!

If you buy this pattern from me above… you will get all the original parts of the pattern that have been gently viewed only.. as well as any assist from me that you like or need in making this with your fabrics and bosal… you can buy the bosal single sided foam in a sheet or buy the leaves as I did your choice..  I used all stash for the fabric to make mine though and LOVE it!!! 💗

Tune in tomorrow to see where I use it  for now 😀

So until I catch you up tomorrow >>>make time today to…

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