Hot n Humid & Making Hand Quilting Progress :)

It has been sooo hot n humid here y’all… a few meteorological facts…

  • This is the 3rd hottest summer on record for the east coast of Florida!!
  • We have had only 4″ of rain in all of June and July!!
  • Hydration and cooling off inside in the air conditioning is the ONLY way to survive this heat!!
  • July has been in the 100’s in the feels like category ~ CRAZY HOT!!!

So that is how it feels here… but is hasn’t stopped me from making hand quilting progress!!! lol

You see my current quilt stays on a frame in our Florida room which is OUTSIDE in a screened in porch with fans all around.. 4 movable fans and 1 ceiling fan to be precise! lol

Okay enough lol-ing… time to show off what I have been up to on block 7 of 9 on Starlight .. Starbright!  Here is a long shot…

And here is a close up of what I have left to quilt before moving this quilt.

I am sooo excited with the slow but steady progress I am making!!!!

Soon I will be moving the quilt around to reposition it for blocks 8 and 9!!!  Which is the END!!! Yippee!!  I have plenty more hand quilting to do once this project is done…. so stick with me 🙂

Linking up to Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching where other slow stitchers gather to share… are you knitting or embroidering or quilting ??  Come check out the hand stitching that is going on all over the world… right HERE!  And then…

Here is my daughter and my granddaughter in 1 shot… my dd is in Tennessee visiting!!! 🙂

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to smell the roses laid out before us.. so take time to appreciate YOU today!!

Thanks for stopping in and have a great Sunday y’all!  And Stay COOL!!!!

11 thoughts on “Hot n Humid & Making Hand Quilting Progress :)

  1. CathieJ

    I love watching your progress. You make me believe that I can hand-quilt a little quicker next time and keep it moving. It has been hot here also, but I am extremely grateful for my central ac. Keep cool and keep stitching.


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    you have it hotter than us it seems. we have been in the 90's a lot but we have been getting on and off storms over the month and I have barely had to water the garden this past month – woke up to see it had rained in the night – 1 inch in the gauge. If you are quilting in your outside screened in room with fans going you must not be using a blue wash out pen – the lines would be disappearing with humidity! love seeing your girls!


  3. Kathy ... aka Nana

    What a gorgeous picture ID your girlies! I can tolerate warmer weather than most, but I don't know that I could sit outside and stitch, even with fans. It's been just about as hot and humid here (last week we had temps at 98-100 and feels like temps at 110+). That's just too hot for me. 😉


  4. Deb A

    Yikes… I forgot you stitch outside! I was out yesterday for 4 hours and had to rest and nap in the afternoon to recover. Beautiful job… I took the plunge with a little hand quilting project this week but sit in my recliner right under an AC vent.



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