Thanks to Hurricane Matthew… it has been almost 3 weeks now since I quilted!!!

Sorry I have been absent for so long… will try to make this catch up as short and enjoyable as possible!!! lol

I quilted a bit daily until October 4.  That is when we realized Matthew was a big storm… soon upgraded to a Hurricane and would hit on or close to where we lived…

Here was our home on October 5th… we lived without windows in this house a day before we left to evacuate… Evacuation was NOT mandatory for our home location but was favored by the local weather authorities so my honey and I decided we would leave…

Above is a shot of the boarding of the windows… and below is a shot as we said goodbye to our home on October 6… headed to Mongomery, Alabama some 7 plus hours away from us!!! (It was the closest hotel we could find to evacuate to by the time we decided evacuation was our plan !!!

We did put our inside furniture mainly up on blocks… and brought in all our outside furniture including my office that was homed on the Florida Room (I bring my computer in each night)!  This is a sad time for us as we are unsure what we will come home to!

We arrived on October 6 very late to our hotel and had a great but small accomodations.. the hotel was called “Microtel”… I didn’t imagine a hotel room could be so small!  But it kept me and Rick and Daisy all free of wind and rain and hurricane conditions for 2 nights 🙂  The staff there was very friendly and accomodating… we did bring some food and drinks with us.. but no refrigerator is available in any of their rooms… they did have plenty of long lasting ice in their ice machines though!

We waffled back and forth whether to return Saturday or Sunday… finally we both felt good about making the 8 hour trek home (going a more direct route than we had to go to evacuate) on Saturday… just a day after Matthew had left… we didn’t have our neighbors info and couldn’t even find out from the power company here if we had power… but forward we went!

Daisy whined a lot on the way to the hotel… she couldn’t seem to understand the car was moving… we did bring her big cushion for a nest on our travels… and the shot to the right is on our trip back home….

We were so happy to cross from Alabama to Florida coming home too!

On our way there my smart GPS that sees accidents and traffic ahead of the path it wants us to go rerouted us so we went from Florida to Georgia then to Alabama!!!

When we finally arrived home Saturday afternoon… Rick wanted to make a quick check alone… so I loaded my arms and prepared for the worst… but the front of the house looked just as we left it!!!

Rick gave our home 2 thumbs up!!!!  If you look behind him there were sand bags at the front door.. he cut all the plywood custom fit to make coverings for all the windows too!!!

And we had POWER!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

The next day I took these 2 shots…  this is the main of the debris from our back yard… our sweet right next door neighbors had cleaned the front of our yard to welcome us home 🙂

We had had the trees trimmed by a professional comany and in doing so left this stump you can see on the left side of the pic above…

Rick then carved into it with one of his routers after I sketched it only the tree stump… “Matthew Oct. 2016″… this way this tree will have engraved in it why it was saved… we saw soooo much debris as we got closer to the coast on our drive home….

We did lose gates to our fences… well they need some major repairs anyway… and the fence that separated us from us and our left hand neighbors came down completely and it was their fence as they have a pool with a screen enclosure.. they say they have no $$ to replace the fence… so that will happen after next years budget starts… that means once the house taxes are paid!!! lol  Rick can do the work but the fencing costs about $1200… so that will take a couple months to save for!!!

Above is Rick doing a check of our roof and giving it a good general sweep of leaves and limbs that can get caught in the shingles… overall we fared VERY WELL!  Our neighbor directly across the street has their main home in Orlando.. so they missed the hurricane but their home didn’t … a tree took out a good part of roofing!  It took the tree trimmers only part of a day to trim all the trees but still we wait to see repairs happening… Rick estimates $30,000 to $50,000 damage to their home from this storm… so we are sooo blessed to have no home damage!

All this has left us very greatful to have a concrete block home with lots of rafters my honey had previously not understood… now we both have a better understanding of why we had this home still and now we don’t plan to sell next year but to continue upgrading this home in general instead… it is only increasing in value.. to us and to Zillow! lol

Below is a temporary fence we put up from our Florida room to the back fencing that is intact… to keep Daisy contained and not have to watch her sooo closely….

 You can see the window plywood here stacked against our out building to dry.  Rick also labeled it for quick access in the future with more screws and a bit too!  The missing fence would have been behind that!  The temporary fence is hard to see but it is in front of all that with the 3 stones at the bottom of this shot…

Our Florida room is now just a gathering spot… I love it even more now though that it isn’t so cluttered!!!!

And the living room is emptied back to it’s new normal level and deep cleaned from bringing the outside in during evacuation preparations…

And our sweet kitchen is in order too…

Currently I am working on cleaning out a major mess we call our master bedroom closet!  It is a large closet for sure.. and has been a catch all for past hobbies and memories I didn’t want to deal with….

Thus the reason I really haven’t blogged lately… we have been focused on loving this home of ours 🙂

We moved the computer into what was my daughter’s room.. we now call the office!

But those bright green walls were driving me batty so until it gets painted (soon I hope!)  I have moved the desk to a different location… into the master bedroom!!!! lol

When we did evacuate I took tons of my sewing projects… I didn’t want them ruined if the house was… and this new book I had just received in the mail!

 I am so excited to get done with cleaning and sorting to read it… here is the intro portion I did read!!!!

I am definitely excited to use this book on future quilts 🙂  It seems to address beginners to advanced hand quilters too!!!!

Here is a shot from Sunday of my sweet granddaughter Kaydence…

And here is a shot I found on facebook that is current of my nieces and nephew!

Hope you all take time to enjoy the life God has given you!

Thanks for reading and hanging with me through this drought of writing… more to say in future posts and hopefully some quilting will start SOON!!!!

2 thoughts on “Thanks to Hurricane Matthew… it has been almost 3 weeks now since I quilted!!!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    so glad your house made it through – I guess having a house made of concrete is the way to go for along the coast line and extra rafters to hold the roof together. You have surely been busy and I bet look forward to have sewing time again I bet.


  2. Little Penpen

    Isn't it amazing how we really appreciate what we have when we come so close to losing it? Less than two miles from me, the people flooded with Matthew, and they have begun the process of ripping out floors, walls, etc. to rebuild for the second time in 16 years. I know one of the ladies and she is a real trooper about the whole thing. Thankfully, she had flood insurance. Your granddaughter is beautiful and I just love her lacy dress! Glad things are getting back to normal for you guys… missed you!



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