Happy Sunday Catch Up!

Happy Sunday Y’all!

Hoping your day is Peaceful like this cool ocean shot 🙂
We have had a very busy week here at Casa Del Loro… 
But first I want to share progress on my hand quilting of Starlight… Starbright…

I am finally on the last block of the queen sized quilt and so happy about that!!!

Linking this progress to Kathy’s Quilts Sunday Linky Party HERE <<<

Yesterday I got the left side remarked…

I am using a Mark-B-Gone water soluble pen for this… I don’t like the fine point but love the regular tip size available at my local Walmart now that they have started selling fabric and notions again!!!

I had initially marked with the stencil and a mechanical pencil… but several areas require remarking now for more continuity in the stippled stars and moons… so I am doing that free hand in blue 🙂

Most of my time this week has gotten eaten up with redefining our living room space at Casa Del Loro!!!  Kathy talks about your view while stitching.. well this will be my view when this quilt is finished… it was NOT zen at all… but now it is!!!!

We got rid of the chair and ottoman and the sleeper sofa we had (all heavy big furniture that crowded our space)… and now we have a much cooler looking recliner set we found in very nice condition on our local Craigslist… and it is sooo roomy now!

Here is a collage I made of our sweet Daisy in my honey’s recliner peeking over the edge…

Then yesterday I found this on our local swap/shop Facebook group for only cheap!!!!

I love the scene that is painted on this real glass and wood window.. .it measures 32″ x 32″  🙂

Here is a view a bit further back…

I will enjoy daydreaming at this window once I start working on the quilt below it.  Our living room has very few windows but 2 nice skylights that let in light .. so I thought this would be a fun way to add some nature to a fairly closed in room !

I also splurged and got a pedicure this week with fall colored nails!!!

Initially I felt guilty .. but I have very bad arthritis in my feet and legs and the massaging they do was heavenly for sure!

Today I plan to slow stitch away on Starlight… and be happy I have a few true friends in my life too!

How many true friends are you lucky enough to have?  I can tell you at 50 years young… I feel a true friend is very hard to come by and very LUCKY to have!

Have a blessed week y’all! And make sure to let those you trust know it!  I encourage you to take time to …

11 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Catch Up!

  1. Little Penpen

    So close!!! You are almost finished with the quilt! That's a LOT of hand quilting in a short amount of time!! Your new chairs look great and I'll bet they are just as comfy. That beach scene on the window is perfect! Great find!! You sound like me, in feeling guilty about getting your nails done. I stretch my visits out pretty far in between, but love to get my toes all pretty again. I can't see well enough, nor can I bend that far, to make them that pretty! 😝😝😝


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    we need to get a couple of comfy chairs too – we went with a large sofa, love seat and chair – the love seat and chair we would like to get rid of and get two recliners instead – when – not sure? you will be so glad to get the quilt done and it looks amazing. I need to pamper my feet also – only have done that a couple times – why? it feels good need to more often


  3. colleen

    Love your quilt and the quilting …your view for the next one is perfect for Florida! As to your feet getting pampered if it feels that good for those feet that carry you everywhere you go you need to figure out a way to put money aside to get that done regularly.I never had my finger or toe nails done until about a year ago now I go about every 1 1/2 to 2 months my feet have improved so much not nearly as rough. I don't do my hands that's my trade off so I don't feel guilty . But really I do enjoy the feet so much that I have had my husband come with me and he enjoyed his pedicure and said he would go again



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