Lots of Productivity… Now to SLOW it down a bit!!!

So since our last chat… I have been VERY busy 🙂

Saturday I got the frame loaded with my latest finish “Batik Hollyhock Quilt”… This is where I will be most all day Sunday… In hand quilting BLISS!!!!   Linking this post to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday post HERE 🙂  Hope you make time to slow stitch with me today and to check out Kathy’s post… this quilt I am working on today was a LOOONG time UFO that I am happy is now being quilted… and it is for ME!!!

This pattern is Hollyhock Garden in this booklet you can find online…

In my last post I shared the making of the “flowers”… so in this post I thought I would show you all the triangles I cut using the SAME template….

And check out how festive my design wall looked as I put this quilt top together!!!
Don’t you love the vintage doilies above my design wall?  That is something my friend Wendy made for me … this April 1 we celebrated 3 wonderful years of friendship too!!!  
Finally I had it all together and it was time for me to piece a backing…
Because I made it bigger than I originally planned on it to be! lol
Oh well.. that is the life of a UFO… this quilt will be my personal living room snuggle quilt.  I stay cold a lot!!!  So this quilt will keep me warm while others are comfy already! hahaha   So here is my pieced backing…
Hard to tell but the colors are all coordinating with the front… once it is quilted I will get some close ups of the backing that remains as this was a bit big… and you will see the design better and colors! 🙂
All this I sewed on my vintage 301a GLORIA the Glorious!!!
Check out the new clock I found on facebook marketplace local to me….

 For a steal of a deal the original owner isn’t a sewer and received it as a gift… she agreed to take $30 for it !!! Yippee… It now happily adorns my sewing room and keeps me aware of the time.

We are selling LED lights we just got in that fit many vintage machines… but specifically my 301, 401 and 221!!!!  Soooo excited… this picture is on eBay if you are interested look for it there or message me HERE 🙂  We were unsure if this was a good deal or not as in… did they really fit so many different machines in 1 design… THEY DO!!!!  No flange between bulb and base is the reason!

There are like 104 little LED lights and it really brightens up my sewing space when I am using my machines now!!! Yippee!!!!

Finally I am ready to share a bit more about my designing focus I shared a bit last post with you but just enough to confuse you probably… let me share more with you today.
James ( my 2nd oldest child and father to Kaydence) recently married Heather… his true soulmate 🙂  I had sent him his father’s wedding band and my wedding band from that marriage which was originally his grandmother’s wedding band (Tony’s moms wedding band) for a wedding gift… but after sending Kaydence a quilt for their home… I wanted to make them a snuggle quilt to celebrate their union … it just seems right… so here are some quilts they sent for inspiration to make them one of their own.. hand quilted of course!!!
They wanted country colors… not much light colored fabrics… and a punch of dark purple to it as James prefers that color Heather said when she was giving me pointers.  Here is some of what I have designed…
It is the Amethyst Star Pattern!  I found out just the other day though that this is a spin on Pat Speth’s “Morning Star” pattern from her “nickel quilt book”.  So it is and the photo top left is a civil war take on that pattern I sent to Heather and she LOVED it!  So I ordered a layer cake and drew out and partially colored a pattern on graph paper I keep for designing on.
I love the name of this layer cake too!!!!  Gratitude by Jo Morton for Moda 🙂
And added a few fabrics from my stash and Connie’s to round out my needs for this quilt…
In the end I came up with a nice assortment of charms!!!
The sashings will be vanilla mottled around the edges and cheddar/light brown everywhere else in the center sections…
Above is a test sashing strip with the wrong fabric for star points but I was testing the pattern size needs to make sure my plan was accurate… well the left side is more accurate than the right side… so I will be marking these all and using Bonnie Hunter’s tutorial for flippy corners you can find HERE!  I enjoy learning from Bonnie … I think she if a great teacher!  And she is all about accuracy too 🙂

 You can see on the left where I am counting and ironing a final hot press… all the little squares… flippy corners to be! lol

And above I am now gonna use a stardust glitter pen from Sakura with a little ruler to mark a center line down all my little squares… then sew just inside that line to get the perfect flipped corner… I will NOT be saving the bonus triangles and these little squares are just too small already!  But I will have fun I hope as I had to make 1,120 of these little squares for this quilt!!!!  Wowee!!!!

I got fun mail this week from my best friend Connie… a sweet card and some goodies too!

And found some quilty inspiration online this week as well…

I took my beach photo from my last posting and used it to do a bit of fun photo editing to make a new blog header for summer time… it already feels like summer here in Florida anyway! lol

And I finally caught Daisy looking at my phone for a good minute so I could catch her cuteness…

She is such a fun companion.. even if we did find out doxie’s (dachshund by full name) are on the higher end of having dander… my honey is now gaining allergies!!!  Daisy is HIS dog! hahaha

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your visit and until my next post my time to show someone that you …

7 thoughts on “Lots of Productivity… Now to SLOW it down a bit!!!

  1. Little Penpen

    I didn't know that about the doxies and dander. We have two and my husband developed asthma a few years ago. We joked that he might be allergic to the dogs, but didn't really think so because he has had dogs all his life. Maybe he really is allergic! Your new quilt is beautiful and I look forward to watching your hand quilting progress. You are wonderful to make such a 'busy' quilt for the newlyweds. Lots of pieces!! The new sewing machine clock is so cute…good find!! Have a great weekend!


  2. Quilter Kathy

    Enjoy your hand quilting today!I saw that same clock at a quilt store in Kingston and loved it to much I took a picture of it when I was there visiting. It is such a fun addition to a sewing room!


  3. Robin

    That was a great post. I enjoyed hearing about your planning process. There is so much more to making a quilt than just cutting and sewing. I love the picture on the wall behind your quilt frames. It just makes me happy. The Hollyhock quilt is coming a long great. Glad you're getting an old UFO done!



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