Hope you had a Safe Labor Day weekend!!

I hope for those in the US… Labor Day weekend was a much needed time to catch up 🙂

I had planned to share this greeting YESTERDAY… but my dd came for a visit and I never got a post written! lol

I have several projects I am working on… but for some reason all my focus has been on Starlight… Starbright… for my daughter’s high school graduation coming in the spring…maybe this is part of my “empty nesting”???  Not sure as I am happy at how she is making her way and she seems happy when we chatted yesterday… and I did work on her quilt over the holiday weekend!!!

Here is a wide shot I took the other day…

 And here you can see more progress in a closer up shot! 🙂  …

Soon I will be moving the quilt to get to the carpenter’s star center 🙂

Also over the weekend I spotted a pic on facebook of my 15 month old granddaughter… KAYDENCE!!!!

She is enjoying some ice cream above… but check out the bib she is wearing… I MADE THAT FOR HER!!!  She is getting tubes in her ears mid September her mom says … so hoping that goes quick and easy!!!

So excited to see something I quilted and made for her to use but never received even notification that it was received … IN ACTION!!!!  So that started my weekend off with happy fireworks! lol

Then I ran across this verse and thought enough of it to share with you!!

Thus I quilt to stay happy and out of trouble! Staying warm with them is a wonderful side effect too!

So what all are YOU working on right now to keep you happy and your family warm???

I almost forgot… the fabric aquisition I shared with you last time??  Well I got 2 more 1/4 yards of more in that line… and I love it!! ❤

See the ones on the bottom are the new ones… the ones across the top are from my initial purchase… I will give OddsnEndsFabric.com a HUGE THUMBS UP!!!!  For taking such good care of this fabric and my order!!!  Check them out if you are in the US online 🙂

I hope you take time to leave a comment and share what you are up to!  Not quilting??  Then share another hand sewing knitting crocheting project you are doing and how it makes you feel to make progress on this project 🙂

Until my next post … Please Love One Another folks!

P. S.  Hurricane Hermine gave us only some wind and rain… none at hurricane levels … we live just south of Daytona Beach, Florida on the east coast and this storm made landfall on the west coast and went northeast after that… so we just prayed for those in it’s path…
Thanks to all of you that messaged us to inquire on our safety!  It was MUCH appreciated to know we were in your thoughts and prayers 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hope you had a Safe Labor Day weekend!!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    it always irritates me when gifts are not acknowledged! but at least you saw a photo so that is good. you sure are putting a lot of quilting into those white areas of the quilt – I most likely would have went with a simpler design or straight lines – hope you daughter will love it.


  2. Little Penpen

    There is a whole lot of love going into that quilt!! So many stitches!! Amazing! Glad you got to see your sweet baby using her bib. I never received an acknowledgement of Baby Rae's baby quilt. (the one that was gifted as a first birthday present) I finally asked her grandma if she got it and she said 'yes,thanks'. So………. it makes me only want to make quilts for me. ha ha I've been working on a Christmas gift quilt for my grandson, hoping to make two, before Christmas. However, I pulled my back out somehow, and haven't been near the machine in several days!! It's getting better, so I am going to lift my cutting table up, and go for it again soon. Glad you guys made it through the storm with no problems!!!



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